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Monday, May 31, 2010

mini update:

monm 31 may:
last day of may for 2010.
time reali flies doesnt it.

reach office, basically start work & non-stop.
then my boss gav mi a call & ask mi to go to lvl 6 to meet her
somemore is a hush hush thing.
so i thought my cases got problem,
so quickly rush down.

then boss end up chit chat w mi & gave mi good news.
my efforts reali is being recognised.
so happy..

wanted to share it w my parents,
but as it confidential so cant disclose - Ren ~~~

then lunch w honey n fairoz at haja.
chit chat then head back to office to continue workin.
reali brain draining..
& ard 5+ think w all the work,
headache come & find mi.
so tired..

still continue to work.
no choice given that i wan to clear my work
& that my buddy will be on leave tml,
so better not play play,
if not ke lian de will be moi..

left office ard 8+.
then xiao mei gave mi a call.
askin if i can help her run errand,
so i did since on the way home.

alight at yishun.
then went to buy food for bro & moi,
then buy the stuff that my sis needed for her work.
& then shun bian return a library book.

so while walking,
saw ah sheng (cousin),
then got to know that his workin area is ard my work area.
so qiao..

& head back home.
finish my dinner,
chat w my mum
finish up my manga - Power
a story about a ger who has to be dressed like a boy to join the men's basketball team to fulfil her father's dream.
all due to the father's action.

quite a nice one,
i even laughed out loud at some point in time. :P

ok la.. think wil have to go rest soon.

tml after work will need to go northpoint again to collect the thingy for my mei.

everyone oyasumi..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, May 30, 2010

mini update.

sun, 30 may.
onli slpt like 3+ in the wee hours of the morning :P
anyway mornin woke up ard 12.
then w nth to do,
watch TV.
then ard 3 head to adm to meet up w ferlin.

we frankly had a nice chat there..
then she did a financial review w mi & on my family members.
now then i noe that we can choose our own beneficiary..

afterwhich, she drove moi home.

upon reachin home,
use lappy.
surf online for manga..
saw 'badminton girl'
i thought wil have more.
it feels like it shdnt stop there..

now 8.

will continue to read manga online :D

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, May 29, 2010

time for updates :)

mon 24 may:
lunch was w honey, fairoz n azhar at POMO
then work till 6+ & head for home..

a manga site pop out of no where.
n so i started lookin it at.
1st manga online - Beauty Pop

tues, 25 may
- morning:
lookin at cases to help buddy present to management for advice
then was informed that i need to visit cad w regards to one of my cases
- lunch at ah mei (mee siam)
then went to fortune to buy fruits.
then work non-stop till 6+
then i suddenly rmb that i hav bought fruits ^.6
so ate the fruits & continued to work till 8+
home ard 9.3-pm.
chat w mei n mum
makan porridge for dinner.
simple & deliciouss.

wed, 26 may:
work like nobody biz.
almost the whole day at my buddy's desk.
helpin to clear email.
after lunch ard 2.30pm,
went to lvl 6 to meet up w investigative unit n my manager
to discuss on my case
then back to work...
ard 5 head to level 5 for MS meeting.
then ard 7 head to bugis to meet up w onz - to celebrate sean's b'day.
makan at soup spoon (quite a large serving of soup, which made mi reali full).
then i saw my pri sch bestie (hui ping)
so chat up a little, & both agreed on a date to meet up
haha.. if not i think will be hard to meet up de.

after tat went to arab street to chill out near blue jazz.
nice area.
chat till abt 10+
before cab home ..
long wait for cab.
so tiring..

another day at work.
this time round, only able to clear my work which seem to be coming in at a rather fast speed.
so work till abt 8.30pm before heading home..

on the journey home, finish up my eng novel by linda fairstein 'cold hit'
slpt ard 12+
moi dun seem to feel well.

Vesak Day (a public holiday)
so slpt till 1+
didnt go out w serene n cailing.
too tired to do so.

makan brunch at adm.
then home finish up my manga - beauty pop of i think 30+ no.

after tat switch off lappy & proceed to room
to read novel - james patterson 'cat & mouse'
& unknowingly finish it reading within the same nite..

slpt ard 12+

wake up ard 11+
re-arranging the warbrobe.
n now updatin b4 heading to yishun for makan.
mayb later wil head to meet up w serene they all for pool session (mayb onli)

so end up i didnt join them for pool.
was shoppin w mum n xiao mei n wq at northpoint.
saw xinyi n her mum too :)

head to library to borrow book.
& by the time i reach home w all my mei's shoppin stuff already near 6 le.

so use lappy to see manga - Fairy Cube.
completed it within abt 2 hrs ba..

