...Destination ~ Destiny...

Saturday, June 30, 2007

mi didnt blog ytd.
too tired le.
went to work as usual,
but OT half an hour,
cos helpin choon kee to do the tickets for expensive liquor.
hav some funny incident which i cant rmb any le.
come home, relax,
watch harry potter,
read my novel.
then slp around 12.

this mornin heard my xiao mei wakin my da mei up.
da mei say she was suffering from boat-sickness.
instead of cruise it is a boat.
mi waitin for her to come home to tell mi more.

work as usual.
manage to sell more than a carton of wine.
still not too bad.

walk around as usual.
chat w some promoters,
n stand there to observe.

then finali time up to go home.
bought dinner, help my mum rent vcd.
then now usin compie.
think my mum goin overseas again.

serene they all comin my house.
cos wanna celebrate my bro birthday.

so Samuel, HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!
muz guai guai hor..

sally disappearin for now..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, June 28, 2007

getting comfy with the sit im having.
listenin to songs on itune!!

went to wokr as usual.
expected alot of things to do.
but end up nth to do.
so the suppliers they saw mi , ask mi nth to do ah.
how come can stand here n wach mi work.
gav them honest reply lor.

my stocks will onli come tml,
wanted to help fei fei auntie with her stocks,
but choon kee dun wan..
so end up he called fei fei auntie,
n she will come down to turf city tml.

there is a customer of mine, chattin with mi,
then come another customer,
end up she help mi serve them.
i say i wanna let her hav my position as promoter.

choon kee kept sayin he has to leave by 430pm,
cos another supplier ask him to go loyang temple go pray.
seem like a kid who is anxiously waitin to go to a new place.
kinda funny.

n suddenly juz pop the sentence,'ur smile is ver nice'
i was like, huh?
then mi 'watch' him work.
sort of entertainin myself while i do the 'supervision'.
now Giant can see lots of ppl wearin black tees.
mi included.
supervisors, cleaners, suppliers. & add mi promoter.

finali i waited for the time to reach 6pm.
wanna go home.
head dun feel too well.
da bao dinner, bought some prayer stuff n make my way home.
went to my room n finish my novel.
interestin story.
gonna put the author, James Patterson as one of the whose books i like.

my aunt husband has juz reach singapore.
saw him juz now.
juz come out of thailand.
cool.. his hair is short again.

juz now watch on channel 5 'harry potter (1st movie) part 1'
kinda strange that it is doin it today.
lucky didnt miss it.

mi will temporarily stop here.

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

mi tired le.
goin to bed le.

woke up around 10plus,
wanna sleep later also cannot.
soon after tat jessica from pinnacle gav mi a call.
chat some work stuff with her, then hang up.
read my novel, reali an interestin one.
author: james patterson & maxine pareto
title: 4th of july.

manage to finish it today too.

use compie,
then parents woke up.
wait for them to go brunch together.
went to eat my fav duck rice.

then ask them to let mi alight at adm.
made my way to SIM to pay sch fees.
wait there for my turn, quite alot of ppl.
saw the elevators, so fast done.
then went to popular bookshop to see my textbook.
wow.. tat is alot of $$.

after tat mi went to bus stop.
mi let the bus choose my next destination.
to home or to cornation plaza.
so to home..
haha. tat was wat i wanted also.

reach adm, pamper myself.
bought slurpee to drink, too warm a weather le.
cant tahan.

reach home, my mei n dad were watchin '200 pounds beauty'
i follow to watch too.
already at the ending le.
still it touch my heart tat i almost tear.
mood n atmosphere not ver rite, so told myself to control abit.

then around 7 we went for dinner at chong pang.
so sad tat da mei cant come cos of job commitments.
last min meetin.

xiao mei ate n left first.
then we continue walkin.
around 8plus 9, we made our way home.

refresh myself.
re-read the ending of the novel.
reali got the twist n turn.
james patterson's books always make mi re-read the ending. :P

now TV showin abit of a horror movie - bone snatcher.
see le abit scared.

