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Sunday, December 30, 2007

blog blog.
1st day free from work.
still ver tiring.

reason being was shoppin as if there is no tml.
naturally will wake up at 7am.
then head back to slp again.
think xiao mei forget that im home,
so switch off the fan.

after tat switch on the compie,
watch Bleach.
so shiok...

n went back to my room to slack n chat with mum.
n then head out.
went to yishun to meet ying n head to city hall.
shop here n there.
in & out of shops,
in & out of fitting room until i hav to surrender.
haha.. 50% discount is reali a good motivation.

shop city link, suntec, marina square & raffles city.
so mi n ying were so tired n legs for mi wanna giv way le.
ying say tat i hav made a great improvement,
but hope tat i will not hide myself from shoppin after tat.

in total think we shop 4 G200.
then shop at fila, fox, topshop.
hav dinner at my dad's joint venture stall in marina square.
saw the other boss also.
n they treat mi n ying.
so cool...
the food was nice n ver big serving.
haha.. so full after tat..

at raffles city there is a water display.
ver captivating.
reali ver interestin.
dun noe how they did it.
but technology can sometimes reali make wonders..

finali around 10 head for train.
finali can seat down.
n somemore dun even feel like movin at all.

think been standing for nearly 8 hours.
n i realised tat i can actuali shop if i hav the motivation.
tat is so scary.
will ver fast return back to my normal self le..

so now wake up with nice cool breeze.
still woke up at 8am,
finish off 1 chi novel.
then chat with xiao mei,
send her off to work by the doorr step.
& goin to continue to watch Bleach..
& the aim for today --> slack for all i can..

sally to slack all the way le :)

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 28, 2007

time to blog.
finali can seat down n blog.

1st thing 1st: my work at Broadcom has officially ended.
so today lots of goodbye n thanks to say to the staff.
they hav made my short work duration at Broadcom a ver good one.
learn to coordinate,
work efficiently & get to know more abt my friends :)

when abt to lunch,
su hwa (manager) come to inform us tat she will be treatin us a farewell lunch,
cos no time to go out to eat.
afterall it is the year end.
frankly they dun hav to do it.
cos we are still workin for pay.

so they suggested the 'resturant' down at the lobby.
nice n cosy i will say.
so chat & enjoy the food.
got to know more abt the perm staff also.
so friendly.
glad to know them too.

after tat went back to work.
all i can say is chiong chiong chiong ah..
did abt 2 days.
more power is kelly.
cos my momentum also being broken into parts.
was busy doin the batam holiday thing.
haha. hav to communicate via email with batam rep
& phone calls with my mum & aunt n uncle.

then chiong until 6pm.
quickly pack our stuff.
lots of thing to clear n hand over to the perm staff.

so yi yi bu she...
su hwa gav us each a present - reach home open it.
guess wat is it.. haha.. its MERCI..
tat is so so cool.

after tat simin gav us hersey chocolate.
flow in from USA.
cool ist it..

then head for home.
reach home watch SCV,
makan dinner,
n chat with mum.
now use compie. & chattin with jur..

below are pics of the lounge..
=> Lava Lunch Pics (no human pic is within it)

*my fav pic- is the water display*

*interior design of Lava*

*orangie leaves deco*

*xuan ate fish & chips*

*shiau ping ate pork deluxe*

*most popular among us- tuscan roast chicken*

tml will be goin shoppin with ying ba..
need to destress abit.

so now hav to prepare go slp le.
eyes cant tahan le..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, December 24, 2007

went to work as usual.
then had onli one piece of bread.
cos dun reali feel like eatin.
chiong the invoice entries,
n also chiong youtube - Jam Hsiao videos when system runs.

they say my face look different when i watch the videos.
of cuz la, enjoy the songs, n also his reactions are reali pretty funny.

went for lunch.
n come back to work.