so now 8.
& im rottin le..

waitin for my mei to come home.
she asking me to help her w her work - MC script
tml : appt w ferlin.

sally to disappear for now...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, May 23, 2010

hiyo bloggie..
doin an entry when i feel like it..

sun - 23rd may:
erm onli got to bed ard 4 in the morning ? :P
then woke up ard 2 in the afternoon.
as usual its a super warm day at home..
no fan will result in perspiration non-stop.
so im literally seated under a fan & tryin not to move away from it..

afterwhich watch CNA on the state funeral of Dr Goh Keng Swee
onli got to noe alot more abt him thru the words of MM, PM & the rest..

his grandson & grandniece gave eulogies with a sense of human touch.
i suppose this is the meaning of family bonding..
it ended ard 4pm.

after that i head back to room to use my lappy.
decided to watch twilight - new moon.
but mayb cos i chose the wrong site.
it streamed abit too long.
130 mins i took abt 4-5hrs to finish watchin it.
guess it is reali testing my patience..

it also gave mi to think y im not a gamer.
still i hav got no ans...

then decided to go online find manga to read
& OMG.. it so so addictive.
maybe w my reading speedin as well,
i read 15 books one shot in less than an hr.. :P
managa - kitchen princess (not yet completed, but dun noe when will upload new one)
& my mei say i so easily addictive to stuff & abit sort sort de.

ok la have to go slp le..
3 more mins to 12.
& xiao mei is shooin moi to slp..


:D ♥; sally

lookin at my diary now.
has been 20 days since i last made an entry (now juz nice after 12 midnite le)..

i can safely assume this will be erm.. quite a long one.. hehe..
so now my borin life for these past 3 weeks of may 2010 :P

1st week of may
- mon, 3th :
had the final presentation retreat rehearsal

- tues, 4th :
watch 'how to tame a dragon'
borrowed the dvd from my colleague (who took it from his son :P )

- wed, 5th :
had lunch at mac w manager n buddy.
went to cityhall after work,
met up w xinyi n ivan
had dinner at pizza hut at suntec. then walk ard
home ard 11pm.

- thur, 6th : before lunch time went to ICA w shara to collect passport.
waited for quite some time..
& thanks xinyi for collecting my taiwan goodiesbag at UIC building from Taiwan tourism board.
head to northpoint to do some shopping w xinyi for ivan's present.
& got stuck in the library borrowing books.. im so luving it.. <3

- fri, 7th : - Day of retreat to pulai springs resort
reach office ard 8, then got ready to coach to pulai springs.
the weather is so so damn hot !!
had the amazing trail which i cant stand the heat.
im literally raining..
then back to our apartment - nice one @.@
refresh & makan dinner (not too bad).
then last refresher rehearsal for the presentation the next day.
head back to see avatar for a while
then ard 9+ head back to room to rest.
chat with my colleagues (bunk mates have 6 inclusive myself)
& of which 2 are hearing impaired
but still i enjoyed communciating with them.
wrote & gesture to communicate.
reali nice & interesting..
slpt ard 12+..

- sat, 8th:
wake up early to go for breakfast.
time for presentation.
then head back to room to pack up & check out.
then off to our holding area for presentation.
quite a high standard presentation.
reali can see that different groups have reali put alot of thought to it...
ours though have abit of minor hiccup but still went on smooth..
then finali time for result.
& our team won for the 3rd theme..
wohoo.. our efforts all paid off le.. so happy..

after tat head for lunch & took coach to shopping.
went to jusco.
initally was wondering ard alone.
then david found me,
so shop together.
end up dun wan to shop so went to makan ice cream.

then off to find dinner.
its again the Grand Straits resturant.
frankly its reali not good food.
not nice for my standard (which is considered so low).
& finali to custom.
home sweet home ard 9+.
unpack stuff, freshen up & head to bed.
too tired le..

- sun, 9th : Mother's Day !!
makan fav duck rice at thomson
& stayed home.
raining the whole day.
ard 6+ head to semb to meet up w alan & cyn.
head to semb shoppin centre
wanted to go aston, but too long queue
so decided MOF
ordered our food (menu selection seem much better?)
then luipeng come along.
chat till abt 10+
then took shuttle bus to semb & we part for home..

2nd week of may
- mon, 10th:
went to work & receive bad news
honey's brother has past away & on compassionate leave the whole week..
after work, train w azhar
discuss abt work & the retreat thinggy
his group did quite a wonderful job on the video..