think gonna slp le.
da mei n her bf 'talkin'

tml hav to work.
sure to hav things to do to kill my time.

sally to disappear..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

lyrics of star (byul - 200 pounds beauty)

Param gyeori jangel hen tel go
Ne ki man han jaken na eh pan wi ru
Aremdapge byulbijdereun kadegje woju neyo

Saelsu op shima nempyolteru
Chijuinuna rul oru manjina
Ne mamsoke katuptanun
Nun multakashu neyo

Malhi apahajima nalkon anenjae
Dadegyour jumyour jaljara wi ru hae ju ne yo

Kyourdjimothan mankem
Himegyour wo apawado
Nenmeli apelgaryourwado
Gaji mothan ne sarang apedo na uselraeyo

Jamshi ra do kyeote
Haengboghaeton giyog elrel
Gaseme gan jig halkeyo

Du nene su nyohajin jor byuldel chorom

Kumel ku tet da ga o neyo
Yunanhi topakenna ye pyol hana
Nun pu shi ge ban jagi myour or ke waeru ne ryour wo

Ja ku sel pohajima
Son kog jap en che nal man jyour ju myour
Ta sehi nal kamssajuneyo

Kyourdjimothan mankem
Himegyour wo apawado
Nenmeli apelgaryourwado
Gaji mothan ne sarang apedo na uselraeyo

Jamshi ra do kyeote
Haengboghaeton giyog elrel
Gasem soge ganjig halkeyo

Du nene su nyohajin jor byuldel charom

Na yo nel man en an ul your yu
Nun muli ga teg cha wa do

Jo byul tel chorom
Naesel reyo~


Hengbog haeton giyog modu
Gaseme ganjig halkeyo

Du nene su nyohajin jor byuldel charom

English translation of the song --

feel the wind blow in this place
There I see the stars beyond this window pane
shining so bright, here in this night
Here I feel a sense of love
Deep in my heart I cry for you
Every tear that falls feels like a wound
the stars in the skies gently shines
Taking away my pain
I hear a voice gently saying
don’t be afraid
I feel a warmth come over me
As I sleep in their embrace
And even though I do not have the strength to go on
Even though I try to hold on
This love will never ever be meant for me
But I’ll keep on smiling…
Even though my dreams wont come true
I’ll remember every moment with you
Like the stars that shine forever
I’ll treasure my love
For you

this is another version that i found ------

Romanized Lyrics & Translation:

param gyeoli changeul heundeulgo
nae gimalhan jakeun nawei pan weouro
areumduphge byulbijdeureul
kadeul chaewojuneyo
malhi aphahajimah
nalkkok aneunchae dadokyojumyeo
jakjara weouro haejuneyo
keodji mothalmankkeum himekyeowon aphawado
nunmuli apeul karyeowado
kajjimothal nae sarang aphedo nan useullaeyo
jamshimado kyeote haengboghattdeon giogdeureul
kashime kanjig halkeyo
du nune suno najin jeobyuldeul
cheoreom yeongwonhi

Translation of Youme’s version:

the wind is shaking the windows,and over my small room,
the stars fill up the sky, shining brightly too many to count,
the stars reassure tired me
they wipe away the many tears that are deep inside me

don’t be hurt too much..they hug me tight and pamper me
and comfort me,
telling me to go to sleep

though I’m exhausted to the point where I can’t walk
though my tears blur my vision
I’ll still smile in front of my love that I’m not able to get

Even though our happy times were short, I’ll treasure it deep inside my heart
like those countless number of stars, forever

My dream is coming. though it is unusual that my one star is bright
it is very bright, even blinding..it comes down to my shoulder
stop being so sad..it holds my hand as it touches me
and gives me a warm hug

though I’m exhausted to the point where I can’t walkthough my tears blur my vision
I’ll still smile in front of my love that I’m not able to get

Even though our happy times were short, I’ll treasure it deep inside my heart
like those countless number of stars, forever