was told tat actuali 3pm, we can leave le.
some sort of official timin cos it's xmas eve.
but still stay to 6pm.
we were actuali given xmas presents by the staff.
so kind of them to include us.
not the stuff i believe isnt cheap.
hav honey & precious moments..
n simin treat us merci to 'wei lao' us..

mi, ying, n kelly were 'playing' with sorting.
as if im reading 4D or report live of a match.

waited for the bus,
but the same situation still persist,
thus i called the HR manager, Jovvin.
n she said tat all to take cab.
n pass her the receipt.
so i suppose i cant claim back 2 le.
if not expensive..

reach adm, da bao dinner.
head for home.
watch variety show.
damn interesting.
its a special edition.
kinda of fun to watch it.
im waitin for next week de..

since now already approachin 12,
here wish u all merry xmas.

now i hav to go slp le.
reali reali ver tired.
dun need to countdown.
mi pei mr piggy countdown.

sally to enjoy ah mei's Star album songs le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, December 23, 2007

ytd work till abt 620pm,
cos waitin for my uncle to come fetch mi.
n then went to pasir ris park.
can imagin that it was raini ver heavily.
so we hav an rainy bbq.
lucky that the rain stop after the down pour.
normally ppl will associate heat n warm with bbq rite?
ytd the bbq i experience is a cold one.
cos the wind ver strong n cold.

mi n my cousins joke around.
ah seng n ping brought their gf along.
then got gf forget abt us..
so sad.. haha...

chat quite alot w them.
ris also brought her bf along.
then her bf slp over at our house.

on the ride back home, mi n seng were chattin.
i was talkin with him abt his gf.
ver young onli.
goin on sec 2 onli next year.
tat y i say he is super.
fancy a 4 year old gap.

they alight n er shu drove us back.
by the time i get to slp is alrdy 3am le.

then today come to work as usual.
dun hav the appetite wor.
then was so crazy abt 眼瞬间-张惠妹/萧敬腾
it is the guy that im crazy abt -> 萧敬腾

so mi reali goin gaga over him.
younger than mi n hav gf le.
ver i admire his talent.
ver good n strong vocal power.
so for these few days i hav been repeatin the song non-stop.
n i mean it.
n also watchin youtube for his shows.
quite funny de.
since he is a ver shy person,
he went on show with mostly singin n playin the keyboard.
his ans ver short de.
see le quite interestin.

now i hav to pack up n go sunplaza le.
heard tat it is rainin.
pls dun continue to rain on mi...

sally to enjoy the songs in the head..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, December 22, 2007

today im in quite a happy mood.

heard tat today is dong zhi.
tuan yuan day..

woke up pretty early today.
reach office hav my breakfast,
now bloggin.
shd hav started workin le.

n later after work will be waitin for my er shen
to fetch us n head to pasir ris park.
there will be a family gatherin.

n mi who step down from being the coordinator,
come out with one wacky idea.
to ask them to bring their gf/ bf along.
hope to hav a hell loads of fun time.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, December 20, 2007

y did i hav the feelin that i didnt blog for so long?
so now to kill that feeling, BLOG!!!

went to work as usual,
but in the department,
most ppl dress in either green or red
then ard 12plus went to conference room to hav the gatherin.
was gussing the gifts,
the baby photos,
n hav nice buffet lunch.
heard tat it was sponser by Eve.. tat is reali WOW!!!
lucky draws, gift exchange n hav a fun time.
at the very end where most perm staff got their gifts,
there were 4 gifts.
then later we know it is for us,
from our respective direct in-charge,
namely Stacy, Ada, Simin n Mavis.
thanks for the baby winnie the pooh cup :)

the decorations of the gifts were done by miss liaw(GP teacher younger sister)
got milk, house, one more which i 4get, n mine was Dice.
ver interestin.

the whole session took abt 2hours.
by su hwa say juz write 1 hr will do.. so good..

after work, went to adm to meet my mum.
then we made our way to the Temple of Fortune near Northlink building.
was there doin prayers.
n hav some fun out of it.
didnt know tat shd stop at 3,
then i try until 8.
still cant make it.
n they tell mi many many eyes lookin at mi.