- wed, 12th:
workload in mornin still ok.
later after lunch, my heart almost stop.
so much uploaded..
but i tried my best, still cant finish.
head off ard 6
went to CWP to meet up w sis & mum.
shop & bought a wallet at metro (ver nice & colourful.. im so <3-ing it :D )
nite time manage to finish off a novel - James Patterson 'kiss the girls'

- thur, 13th:
work wise still tryin to clear my work
after work, head to cathay to meet up w cyn
wanted to makan aston, still unable due to long crowd :S
then head to POMO & makan Japanese foodcourt.
went to this fashion.
saw a nice long coat/jacket.
but didnt buy.
haha.. but reali like it..
head hm ard 10+
so tired..

- fri, 14th:
XY last day of work, ivan's birthday !
so after work went to bugis to meet up w Onz group.
tried a new route to walk there..
makan at MOF.
then ivan n xinyi went off for 2nd round.
pris ber sean n mi went to find drink.
sat at toast box & chat
seem like a venting time for majority.
haha.. quite a nice session.
& the iphone application that ber had is reali kawaii (carl something de.. hehe)
home ard 12

- sat, 15th:
morning was awaken by Uncle Peter's called
& my bro so li hai switch off the aircon,
so didnt return back to slp.
then in the afternoon, serene n jason come along.
serene n mi busy doing the taiwan itineary..
then ard 7+,
uncle peter n auntie come along to chat.
i felt abit paiseh cos i no time to entertain them.
mum was entertaining them while i continue to do the itineary.
so brain draining process when finding the details
heng serene did the planning of the location while researchin..

- sun:
continue to do the itineary
catch up on my animes..

3rd week of may:
- mon, 17th:
manage to go off quite on time.
even got to see the primary sch gettin out of the sch (afternoon session)
quite an experience (long time didnt go home this early ?_? )
research abit on HK hotels - planning to go hK (still a plan only)

- tues, 18th:
work till 6 unknowingly.
then train to cwp.
head to civic center to meet up w luipeng & cyn
makan fast at lerkthai.
then head up to partyworld.
after which wenfu come along.
haha.. nice k-session though my voice dun noe y missing - throat not well ah..
head home ard 11+
im so so tired.
slpt ard 2+

- wed, 19th:
lunch at haja, & topic was speculation abt who is leaving & who is taking over shara's position.
then end up become political chats
haha. talkin abt history.. interestin session..
office is so damn, & due to lack of sufficient slp,
felt so restless..
work till 6+
help my mum to prepare 1 dish for dinner.. (put my mind off the tiredness for a while)

- thur, 20th:
lunch time, help ahyi to pay her tax,
usual, office ver cold.
work till 6
& bump into jamaliah & sharifah on the way home.
all 3 to the same destination - adm.
so chat on the journey...
at dhoby surprising saw ber too. hehe..

then reach home,
started to help mei to prepare some stuff.
get the table set, etc etc
chef : ivy, maid like : sally
guest: serene, jason, cailing, wawa, ah wei, JR, JW
makan together at the table.
then busy clearing up the table.
im felt so tired & almost wan to concuss.
by the time serene they all leave,
shower & my aunt help mi wash the dishes, i tried to clear the place to it original state
& slept ard 11+

- fri, 21st:
work as per normal,
xinyi finali email moi le.. ahah
after lunch, head for discussion
get confirmation on my view but i wil need to take a different approach in the future.
then after that rush to staff pantry.
Retreat Team treat..
good food & alot..
so makan together & chat also..
i reali enjoyed the time slpt.
so by the time we disperse already after official work hours le..

head back to work till abt 6+ - 7
manage to clear my work..
then chit chat w manager n colleagues before heading home.
the train was so so stuffy & warm.
i almost felt suffocated..
hate it..

& frankly i dun felt too well the whole day..
by the time i reach home,
finish up my novel
n slpt ard 11+
but it was not reali a good slp.
didnt feel good when i abt to slp..

- sat, 22nd:
woke up ard 9+
then read newspaper to cool myself before heading back to bed at abt 10
slpt till 1+ in the afternoon.
pei my dad to adm to makan brunch..
run some errands & head home
catch up on my anime..
ard 6+
head to semb to meet up w xiao mei n wq.
went to semb shoppin center
as again, wanted to makan aston - still too many ppl
so change venue to the resturant next to it.
not too bad.

after tat head to giant to shop shop.
shop till abt 10+ i think.
cab home.
so now i hav sort of finish blogging for the past 3 weeks.
within the hour which is considered fast for no interruption - cool..

next week will be a 4days work week (fri is vesak day.. wohoo..)
& 3wks + 2 day counting down to taiwan - taipei trip :D

sally to disappear again..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, May 03, 2010

hiyo bloggie.
has been 2 weeks i last login an entry.
im so lazy.. wahah..

ok for a (hopefully) fast update...

