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Saturday, May 31, 2008

it has been some time i since log in.
basically these few days, i shd same similar routine.
finali finish Hua Xian Zhi,
then watched naruto. n bleach.
so captivating.
end up i chasin it faster than my bro.
he borrowed from his friend.
then now tat i finali used the compie,
i continue it online.
haha.. i am reali an amine chaser at home.

then as usual weekends head down to changi.
head of new developments of the biz.
hmmm.. cant say much either.
mi lack the broad perspective due to lack of experience.

and was readin a few days of newspaper.
was lookin at the climate change,
pretty serious & is happenin around the world.
ice glaciers meltin, floodin in indonesia expected,
mud volcano eruptin n continuin,
sichuan earthquake and its aftershock.
beijing havin 4th severe sandstorms in 2008,
how sad can it be????
dun noe how many more ppl will suffer.. haiz..

now watchin channel u.
my sassy dun noe wat show.
pretty interestin.
that lady dun noe to say is brave or simply out of her mind.
but it is a ver nice story.
endin kinda touchin.
not tat comical after all.
feel is more like a romance story.

after the show will be watchin bleach 172,
n continue w naruto 130+ series w bro.
for naruto i suppose i got alot to catch up.
though it is alrdy 2plus in the wee mornin.

mayb with this routine i kinda feel empty.
nth much to do,
sit by the table thinkin of wat i can do.
end up read novels,
n slpt.

soon will noe my results.
i am reali scared. ver ver scared...

was checkin the student portal,
n guess wat, they are optin away w the refreshments.
cos to cut cost.. imagine tat..

sally to mia...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, May 22, 2008

21st may..
wee hours of the mornin was chattin w cailing.
slpt abt 3am,
then woke up abt 10 to meet ivy mei.
head to cwp shop around.
n notice tat face shop hav some new products,
kinda cool.
mi n mei hav the same sentiments,
beauty products can use korean brand de.
quite good..
even hav stay on face mask for nite use, n dun hav to wash it.
cool isnt it..

after tat head back to adm to da bao.
reach home rest.
so warm.. haiz..
watch DVD..

around 5plus,
jurcannie called mi.
so we chat..
long time didnt chat le.
so update each other of our happening.
goin to meet her up next week once her schedule is fixed.
afterall im the one who has the luxury of time now.
her job now kinda cool.
co - Manpower.
similar to kelly services but has other ideas such as outsourcin.
think i will head to her.
got friend easier to get the better option job.
need referral to her juz inform mi.
hehe.. i help u to link to her if wanna change job or wan to get a perm job.
think she will be happy tat i help her to advertise.

then waited for dad to fetch us to semb park.
mei havin her birthday celebration there.
chat w jiali n xinhui..
quite an enjoyable chat actually.
then hav dinner,
n then mi brought zanne to the jetty.
let her see ppl fishin, n see ships.
kinda cute, ah gong n ah ma also there.
so mi ask ah gong n ah ma to hold zanne hand.
quite a sweet scene.

after tat abt time for cake cutttin ceremony.
end up zanne become the spot light.
cos she small ger so no choice.
she happily blow one candle,
then ivy mei blow another candle.
n phototakin session,
zanne took photos w mei in almost every pic w her friends.
cute isnt it..

< Ivy Mei Birthday Cake >

< Ivy (main lead) n Zanne (supporting Actress) >

< doesnt it feel like Zanne Birthday celebration instead? >

< my family n my aunt family >

< ivy mei w my er shu family n grandparents >

< Grandpa n Zanne - requested by me!! >

i did called to zanne to come to mi,
i bend down to take photo,
n ask zanne to sat on my leg,
so numb n painful after that..
but the pic come out nice.
still hav to chase them to take photo.

so ate some cakes,
n most of her friends left.
so my dad n jeff they all busy BBQ~ing..
n mi try to help out abit here n there.
n start to pack up also.
im am reali ver impressed Jeffrey didi hobby.
it has become so part of his life.
ver ver li hai.
haha.. he so shy when i praised him.
but i think he deserve it.

after tat he n his fren cycle back.
mi hitch lorry ride.
end up jeff faster than us.
super fast lor.
n help us up to carry the boxes up to my house.
so kind of him.
ver good boy n quite likeable by my family.

now after showerin feel much better.
but wanna slp le..
load pic to compie,
chattin on msn w cyn n cailing,
goin to watch amine..
n of cuz slp.

n i hav been sayin i wanna go sunplaza library for so long.
yet i hav not done so.
see tml can a not.