after tat went to sunplaza to hav dinner,
& at the atrium there is homestyle fair.
end up we bought 11 bedsheets for $76.
reali worth while.
n i guess this new year, all the rooms are goin to hav the design.
nice nice.. xi qi yang yang :)

another thing to mention is tat we took the bus no. 1234 thrice in a day.
cool isnt it?

then ytd went to work as usual,
but didnt do OT.
cos need to meet er shen.
i ask ivy mei to come along.
so er shen treat us Jack place, i even got a soverign from it.
cos i drank the xmas drink made of honeydew n mango juice.
not too bad.

after tat head to gelera..
cos wanna sit down chat.
got to know alot & clarify alot of stuff.
frankly shd hav these type of meetin more freq.
at least voice concern ba..

chat until 10plus,
till gelera sort of chase us out.

after tat part at mrt station with er shen.
mi n mei walk home.
lucky enough tat the weather is good.
onli tat the roadside 'display' is blockin the light
made the walkin lane dark.
not too good for ladies esp late at nite.
n tat they made it so high.

then today usual went to work though it is a public holiday.
hari raya haji
so the 4 of us went back to work.
at least i completed 1.5 day of invoice.
not too bad for mi who always wanna slp.

reach home around 6 despite aircon shut down at 5.
we continue till 530pm.
tryin hard not to think abt the air.

reach home, read a novel.
so i did read this novel before.
still i read it again.
its a nice one.

after tat makan n watch variety show.
its a interestin one.
many emotions ran thru ba..

so now usin compie, to blog.
think will be quite a long entry ba.
goin wash dishes.
n head for bed.
my eyes cant make it le..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i wanna slp after this entry.

these few days unable to key as too tired, not free to use.

last fri nite,
had some sad events happenin.
mei quarrel with her bf.
so end up all got lots of thing to say to her.
tryin to wake her up.
n sob abit, n then cant go back to slp.
so watched abit of TV before tryin to slp again..

last sat went to work @ turf city for the last day of the year.
felt a whole lot better..
then zac told mi tat he goona suffer le.
cos no one to 'block' carmen from him.
& then mi here wish Choon Kee 'happy 27th Birthday to u :D '

after work went to CWP to meet up with serene n cailing.
walk abt n ate dinner @ yoshinoya.
had the holiday feast.. ok onli la..
went back home after tat..

sun went back to office to work.
but the mornin is pretty disappointing,
as the cab dun noe where they were.
end up waste my precious OT time.

had KFC for lunch.
not too bad for one of the rare time i tried KFC.
reali is 'finger licking good'

after tat went back to key entries.
time went by fast, n tat it was time to go home.
cab to adm, purchase some stuff n head home.

use compie to key details tat my mum wans,
n slp after tat.

today went to work as usual.
nth much to say.
onli noe tat most stuff i suppose can be on time ba...
my uncle replied my mail.
frankly i reali dun noe wat to say.. :(

hav to go slp le..
too tired.
tml is the xmas lunch tat my co is organisin.
hope it is a fun event.
still hav colour code of either green or red..
cham. think can go for former ba..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 14, 2007


last nite OT then went back home.
was watchin a variety in SCV.
reali enjoyed it.
the way they PK each other (believe they will become great friends),
the compassion of judges,
friendship that they hav built is indeed touchin tat moved mi to tears circlin round my eyes..

then called serene around 12midnite.
chat with her till abt 1 plus ba.
n went to back.

so come to agreement tat we will be meetin up on sat,
after my work.
onli for dinner n chat.
cos next day i still hav to go back to office.

n this mornin,
ying sms mi to tell mi so cant come to work.
so now onli me in the room.
not too bad i think..
songs vol pretty loud.

then mei called mi to inform mi tat she isnt feelin well.
dun noe her situation now ok ma?
the doc all so stingy n petty.
not willing to giv MC de.. TMD...

