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Sunday, December 21, 2008

bloggin for this week..

happy 28th b'day choon kee..
haha.. ren you lao le yi shui le..

Rainy morning..
dun feel like goin wor..
even the train ride also feel tat its slow..

lunch at peace cneter cos kenny leg injured..
then walk super slowly..
head for home ard 6plus..
too tired..

work as per normal..
after work, met up w xinyi
n head to YCK stadium.
both of us decided tat we need to go jog..
cos our tummy as if dun noe how many mths pregnant le..

ran the 1st 2 round..
after tat i cant take it le..
after like so many mths or abt 2 years didnt jog..
hard to survive tat.
then head to northpoint to eat..
walk abit & head for home..

lunch was at smu..
my leg not ver cooperative..

then after lunch, mi fred & kenny head to HQ to see bazzar..
have meetin at 430pm..
end ard 6..

then quickly finish up my stuff
met up w xinyi - train..
then mi head to CWP to find cyn & lui ping..
makan at ichiban..
chat quite alot..

then head for home..
on the way reachin the lift..
cailing called, so pick up & chat abt 11mins b4 takin the lift.
no reception de..

reach home,
help mum to vaccum floor b4 washin up..

i suppose im reali tired.
so wake up ard 720.. haha..
lunch date w cyn at xinwang..
then head to carrefour to shop n bought fruits..
cyn head to mom while i went back to work..
again wk till 6plus,
head to station to meet xinyi,
train to yck for our jog..

this time round,
not too bad..
can jog 4.5 rds b4 stoppin..
but at super super slow speed.
i can nvr run fast de..

after tat head to some place to makan..
both of our legs wobbly de..

lunch time head to sim lim,
then shop at sim lim..
kenny lookin for hard disk if im rmb correctly..
fred went to OG to look for figurines..

then office abit like mkt..
cos w/shop & lawyer visits..

did my 1st IJ case,
after work ard 7,
went to adm to meet up w my mum..
went guardine..
they are now so high tech..
even wanna buy medication stil hav to contact over branches pharmaist
& webcam to settle it..
frankly cos not enough manpower so yea lor...

mi n mum makan at mac..
cos dun noe wat to eat..
then went to prime to stock up goods..

then on the way home,
got ge tai..
while walkin to ge tai,
they alrdy singin last song le..
so juz listen n head bac home..
the breeze so shiok..
till feel abit cold.. haha..
slpt ard 1+ 2..

wake up ard 10+,
read a novel,
then head out to sunplaza to meet up w serene..
makan lunch,
shop abit we go separate ways..
she da bao for jason who was not feelin well..
then mi head to yishun to meet up w fred.
then waited for daniel..
daniel drivin us to OCC for motor section event.

near ending hav headache..
then lucky draw, mi got a disney towel..
fred say rmb to wash face b4 goin to work..
then he kanna beatin from me..

so daniel drop me at the old bus-stop..
n i head back home..
watch my amine..
so damn interestin but my head isnt cooperatin w me..
slpt 1plus w/o air-con cos wind super cold..

woke up 10+ 11..
finish a novel.
then vaccum floor again..
head out to adm w dad n di to makan,
bought some other stocks n went back home..
continue to chiong for my amine,
did the hotel bookin to finalise..

then ivy mei n froggy came & left..
then makan my dinner..
xiao mei n wq come back..

ah yi come back from work
n gave mi a panda sharpner..
kawaii.. like 'bu dao wong'
hehe. she ask mi to bring to office..

now 12+ will need to go slp le..
my headache seem to be comin again..

- watch amine till ep 60.. haha..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, December 14, 2008

time for my weekly updates..

last sun:
head to northpoint for dinner at Xin Wang..
ate till so full.. haha..
after tat walk abt n then head back home...

