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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

it has been quite some time i blogged le..
basically these few days all i can say is tirin.
tired from studyin.. n forcing myself to study.
got distracted often by compie, amine, TV programs.
tat is automatic distraction to mi.

n also hav been stayin up late i.e. ytd saty until tis mornin 6am.
cos mum n mei went to thailand n come back.
think go there slp onli one nite.
rest of journey is done on the coach ba.
ah gong n ah ma rushin like mad to get back to singapore.
like 1st day reach there then done w prayers n wan to gt back to singapore.
so rush for wat...

as for my dad stall.
still quite problematic.
mi tryin hard to help my dad w it,
thru admin n use of compie.
though not tat profficient w it.

so woke up 11am by my dad's call.
n now waitin for him to attend to those matter n get back to mi...
pls let mi find my motivation back to study.
i need it.......

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Friday, April 11, 2008

finali got time to blog le..

haha.. finali last day of sch, last test paper down.
do n study until blur ah..
reali is blur..
all concepts all messed up..

mon sch as per normal.
xiao mei start her poly today....

tues, went to study at mac w cyn,

wed went to clean tomb cos qing ming jie.
so went adm to buy food,
went to bishan to meet aunt,
n head to guang ming shan.
soon after tat head to mount vernon at circuit road.
then took bus w my aunt to Golden Mile Building.
n cab to Cornation plaza.
help my aunt w wine abit..
then took bus 74 to sch..
class in the afternoon.
haiz.. almost fell aslp..
head back home,
slept pretty early...

thur, inititally wanted to meet cyn.
but she cant make it.
so mi went to study at mac myself.
see some common faces, n some new one.
saw froggy n mei n di also.

study until abt 8, then went to make errands.
dad off day too.
watch ch u 10pm show..
after tat prepare to slp.
but was shocked by some stuff tat happen w changi stall.
so i suppose these few days changi will be in turmoil until it is settled ba.

so now use compie,
prepare my dinner n watchin TV program.
later goin to watch 3 ep of Cooking Master Boy amine.

goin to start to study le..
my motivation, understand pls come to me..
i need u reali....

pic to upload:
from sess 10th anniversay. thanks mitchell.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, April 06, 2008

for the past few days befor fri,
hav been busy doin project.
haiz.. submission is on friday.

still rmb tat on thur,
after class, went to sunplaza mac to do project w cyn.
it compilation time.
n after tat head home.
end up i do until 5am in the mornin.
n i sort of stunned padma..
haha. she thought how come i still up at that period of time.

took abt 2-3hr slp then head to sch.
didnt attend investment lect.
too tired to go in..
n of cuz my panda eyes appeared as usual onli darken this time..

met up w my group mates,
cyn did some last min amendments.
then we print it out n submit.

waited outside classroom to go in sign.
my leg hurts.
damn the shoes.

attend ime lesson.
i almost fall aslp.
cos lesson is descriptive based.
reali hear le can slp,
cyn went off half way.

after class,
mi n huizhen went back to semb together.
chat quite a lot of stuff.
then i waited for serene at semb mrt station.
n we head to sess together.

its sess 10th year anniversay.
feel like a student all over again.
busy hunting for our teachers,
onli miss out mrs chua, our dear mama..
the teachers all seem pretty well,
though they say i look tired which i am..

teachers' advice: to gan gan try out jobs since we are young.
if wanna be teacher 1st be a contract one,
try out see can a not.
cos to maintain order in class not easy.
sess semb wind standard i think fall le.
not as good as the pioneerin one.
my mei who is in the pioneerin one say i improved le.

didnt manage to chat up w quite some no. of friends.
nvm at least see tat they are doin well.

after the event,
mi, serene n cailing head to sunplaza mac to chat.
saw some familiar faces.
so we chat until abt 11 plus 12.
then cailing's mum called to remind her of time.
n we head for home.

reach home, shower n drop dead.
after all im reali lackin of slp.
n guess wat i slp around 12plus,
n wake up sat 2pm.
cos no more work le.

then pack my chi novels,
those i read go back to box,
those haven read, shift them out.

n after tat pei my mum go sunplaza walk walk.
imagin we walk from 5plus to 10plus.
dun noe wat to walk,
still can walk so long.
went ntuc,
then i feel i becomin more auntie le..
tryin to find out good deals,
as wat the govt promotes,
go for house brands, its cheaper.
n i agree. n tellin my mum abt the difference somemore.
she say ok then i start choosin the cheaper ones.

n then stop at mr soya bean.
had chendol soya, strange taste.
n cab home.
to tired n heavy things to carry.

today wake up ard 11.
watch tv program w my bro
kids central - agent cody bank.
this movie actuali i brought my bro to see it a few years back.
nice one.
after tat i decide to clear my room..

cant stand it..
too much dust... yucks.
pack here n there,
throw rubbish all away...

then try to study.
cant concentrate.
wanna die le..

n whole day busy eatin buns, n green bean soup.
im gettin fat le.. haha....
nvm.. can onli do this occassionally.

now finali the time to do end this blog.

tml xiao mei n joanna start sch at RP.
wish her all the best... Jia You..

mi also need to go prepare.
tml i also hav sch.
pls get my momentum goin for studies.
im reali lackin in time..

sally to buck up le..

:D ♥; sally


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