juz had lunch, watch 2 eps of Bleach -107 or 108.

now hav to go back to work le..
heard ppl stampin le..

sally to disappear...............

now hav to return back to work le..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, December 13, 2007

2 days didnt blog feel as if more than 1 week didnt blog.

so wat happenin in my life.
change of work schedule.
as in wine promoter wil stop tis sat for this year.
n at admin side will be chiongin 7 days a week.
tat mean mon to sun.
cool hor..

mayb after this work,
can see sally with big panda eyes, but she is definitely not slimin down.
stil meaty meaty de.

ytd mornin rainin, n the shuttle bus didnt come.
so end up cab with the perm staff.
reach office onli at 830am.
so cham...
ask ying to help mi make breakfast bread.
ate it quickly.

was given the responsibility to liaise with the buyer.
so lot of pricing factor to ask.
so scared the person see my name will run away.

had tea break cos they offer us cheese cake n is it choco cake?
dun noe wat day it is.

last nite i work OT myself.
n mood pretty not too good.
lucky choon kee called n chat with mi.
then mood change.
the topics we said pretty funny.
lucky no one beside mi.

ok. for today,
there is practice Fire Drill.
didnt noe.
so we were still thinkin if it was real or not.
i was sayin that if it the real one.
al will die ba.
cos all still at office busyin typin, talkin.

then waited for lunch.
continue to watch bleach 103-104.

after tat was doin lots of checkin of pricin with buyer.
so i one person do until blur.
walk here n there to ask around for help.
n end up now no mood to key :P

n simin n stacy order mac delivery.
so end up mi n kelly settle our dinner in the office.
kelly got addicted to the shaker fries powder.

xiao mei tml startin work at CWP Ness.
wish her all the luck..

now goin to stop here le..
cant slack too much.

sally to mia....

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

blog time cos i so tired.
frankly until now i dun noe y my blog has invisible entries.
so hav to go the 'My Past' to select 'Dec 07'
to view the entries.

sat n sun went to turf city to work as usual.
was there bottles wrappin.
alot of hats for the bottles.
so was slackin most of the time.
though i open sample,
it was zac who help mi promote.
i look more like a customer.

so again was listenin to same old xmas songs that Giant was playin repeatedly.
then on sun, nancy treat us.
mayb cos she strike 4d.

watch abit of jing ma jiang.
n head back to work.

mum's mood not ver stable cos of some happenings at home.
haiz. cham ah..
y they like tat.. see le ver sick.
not fair at all lor...
enough of it..

ytd mon work until 9plus 10
n cab home.
whole day feel like slpin.
when i did OT,
was busy doin printin.
cos no one to snatch the printer away from mi.

these few days hav been rainin.
make mi even more wanna slp.

now ying ask mi to wake up.
cos she says the way i look when i was typin look as if im slpin.

so listen to radio - classical, 933, class 95, perfect 10...
need to 'wake up' n continue to entries...
command my eyes dun drop on mi...

sally to wake herself up...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, December 07, 2007

anyway.. here wish my xiao mei - doris.
Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to u..

ytd mornin auto wake up around 7am,
n lay on bed till i feel its time to prepare to go sch.
went to sch for enrolment.
met up with ying n kelly.
after the wu lao enrolment,
we head to marina square.
kelly suggested goin to 'Billy Bombers'
ver history type of feel.
so we ordered to share n had birthday sabo offer by the shop.

*nacho salad - tangy*

*chix wing*

*forget wat this is onli noe it is not bad*

*fish & chips*

Sabo time.---

*ingredients n shake*

*xuan n the shake*

*tried to open up, but it contracts cos of ice- so this is kelly*

*ying n xuan pouring the final product of the shake*

*birthday ger n her sabo drink*

after tat walk around.
saw campus superstar - little boy who i forget his name.
then also saw barney n friends.

