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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 2009 Chinese New Year to all - hehe..

cant rmb wat reali happy for the past 2 weeks..

joggin manage to jog the external lanes at a pretty fast rate..
mi n xinyi both stun..

then last week..
the office mood feels different..
dun hav the workin mood.
all feel like slacking n goin off early..

then on sat..
head to changi after doin the spring cleaning..
then saw uncle bernard,
got to know some stuff but will keep quiet n see how things go abt..

then long awaited sunday finali reach... CNY eve..
got ourself ready for the trip..
prepare ourself..
makan at adm (with not much choice of food left)

n dad drove..
shd be at tanah merah..
but he drove to changi ferry terminal...
quickly inform my dad, then drove to tanah merah ferry terminal..

on the way there,
enjoy the planes landing & takin off..

once reach tanah merah,
i quickly gather w my aunt,
n head to the counter to get the ferry tickets..

mi look like one crazy lady..
didnt have the time to comb hair..
then head into the custom..
told mi siblings how to use the machine...

n sat there waitin for the time to board the ferry..
got to noe taht my cousin had braces..
so in abt 2 yrs time, i can expect a beautiful set of teeth to see le. :)

the boat ride was ok.. not tat much ppl than i hav expected..
was watchin TV, but cos of the jumpy ride..
headache ah..

finali reach the terminal..
ver fu ku feng & the holiday mood is reali setting in..
the hotel staff come to our aid.
hand our passport for them to handle.
then went to the yellow bus n head to the hotel.
ver short distance.. abt 5 mins..

so i did the check-in for us..
then parents went to check out the place.
n we kids (includin mi) went resting at our fav huntout..
haha.. pic below will like u noe.

then finali head to the rooms..
not too bad..
mi n ivy mei share the same room..
facing the swimmin pool..
then rest of them facing the other side.

then unload our stuff enjoy the TV program for awhile,
n head to makan..
not too bad..
then my parents were talkin abt the 21% tax..
haha.. cos all in S$

after makan start to explore..
found our sport facilities corner..

we play beach volleyball..
n for mi its the 1st time..
imagine wat. mi see ball come esp at high speed..
i will start to get away from the ball.
tat is wat i called natural reaction.. haha..
played for abt 1/2 - 1 hr..
after tat session, reali is ver the tiring.. aha..
but tat is reali ver the shiok.. haha..
any-o-how play.. haha.. no rules attached.. haha..

then walk ard the area.. n rest n then time for dinner..
dinner at the kampong area..
all hungry but the rice haven come out..
meat, soup n stuff come out 1st.

then explore the hotel facilities..
then discover the singing facilities..
not that good.. hard to use the device..
so end up head to the pub..
no ppl at all.

so there was a live band.
so enjoy the moment..
then dance around.. haha.. nobody care so dnace lor.
its like us bookin the whole area for ourselves.
there were giantic chairs too..

then after all fun - head back to room.
cos too tired le..

then on mon-
was awaken by the wake up call..
so damn tired..
can hardly wake up..
then went to my parents & younger siblings' room to wake them up..
them prepare ourselve for breakfast.
had a nice n full breakfast.

then head to the sea sports corner.
lucky we book t the jet ski the day b4 when exploring.
so the day of fun n excitement begins..

then sea super choppy..
the ride was bumpy n even got to taste some sea water.. haha..
got the chance to drive the high-powered jet ski.. cool..
they thought i can swim, which is the opposite.. haha..

then played with seawater..
n after tat head to swimming pool..

my arm muscle cramin like mad.
onli standin there chilling out in the water, doin nth..
haha.. wu ren lao le.. sadness.

after tat head back to room to shower n nap..
reali need the nap..
makan cup noodles for lunch..
watch cny tv programs.
n slpt for 2 hrs..
which frankly i feel its not enough..

after tat prepare to go for the CNY dinner that the hotel has prepared for us.
steam boat, programs like acrobats from china & live band..