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

more than a week since my last post.
didnt reali hav the chance to use compie..
all day long compie is 'book' by my bro
n he wun let mi use.

today receive a call to an interview
though i didnt send out any resume at all.
think the resume at those job site did work after all.
but the person called and ask if im interested to be a financial consultant.
haiz. kinda sian with tat..

n robin sms soon after tat.
n i told him if i wanna be financial consultant
may as well stop at diploma will do le..
then he laugh..
mayb cos of my reaction ba..
think little friends of us will wanna be at that position ba..

up to rite now.
i hav been spendin my day slackin hard...
reali hard..
stay at home if possible...

on mon,
which is vesak day,
noon met up with cyn n her bro,
hav to pass each other something.
then da bao back home,
n wait for mum to go bugis.
she wanna go pray.
so i pei her.
no siblings wanna go ba..
after tat hav our late breakfast.
didnt eat anything.
n then we head to changi together..
chat along the way..

as for the previous weekend,
went to changi to help out.
n lucky smooth operation.
saw some new faces also.
got to chat with them too.

rite now cant tahan the warm climate.
perspirin non-stop.
like water tap like tat..
so yucky feeling...

was watchin DVD with my mum ' hua xian zhi'
nice one.
notice tat korean actor n actress reali can act.
ver realistic...
their tears especially...
so emo..

rite now chattin with cailing online.
finali ah..
can watch amine too.
haha.. im goin mad again...

sad news though,
doris's bf mummy passed away ytd.
so sad..
jie ai..

but happy news,
today May 21st,
will go to her bbq at semb park..
HAPPY 20th birthday to u..
already '2' le ah..
dun play play ah...

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, May 12, 2008

these 2 days i have been goin down to changi to help out.
before goin out will definitely watch hua yang on TV.
so rech changi abt 7.
then i initially went there dun noe wat to do.
then slowly got things to do.
help to put back the clips,
deliver the bills to customers, n then went to the back to wipe plates n utensils.
totally not enough.
so end up i was at the back more than front.
still nvm.
im enjoyin it.

so many customers.
all staff down to work.
n even the ingredients finished up fast.
on sat went home ard 3plus,
was chattn w the staff.
got to know them better.
sun went home pretty early ard 12plus.
still on these 2 days ver tired.

these 2 days,
reali display wat teamwork is.
every one reali hav their part to play..
n thus able to speed things up in a orderly manner.
yet some customers cant understand.
lucky majority knows.
heng ah...

now mon.
juz woke up.
finish readin newspaper.
mayb will pei mummy go checkup at the polyclinic.

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, May 09, 2008

ought to blog now
if not i will definitely forget again.

finali all papers down.
still misery more than happiness ba.
cos reali fearful for this sem exam.

anyway xinyi start her paper on the day i end.
wish her luck...

on wed went to study as usual,
then mei after her work come to find us.
end up mi, my mei n her friend there playin BINGO.
nvr play tat game before.
n cyn was there laughin..
she say my mei make her lose the concentration that she has been tryin to build up for the whole day..

then thur mornin,
went to eat mac breakfast again at adm.
had it w my mei 1st. she head to work,
then cyn come to join mi.

read until i blur.
then went to sch for exam.
wanna cry but no tears.
so sad...

after tat met up with lui ping,
n jimmy come later.
went to king;s albert mac to hav dinner.
so like wat mi n cyn say,
start with mac, end w mac.
onli tis time dun hav to eat so fast.
think mac has earned quite some money from the both of us...

after tat mi n cyn head home..
tired is the word...

still read one novel.
tat is actuali the motivation for everyday.
muz at least read one.

was usin compie.
playin some online game.
chat with dad n mum.
then ard 4 plus slept.
n slp until abt 1plus in the afternoon.
so shiok.
still feel tired.

need to time to recovery ba...

anyway now can watch back amines,
read novels like nobody business,
slack around n be a happy mi cong.

tml most prob will head down to changi.
wanna clarify some stuff abt the biz.
n try to stop myself being so curious.

sally to mia le....

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, May 01, 2008

long time didnt blog le..
busy with examination..
anyway bad news..
i noe myself cos i noe i didnt do well.
many unexpected qn come out..
damn it..

so sian..
still down with 3 papers.
left with two le..

n ytd was so frustrated with my hair n the wheather tat i went to cut it short.
n i mean it short.
think serene will definitely kill mi if she sees it.

now have to go off le..
will hav to study.

happy labour day to u all!!

* here to recommend u a cute ger..connie talbot.

sally to stress up..

:D ♥; sally


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