*purple dino*

*baby bop*

continue to walk around, n then saw a shop in citilink
called the sixities.
pretty a cool shop.
walk to raffles shoppin centre.
after tat n then we part.

mi n xuan head to changi.
she celebratin her birthday with her family at my dad's store.
xiao mei also went there later in the evenin.
so chat with them,
n hav dinner.

mei friends took 2 tables.
after tat makan send birthday songs,
mi, jr, jw n desmond head to the beach.
sat at the swing till i wanna vomit.
same situation with jw.
waited for my dad to drive mi home.
reach home around 1 plus.
then around 2-3 slpt.

n this mornin almost cant wake up.
struggle to go work.
while workin eyes can hardly open.

wait for lunch to refresh myself.
kelly they all say i look as if im in a thunderstorm.

around 3 we knock off cos perm staff hav D&D
the 4 of us took cab to AMK to the new KBox.
was rainin heavily at the offic,
but went reach amk, no rain, bright sun some more.
such a big contrast.

so sang here there,
n around 8 plus,
we requestd for the bill.
if not cant go.

ying left 1st for dinner at home.
while kelly, ying n mi head to AMK Hub to hav dinner at food court.
i had korean food.
nice nice.

after tat train home.
now so tired.
waitin for amine to come.
n ans from jur.

now i hav to post pic.
some more Xmas decor..

-decor taken at centre point or OG-


*xmas tree in the air*

-decor taken at citilink-

-decor taken at marina square-

*spiral xmas tree*

*high voltage xmas tree*


*this is my fav xmas tree - small, simple n classy*

-decor taken at raffles-

-decor taken at amkhub-

*7 eleven slurpee club*
took them while i was waitin for them while shoppin at skin food

tired as usual...
finali finish postin the pic.
2 day to do it.

sally to mia.

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

blog time.
im so tired.

was late for work today.
so cab to my workplace.
though it is near, still cost abt 5plus.

then chiong data entry.
not too bad i would say.
hav lunch n walk the new pathway cos of the rain.

the whole day i was listenin to my all time fav singer - jacky cheung.
listenin to canto de.
but sad to say i dun noe wat he singin.
cos i dun understand canto.
but i like the emotions n rythm of the songs.

then mi n kelly do OT till 10pm.
cab home.
was callin for cab n tat took pretty long.

reach home around 10plus.
heard from my aunt that my mum is pretty angry with us.
cos come home late.
da mei knock off early from work,
but still return later than mi..
she went to her bf house.

tml no work.
goin to sch for enrolment.
then will shop around before i head to changi to meet my sis they all.
think she havin her sort of 16th birthday celebration at my dad's stall.
n xiao mei will be stayin overnite at her friend's house for the preparation.

now i will go find songs.
1230 midnite watch bleach.

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

bloggin time.
these 2 days at work pretty slack.
cos cant do postin so do sortin n some others.
do until wanna slp le.

ytd nite finali can go home at 6pm.
went to da bao dinner for my bro.
xiao mei went for chalet le...

then watch SCV,
went to my mum's room to watch VCD.
n was dancin around as if im doin aerobics.
quite fun actuali.
think can make it a daily habit.

after tat slpin time.
till now still so tired.
eyes droppin le..

juz finish lunch,
read abit of the chi novel.
goin to find myself some stuff to do..
sian ahh....

sally to disappear le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, December 02, 2007

now i noe tat ytd i look so so tired.

woke up around 9plus to prepare myself go sunplaza return book.
then head to amk to wait for shuttle bus.
reach workplace stone there.
after tat chit chat n then wait for makan time.

had lunch with zac.
both of us stonin pretty hard.
so he called his friend to chat, i played my mobile phone games.
n head back to work.

there is a customer who was so angry that i misunderstood wat is happenin.
of cuz this doesnt happen to me.
but everyone who walk pass look at them.
can imagine this 'big' scene rite.
fancy a supervisor imitatin himself as manager.
how can he do tat.
n after the case, disappear with no apology given.
sad sia...

so the bakery-in-charge is there listenin to the lady's sorrows.
big big scene.
then zac kepo. mi follow.
n hear the whole story..

finali time to go home.
went to semb to meet my mum.
n i went to borrow books.
so so happy :D
n then we head to adm,
as usual i ran errands for my mum.
if not weekdays i no time to run errands for her.

n then went to TS shop.
haha. ella cant stand my mum.

n head for home.
wind so good.
now sittin infront of compie feel like slpin.
onli 9.35pm.