then of cuz its time for fireworks..
the adults went to buy fireworks.
n of cuz we play..
so fun n the fireworks reali attract everybody's attention..
tat seems to be one of the reason y we chose batam..
legalise fireworks to play with..
they even hav the chi firecrackers for us to see.

after tat head back to lobby..
they suggested playin mahjong..
so join in the fun for a while until abt 12+ head back to slp.
reali super tired.

then tues.
breakfast was ok..
went back to room to relax n pack our stuff..
refresh ourselves n thus prepare to check out..

mi got the keys ready n head to check out..
they were shoppin at the polo shops.
bought lots of tops.. (but tat doesnt include mi)

then gathered n waited for the bus to take us to the ferry terminal.
lucky we got in early.
cos the ferry was quickly feel up w ppl returnin to singapore.

mi n mei shared my jacket n fell aslp.
slpt till we reach singapore..
if not definitely will headache de..

reach singapore, switch on phone..
busy ringing.. haha..

then head to do home visitin.
makan at my jing po house..
delicious is the word..

then after tat head to grandpa house to make a short appearance.
eat abit though ver full .. no choice..
then went back home..

wed.. work day..
im reali ver tired.
my face says it all..
slpt super early ard 1030pm..

still feel the tiredness.. am i reali tat old already?
time went by ver fast..
n its lunch time..

head to hotel rendavous..
lee & lee is treating us cny lunch.
so most of us went to for the lunch..
food so so ..
was chattin w Chia..
got to know some stuff too..

after tat back to work.
as usual tired. n felt so full..

after tat waited for xinyi called for jog..
after tat pei her go yishun see doc..
n reach home ard 1030pm..

slpt ard 11+ 12..

another day of work..
4get to bring my water bottle to work..
felt super thirsty the whole day..
head home ard 6+ 7..

makan dinner,
finish up the novel.. haha..
slpt ard 11+

frankly these 3 days of work.
i manage to reach office at 830am,
so can i say tat is reali a good start ? hope so..

sat - today..
woke up ard 6+..
n slp fitfully..

after tat watch TV programs,
n now bloggin for a few hours, cos of TV programs..
shd be stoppin soon..

tml wil be another cny visitin time..

so for now will go watch my naruto..

n below will be the pics from the our cny trip...

* my dad w the scarily looking Po - teletubby *

* us at the pub - crazily moving *

* the sea & the trees.. enjoyable moment *

* cousins, n us w our fav background * :P

* one n only family pic *

* combination of our cny trip *

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, January 18, 2009


work as per normal..
but can see tat the feel is different..

tues.. after work met up w xinyi to go jog..
n mayb cos feel like joggin..
mi jog 5 rounds, walk > 1/2 round
n continue 2 rounds..
n almost hit by rugby ball 3 times..
no kiddin reali 3 times..
thought i down on my luck..

whole day seem to pass by pretty fast..
then head to HQ for meetin..
n after tat head for home....

another fast day..
lunch at ri ben chun..
meetin at room 101..
there no reception de..

the meetin talk quite abit abt the w/shop n lawyers..
clear up some air of concerns..

then went to meet up w xinyi n head to jog..
guess wat..
cant jog..
cos stadium, gym n even swimmin pool close for ssc events..
it seems tat not onli us affected.
alot of ppl went not known to it..
they put the notice at such a not obvious location..

after tat head back home...

mornin rushing thru the details..
then head for lunch
n met up with Yu & Co to settle cases.
once again im representing norman..
he gettin married which i was invited to attend..

dun reali hav the mood to work..
busy pickin up calls n settlin cases..

after tat eric drove us to the Quality Hotel at Balstier..
vegetarian dinner..
not ver used to it..
our table hav Lionel, Cindy, Pauline, Frank, Ivan, Lynda..
then our managers & senior exec take another table..

reach there 7..
dinner onli start ard 845..
hav quite some breaks in btw..

get to know more abt my colleagues.

then took bus w Ivan & Seetoh,
n alight at toa payoh n train home..