Hari Raya Haji..
so its an off day..
so shiok..
it has been rainin the whole day..

evenin time head out to sunplaza in my jacket somemore..
went to this fashion bought some workpants..

then makan at food court.
dun noe wat to eat,
bought dim sum & also chendol..
mi ver siao de.. cos got the urge to eat sweet stuff..

so hao bu rong yi find the dim sum then ate my chendol w my mum..
the chendol bought back many childhood memories..

after eatin that chendol, mi n mum freezin..
so reali is a ver cold day..

head back home,
watch a new amine - You You bai shu..
interestin one.. haha..

work day.
have lunch at peace center,
then head to cathy as pauline wanted to buy cd..
then work till 7 plus n head to CWP.
saw weikian on the train ride at semb...
chat w him, as both of us are alightin at woodlands,
he head to makan, then i shop ard..
met up w serene n cailing,
head to ichiban to makan..
that makan session me got to noe alot of stuff since sec sch de..
ver interestin..

the waiter quite joker also..
cailing say he looks young,
then he mention fei luan hai - wo you wo de young..
tat was stunnin..

makan till close shop,
then head to BK to talk abt the chalet stuff..
then mi n serene trained home.
n i shun bian bought mac for my mum..
reach home,,
freshen up my self n drop dead on my pillows..

work work work..
head to lunch at PS foodcourt.
then i went to the travel shop to enquire abt some details..
after tat head to income HQ to attend lesson on -CPFTA
from 2+ to 5+..
head back to work..

cyn date me for dinner,
so end up we head back to our fav location..
semb mac..
finali our Fries Date has been finalised..

xinyi wanted to date mi too ..
she wanna go buy shoes..
then she say tat its best if i got somebody to date mi after wk everyday.
if not i will be workin OT..

head to guardine & watson to shop shop
head back to adm,
reach home watch amine..

work till almost 4get abt lunch..
then head out to peace center w kenny to makan,
ate noodles not too bad...

then ard 6plus,
head to mrt station to meet xinyi..
went to cwp to shop..
makan at food court,
then walk ard.
xinyi bought a pair of shoes at Heatwave n after tat we head for home..
im so so tired.

makan lunch at ashton w my colleagues..
the western food was nice.. but the waitin time is long..
work till 7plus,
cos waitin for my mum, mei n di to reach dhoby to meet me for dinner.
makan at the jap resturant at cathy basement.
ate till so full tat i almost cant walk.. haha..

saw xinyi n her skatin guy friend..
chat awhile..
n mi n mum went walk walk..
my mei, di n mei bf head 4 home 1st..

not long after me n mum reach home..
refresh myself n again.. slp...

wake up 9plus n cant slp anymore..
use the compie to check out on some details for the CNY trip..
then head out w xiao mei
she goin J8 to work,
while i go toa payoh to meet my aunt..
goin to turf city to meet choon kee for lunch..
advance b'day celebration for him..

ate at the jap resturant..
didnt reali eat tat much.. but still felt ver full..

after tat went into Giant to walk walk n head to take cab..
reach tampines century sq..
aunt wanna do her phone..
but there is a bit of problem..

after tat head to changi.
the long bus ride make my head blur blur..

reach there did the a/c as instructed by my mum..
do until i blur..
quite confusin... n tirin..
do the whole day somemore..

reach home abt 2plus..
n slept ard 3plus..
im so tired.

sun (today):
woke up 11 plus
cos my bro n mei forget im in the room also.
n tat they thought i went out though im slpin..

after tat manage to finish one chi novel.
crawl out of bed n then was thinkin how to do the a/c..
last nite chat w the supplier of beverage to LHL
made mi set goin.
he reali taught mi alot..
n say next week we shall resume again..
such a great teacher..
but this can onli be done if the other partners are in for the idea..

so wrote my script,
read newspaper,
makan my brunch..
now im using the compie..

got the CNY trip details from the hotel..
email to my cousins..

so i suppose will start to draft out the email to the partners of changi seafood..
LHL no more..
i suppose this is definitely going to be a major change in my life
if is go on from wat i wanted.

sally to mia la...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, December 07, 2008

time for updates again..