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, December 01, 2007

this is definitely a super duper long entry cos of pics.
so friends do bear with this,

finali can blog le.
was readin my last entry.
so it has been a few days i last blog.

--pic gallery--
1. pic of a interestin car i saw

2. pic of french fries sausage i had at taka basement

3. decor on the streets of orchard road

4. decor of one of the shoppin centres which i cant rmb the name.
look so sincere, reali can feel the Xmas atmosphere with it.

5. pic at hereen

6. Food time
*Ying n xuan's pasta*

*Jur with her sandwich n her e=mc2 (genius drink)*

*sally's hawaiian pasta (mine!!)*

7. Xmas Tree at various location (Hotel n metro CWP)

8. tree with red n green canopy

9. mine fav - design while takin the escalator.

basically mon to thurs super busy with work.
of cuz allow myself to hav some enjoyment
watchin amine, chasin against time n try to hit my own records.
cos i OT till 8 or 9plus pm.
head home stone---

kelly n ying gav the client the name 'O-BE'
so this means i sort of deserve it (negative meaning)
sad to say cos i was 'The CHOSEN one'
haiz... ;_;

then on fri finali can go off at 5pm.
saw the sun - shiok.
head down to CWP.
makan abit of snack then go to TAKA submit time sheet.
after tat go shoppin.
window shoppin... while waitin for Jur to come.
so by the time she reach is abt 9plus.
we head to the resturant outside hereen.
N.Y P.C is it?
cant reali rmb.

took quite a no. of pic.
so we sat n chat n ate.
time flew past w/o knowin.
chat till 11pm.
reali n enjoyable time n enjoyed the wind.
then head to find the ladies. went to a grand one at the hotel.
n send jur to taxi stand.
while mi, ying n xuan train home.
walk home, n enjoy the wind to the fullest.

reach home i was so unwiling to move.
end up slept in the livin room.
n since the weather has become ver ver much cooler as if in winter,
slept till pretty shiok.
then ard 3plus, my dad come home from work,
poke mi to wake up.
shoo mi to my room to slp

this mornin woke up to go turf city work.
then saw Zac (promoter for yellow tail at jason mkt place wine fair)
ha has been position here by faye auntie.

so chat abit, n i continue to do tickets n pack my stocks.
hav lunch n was so bored the whole day.
not much customer to entertain.

after work, went to CWP to meet my aunt n mum.
wanna go shoppin for stuff.
shop at John little for bags,
Gio window shop, metro for the escalator,
n to the food court for food.
was so hungry by then.

after tat went to basement 1 to the shop 'AiBi'
i wanna buy the exercise machine called 'Leg Magic'
tried it, not say easy to use.
but i think if wanna destress not a bad alternative esp like not much time available.
i bought it n the uncle ga mi 2 free 1 lb weights.
so kind of him.
he say that i was ver fast n firm with my decision.
didnt know tat can allow mi to gain such stuff.
haha. cool..

after tat head to the pasar malam.
wanted to buy 'xiang wei BBQ meat'
so cheap. 1kg onli $20.
compared it when it is CNY.
a big difference.
after tat walk around, n bought a fan with much wind power n think minimum energy.
reach home assemble the machine n use compie.
listenin to songs from CD 'Mambo Jumbo' tat i borrowed from kelly.

goin to slp soon.
i so lackin in slp.
workin tml -.6

nites to all :)

:D ♥; sally


Name : S@lly
School : northland pri, sess, yjc, sim
Birthday : 5 Sept 86

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- Cai LinG - - Michelle - - Su WeN -
- TeReNcE - - YinG HenG -

- AlaN - - LuI PinG - - JimmY - - WeN Fu -

- Jia Rong -
- JeffRey ChuA -



Amines Hot!!