by the time i reach home,
12pls le..
so tired.

went out w serene, cailing n jason to orchard.
b4 tat went to sunplaza to return 3 bks,
still i manage not to lighten the load cos i end up borrow another 3 bks.

then met up w cailing n head to cine to meet up w another 2..
ate at xinwang..
then shop..
mi feel so sian, slpy n tired.
i mean my face reali put tat across..
so sorry for tat..

reach hm ard 11+.

suppose shd slp early,
end up read my novel n chat w my mum,
watch abit of VCD tat my mum is followin.
so slept ard 5+ in the mornin..

woke up ard 2..
watch Goong S..
then read a few pages the novel n started cleanin...
wipe the walls n cabinets..

n rest awhile n head to northpt w mei n mum.
bought pants at Giordano..
then shop abit,
& again makan at xinwang..
the music they played terrible..
the bass is so heavy tat i can feel the chair beatin w the beats.
n thus my tummy too..
so terrible..
requested them to change the music..

order Red Bean Ice..
not too bad.. hehe..

after tat head for home..

juz finish watchin the dance competition from taiwan..
will wanna rest n soon go slp.

one more week to CNY..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, January 12, 2009

the start of 2009..
frankly i cant remember much..

as usual work..
and continue w exercise rountine..
tues even manage to jog 6 rounds.. haha..
n walk 2 rounds..
there are groups of ppl training..
xinyi there lookin out for some deals to yang yan..

have been busy doin spring clearin for these 2 days..
wippin windows & grills, tables, doors % cabinet..

end up the whole arm aching..
then vacuum floor..

of cuz reward myself w amine..

the amine now gettin more interestin each ep..
tat y up to now haven go slp..

juz now head to northpoint for dinner.
bought foodstuff at cold storage..
then makan at foodcourt..

mi went to hunt for food for bro,
then mum head to harvey norman.
& guess wat she bought a TV
cos living room TV broken down le..

the comin week will be another busy week..
2 meetings, 1 weddin to attend (my senior exec)
others unknown..
plannin to do somemore spring cleaning..

my face condition not too good..
ahh... pimples come poppin up like nobody biz..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, January 01, 2009

1st thing 1st: HAPPY 2009 to all...
so fast its the end of 2009 & the beginning for 2008..

so now i can continue my entry for the last abt 2wks..

22/12/08 Mon:
b4 lunch, office networkin abit of problem..
thus hinder my efficiency..
went to HQ for lunch..
its for charity..
not too bad at all...
the plates some more is bio-degradable de.. cool..
work till 6+
n head to adm to meet cyn for dinner..
had mac..
chat till 9+
head for home & slp ard 11+

23/12/08 Tues:
office was quite noisy.
cos discussing abt wat attire to wear for xmas eve.
cos onli half day..
so thinkin of colour codes & alots of jokes n dares..

after work,
met up w xinyi to go joggin..
onli manage to jog 4 rounds n continue to walk.
after tat head to northpoint to makan dessert..
so shiok..
went home n slack..

24/12/08 Wed (Xmas eve):
woke up late, n train congested,
reach dhoby alrdy 9am le..
chiong to office..
then atmosphere also not ver the same..

lisa bought pink shower cap for fairoz
n a pink tie for frank.
so they are suppose to wear it cos of a dare.
ver kawaii..

then hav department meetin.
n the charity acts by sundrum n eddie.
they shavin their moustache for charity tat ntuc is havin.
both of them look so much younger w/o their moustache
somemore got history de.
- sundrum hav tat moustache since JC years..
- eddie cos too many ppl woo him, so keep that moustache..

after tat head back to office,
continue to clear up my work to abt 2pm,
head back to adm,
da bao my brunch n saw arthur..
reach home, makan & rest,
then pack up my stuff for chalet w serene they all..
4plus.. head to adm meet up w cailing n head to downtown east..
took train to yishun n then change to bus to pasir ris & another bus ..
now then i noe union member has free entry de..