19th april (mon) :
was covering for buddy n SE at work
then had retreat meeting..
all i can say tat it is reali going full force..

retreat meeting at abt 4+
was waitin for the video to arrive which come ard 5+
so in the meantime,
we chit chat & got to noe more abt each others workscope.
interesting chattin session..

then finali saw the video
i will say its reali not bad for the starters..

then i stay back & help to input for editting till abt 9.
then head back to work station to clear abit of work till abt 10 before packin up for home..

& then head home to continue abit before slping.

was meeting up to continue on ppt n presentation.
with work tat is still climbin ever higher..
work till abt 9.20pm & pack up for home.

manage to finish 'Alex Cross's Trial' by James Patterson.
a good book on how one shd stay by ur own view despite differences..

thur :
somehow or another,
manage to clear my work tat has accumulated over the holiday.
wat a tiring week i had..

then after work head to somerset to meet up w xinyi n ber
makan at cine pasta mania while waiting for wen jie jie n pris
mi n xinyi shop at the korean supermart at the basement
afterwhich we head to the Ark.
edmund is already there..

didnt noe that they were havin audition there.
the judge gave comments n so do we.
think we were the only group not there to go for audition. haha.
ver unique experience..
left ard 11 & head for home.
felt rather relaxed after the ark session..

fri :
work as per normal
but felt that shoulder seem lighter..

mornin had receive good news from my managers.
my efforts were recognised.
tat is reali good though i hav to admit that i can make things messy w my inexperience.
thus i will hav to learn & ask more..

then when wan go makan,
look into bag,
then rmb i no bring wallet..

how did tat happen?
till now i still dun noe :P

work till abt 6 then pack up for home.
since it was rainin outside.
so stay in office n chat w cyndiie n jenny
afterwhich abt 645pm,
left office.
& so qiao saw another manager - eric.
goin the same direction.
so nice of him to share his big umbrella w moi.
so we chat as we head to PS.

went to find xiao mei awhile b4 i left for home.
so on the train was thinkin where i wanna go.
so decided that i stop at semb.
to visit the library.
so went to borrow a few books.
not too bad a grab.. hehe..

after tat head for home..

sat :
lunch at adm w parents
then mum n dad went to buy items for the canteen stall.
n my nose start to wan to exercise..
watch my animes .. hehe..

sun :
head to sunplaza to makan for brunch w parents
then moi went to return the books which i have previously borrowed.
went to ntuc to stock up some items
n collected the winter clothing which was long ready erm abt a week b4..hehe

then head back home to rot..

26 April - mon :
as usual work non stop.
work till abt 8+
n was busy editing the slides for presentation..

tues :
lunch was at tekka market w honey n shara.
had fish briyani.
then head to hav my eye brows threaded.
painful ah.
& hav natural pink eyeshadows..

didnt feel reali well after i head bacck office.
so was workin at a slower pace, but not breaking it.

ard 6
head to dhoby to meet up w XY to train home together.
she say i look stoned !!

then moi go home watch jap drama - Mr Brain
unknowingly to 12 midnite :P
after which head back to slp..

wed :
SE bernard back from reservist le.
dun need to hop here n there le..

makan lunch at foon sheng
then head to shop at the korean supermart.
bought honey citron n honey ginger for my mum.

head back to work
& ard 4 head to rehearse the presentation part.
left ard 6+ to meet up w xinyi to train home together

had MS1 meeting at 4pm.
then meetin ended ard 7.
so quickly do my minutes.
ard 8 head to iluma to meet up w cyn.
makan at benten cafe.

a nice n affordable place for jap food.

after which shop abit
n head home..

fri :
had retreat meeting at abt 430.
was rehearsing the presentation for part 2.
work till abt 10.30pm (new record).

felt uncomfortable.
think due to one case that i had settled.
dun noe wat my boss will say.
but likely i will be at fault.

1st May - sat :
makan lunch at adm.
didnt see wat i wanna eat
so ate dessert.
finish off my novel.
& chase the animes.

sun :
stay home day.
home is like sauna.
damn warm.
perspiring as if im joggin tat type of feeling.

read 'pop goes the weasel' by james patterson.
& finali link to how the 3rd child of alex cross come abt..
yuan lai ru ci..

then was surfin FB & chatted w ulric, wendy, & serene..

surfing youtube for videos of a group of male acapella called 'on the rocks'
they were cool w their singing & dances..
ver intriguing & entertaining..

now i have to go slp le.

end up this blog took more than a few hrs to complete
haha.. which is of cuz due to many distractions :)

sally to mia for now...

:D ♥; sally


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