- NaRuTo ShipPuDen *chasing* -
- Yumeiro Patissiere *chasing* -
- Fairy Tail *chasing* -
- K-On!! 2nd season *chasing* -
- INUYASHA : Final Act *will start soon* -

- BarTender *completed* -
- Battle Athletes Victory *completed* -
- CardCaptor Sakura *completed* -
- Cluster Edge *completed* -
- Code E *completed* -
- Cooking Master Boy *completed* -
- Detective Academy Q *completed* -
- DraGon Drive *completed on 13 Dec 09* -
- Elemental Gelade *completed* -
- Gakuen Alice *completed* -
- Ghost Hunt *completed* -
- Ginban Kaleidoscope *completed* -
- Hana Yori Dango *completed* -
- Howl's Moving Castle (film) *completed* -
- K-On!! *completed*>-
- Karin *completed* -
- Kekkaishi *completed* -
- Kemono no Souja Erin *completed on Jan 2010* -
- Lamune *completed* -
- Mahou Sensei Negima! *completed* -
- Mai Hime *completed* -
- Mai Otome *completed* -
- Moyashimon *completed* -
- Nabari no Ou *completed* -
- Neo Angelique Abyss *completed* -
- Night Wizard *completed, 19 Sept 2010* -
- Nodame Cantabile *completed* -
- NoDaMe Cantabile. Finale *completed* -
- Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu *completed 01 Jan 2010* -
- Ouran High School Host Club *completed* -
- Paradise Kiss *completed on 13 Dec 09* -
- Piano no Mori *completed* -
- PreTear *completed 20 Sept 2010* -
- Princess Lover *completed* -
- Princess Princess *completed on 14 Nov 09* -
- Ride Back *completed* -
- Rizelmine *completed* -
- Shakugan no Shana *completed* -
- Shaman King *completed* -
- Sister Princess *completed* -
- Special A *completed* -
- Spirited Away *completed* -
- History Strongest Discipline Kenichi - *completed* -
- Sugar Sugar Rune *completed* -
- Taishou Yakyuu Musume *completed on 20 Dec 09* -
- Tenjou Tenge *completed on 25 Dec 09* -
- Tenshi na Konamaiki *completed* -
- Tokyo Mew Mew *completed on 09 Nov 09* -
- Uta-Kata *completed on 8 Dec 09* -
- Utawarerumono *completed* -
- Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty *completed* -
- Yume Tsukai *completed* -
- Zero no Tsukaima *completed* -
- Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no kishi *completed* -
- Zombie Loan *completed* -

Manga Mania !!

- Adarshan no Hanayome *completed, 10 Jul 2010* -
- BackStage Prince *completed, 5 Jun 2010* -
- Badminton Girl *completed, 30 May 2010* -
- Baraio My Honey *completed, 1 Aug 2010* -
- Beauty Pop *completed, 28 May 2010* -
- Brilliant Magic *completed, 2 Jun 10* -
- Dakishimete Noir (cat) *completed, 7 Jun 2010* -
- Fairy Cube *completed, 29 May 2010* -
- Hana ni Arasji *completed, 12 Jun 2010* -
- He's Dedicated to Roses *completed, 6 Jun 2010* -
- Kokoro ni Hana Wo *completed, 5 Jul 2010* -
- M.C. Law *completed, 8 Aug 2010* -
- Otokomae Beads Club *completed, 1 Jun 2010* -
- Power (basketball) *completed, 31 May 2010* -
- Psycho Staff *completed, 2 Jun 2010* -
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo *completed, 1 jun 10* -
- Shinshi Doumei Cross *completed, 31 Aug 10* -


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