then it was raining..
mi n others started to prepare the food..
haiz.. long process ah..

then wei kian come n start the fire..
& much later head out to bbq..
not too bad..
n finali 11+
head to room to do countdown..
n started playin w spray..
was busy runnin all along,
& mi shun bian head to see the bbq wings.
haha.. flip them too..

after tat clear up the bbq area n head back to room.
gift exchange takes place..
then one by one head for shower..
n makan the remainin food.
ard 3+ 4gift openin.. played card games w delicious grapes as reward..

after tat i slpt,
while cailing, jason, jr & jw continue to play till 5+

25/12/08 xmas...
woke up ard 8+ cos of cailig super loud alarm..
slowly wake the rest of them up,
pack up our stuff..
n check out of chalet..
went to eat at Just-Asia..
not too bad..
then bought 2nd hand novels at 3 for $10..
went to catch movie, Bedtime Stories at 1.20pm..
then after tat head for home..
sufferin for headache ah..

26/12/08 fri:
took annual leave to rest at home..
kinda not used to it..
whole day like nth to do like tat..

lunch was porridge,
was chattin on msn w huaxiong..
his office close till the next yr.. interesting...
watch my amine till at a amazing speed..
continue to rest for headache stil present..

27/12/08 sat:
sat feels like sun..
whole day quite busy..
watch my fav amine tat was acted out.. nodame..
so captivating..

did lots of household chores as if spring cleaning..
8+ at nite head to cwp to hav dinner.
n catch late nite movie w my mum - Ip man.
b4 tat was havin dinner at toast box (mee siam)

then went to pasar malam to walk walk..
bought some cny decorations..

then waited for time up to watch movie.
the movie ver good.
like the story & the meanin of it..
shiok.. worthy to watch it again..
then after tat cab to 768 to fetch my mei home.
n rest..

28/12/08 sun:
wake up..
finish w chi novel..
n started on eng novel..
continue to watch nodame till the end..
so shiok (but at was like 1+ in wee hrs)

dinner was chendol at adm,
shop at prime to stock up & home..

29/12/08 mon:
head back to office..
clear my email..
nth much happening..
head to eat muslim food w fred..
talk abt quite some stuff...
slpt early cos im reali tired..

30/12/08 tues:

manage to reach office abit early.
n the whole day's mood not too bad..
except for one or 2 calls to dispute..
other than tat no other prob..

met up w xinyi for our joggin routine..
she reali not in good mood..
mi jog 4 rounds, walk 1/2 round, n jog another 2 rounds..
after tat sat there to rest n head for home..

reach home makan dinner.. yummy..

31/12/08 wed..

dun feel like goin work..
half dday..

honey gave mi a present..
a slping bee baby..
so cute..
haha.. i somehow manage to a display.. haha..
xinyi was playin w it when i let her see it..

dress down.. work till abt 1+ n head to city hall to meet up w xinyi.
makan at suntec bali thai n shop at carrefour.
saw connie auntie they all..
so long didnt see them le..

after tat both of us head for home..
too tired on the train ride..
bought my bro to re-cut his hair..
the wait for his turn ver long..
think cos goin to sch reopen le..
finali his turn, n he cut le become more handsome le..

n reach home ard 7..
it is as if i juz knock off from work..
finish up the chi novel..
n makan dinner..
slack here abit.. n there abit.
nhead to bed ard 1130pm..

so i did the countdown in slp..

1/1/09 Thur:
1st entry for 2009..

woke up n finish up my eng novel..
a 'hilly' story w happy ending

then my mum told mi tat she n my bro was lookin for mi last nite for the countdown.
there was fireworks shown on tv..
then when they found me..
im alrdy slpin comfortably on bed..

my mum say im gettin the tirednesss in 2008 to be slpt away to 2009..
so shd be a good year ahead.. haha...
interestin way of sayin..

head out for lunch w dad to adm..
had dessert as lunch..

later will head to cwp to shop...
anyway.. will be workin tml.. haiz...

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally


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