so fast its Dec - a time for celebration..

mon (1st):
happy birthday to Ah Gong and tution teacher..

went to tampines point - contact center for course.
got to noe more abt lisa, bernad n staffs from other sections..
video sian, but group work pretty interestin..

head to century sq to hav lunch..
so full...
lesson end ard 5plus.
head to bus interchange to take 969.

then ard 7 went to adm to cyn.
she wanted to pass me a stack of thick papers.
b4 tat i was makin errands for my mum..
drizzling as i made my way home..

happy birthday Chris...

hav lesson too..
dress down instead.. in jeans.. haha..

hav lunch at tampines mall.. walk ard n head back to lesson..
ended at ard 430..
wheather not ver good, makin mi havin headache..

waited for my mum at adm to do hair treatment
n da bao dinner n we head back home..

early mornin was busyin cuttin my finger n toes nails...
then rush to work...
a busy day of clearin emails..

after work went to city hall to meet serene,
long time didnt meet up le..
cailing cant make it..
makan at Hans Marine Sq,
then walk abit n head back home..

saw arthur when abt to go lunch..
chat abit n then we part..

makan finish wanted to go back to office,
but rain reali ver ver big..
the rescue come when the acturial side help us
by takin umbrellas from offic n gav it to us..
so kind..
so we made our way back to office..
interestin adventure.. haha..

work till ard 8..
n finali hav time for my novel..
sleep ard 1130..
too tired..

a happy day..
mornin walk half way to adm,
shoe spoilt..
so head back home to change shoe,
end up reach office 9..

then work my head off..
manage to clear my emails..
then we hav lunch at smu...
n since time is early, sat outside to chit chat..

after lunch,
continue to work.
work till somebody reminded me that is abt time to go off le..
went to the ladies to 'draw' my face.
n head to dhoby ghaut to train to harbour front.
went to giant to buy ear phones.
n find my way ard to take the skytrain to sentosa.

n again find my way to find the tram..
n mi stupid.
alight the wrong station.
1st bus stop i alight..
haha.. stupid me..

n look at the map..
n walk my way to the hotel..
actuali walkin journey not ver long..
pretty nice walk..
saw the relatives i noe..
talk w them, cos waitin for my mum..
they were caught in the jam..
after tat the whole lot of them came n we made our entrance..

dinner was not too bad..
everything was simplified..

then time for gatherin n cam-whoring..
gather cousins n relatives n we took our photos..
interestin session actuali..

took quite alot..
hav upload them on my facebook..

* all in 1*

* desmond n me *

* the guys *

* jasmine, ris, me *

* me n jasmine *

* ah sheng n me *

* the ladies *

then on the bus, we busy blue-toothing..
got to update each other of our life..
gossip time i will say..
after tat alight at yishun,
n ah seng jio us for movie cos long time didnt gather..
end up ah sheng, desmond, wanting, jasmine, ah seng n me watch madagascar 2..
ver funny show.

the whole cinema theatre onli got 11 ppl//

after tat abt 1plus 2,
i cab home..
the cab even reverse to fetch me cos the road no cars..

reach home,
chat w my bro n parents n head to slp..

afternoon cailing sms to ask mi to vivo w her n serene n jason,
but i was still slpin tooo tired le..
so reject that invitation..

after tat ...
woke up n pei my mum..
head to cwp//
shop metro, end up i bought a bag n a pair of shoes..
so many ppl.
the whole trip at cwp onli on 1st n b1 floor..

hav dinner at toast box.
not too bad.. interestin dinner..

then head back home..
use compie to watch naruto.. still keepin the suspense..
watch other amines...
n cook porridge for my dad..
n slept..

sun (7th):
happy birthday Ris..
slpt till 1 plus,
then change bedsheets,
makan brunch..
then use compie..

now nearin 6,
abt to go to northpoint 4 dinner..

luckily, tml dun hav to work..
im feelin so so tired.

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally


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