Only for today, I won’t cry though my eyes fill with tears
I want to laugh like those stars
Oh~ I want to cherish all my happy moments deep inside my heart
Like those countless number of stars, forever

:D ♥; sally

forgot that i hav the site on tat i wanted to blog.
was doin some web surfing.
nth much to do i guess.

today alrdy finish off 2 eng novels.
tat was cool..
think the author 'james patterson' reali write novel tat allow to finish within one day.
so cool.

was awaken by my aunt, she called mi at 11.
n cant go back to slp,
so read my novel, use abit of compie.

then pei my dad go adm makan.
reach home, weather too warm fr mi to do anything.
even lyin on bed is also a difficult thing to do.
continue to read my novel.
the ending is reali ver surprising.
onli tat the plot changes in the last few chapters.
surprisings turnouts...
made mi re-read the ending twice.

then pei my mum go causeway to eat dinner.
da bao food home too.
refresh myself, n watch CSI.
actuali it is pretty interestin.
onli tat can find it abit gross.
tat y i prefer to read novels.
dun hav to see the disgusting scene.

now usin compie.
think will shut it soon.
feel tat my bed time is up.
reali muz slp early le.
if not pimples poppin out like nobody biz.

sally to disappear for now le...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, June 25, 2007

see the pic below. finali got my wish to watch it.. ahhhhh.....

reali like he show '200 pounds beauty'...
now my turn to go gaga over it.
so happy yet so sad.
the part where she confessed n be honest w herself is reali touching.
so so so so so so tounching.
n me teared as usual.

the conflicts i found from the show is -
1. is external looks reali that impt?
2. how do u view comestic surgery? good or bad? [depends on situation ba]
3. do u hav to giv up on ya past to hav a future u dream of?
4. and can u be honest with yaself?
5. how confidence are u with ya figure? [ i noe im not ]

wow.. didnt noe i can see these from the movie.
normali will not evaulate the movies de.

she even sang the songs herself.
talented/ beautiful/ gorgous Kim A Joong,
her co-star, Joo Jin-Mo is one handsome guy too.
haha.. :P
cant get enough of the movie..
reali this is a muz watch movie!!

enough of the movie, if not i noe i cant stop it de.

woke up 10am, cos auntie called mi.
then read my novel.
sat in living room with mum.
she read newspaper, mi read novel.
then chat abt the weather.
reali ver trouble.
so so warm... cant tahan.

then mi receive ferlin's call.
went to sunplaza to meet her.
was chatin with her, hav our lunch at cavana.
occassional indulgences on my part.

then went to adm to find my mum.
walk around n went home.
rest awhile, read novel.
then mum cook dinner,
then decided to watch '200 pound beauty'.
control! control!!

now bloggin.
gonna hand compie over to mei le.
listenin to the soundtracks of '200 pound beauty'

sally disappeaing le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, June 24, 2007

back from work.

this mornin saw my da mei at home.
reali ver long time didnt see her at home in the mornin.
cos one thing she works, mi slp.
so didnt get to see each other.

went to work as usual.
such a warm day.
no air con somemore.
so stand there like statue onli that the hand with fan is moving.
chat with promoters,
n stone there.
basically nth much happen today.

off work, da bao dinner.
then reach home, walk 'tuxedo (wrong spellin i guess)' by jackie chan.
quite a good time,
then ate my dinner too.
read my bovel as bro use the compie.
later will hav to giv dad a call cos need to help him settle some stuff.

n finali tml dunhav to work..
so happy.

sally to disappear for now..

:D ♥; sally

went to work as usual.
chat on phone for quite sometime with cailing n ah yi.
then serve little customers,
n went to do tickets.
reali a lot of tickets.
see the SKU until my eyes abit blur.
but did it quite fast.
choon kee come to chat with mi for awhile n mia.

went for my break.
saw the other promoters,
sat down n chat with them.
then after they leave,
mi called cailing to continue the conversation that we have left.
went back to work.
now the turn to tear the tickets.
tear n put, continue this process until abt 530++.
didnt notice the time until i feel something not right.

then wanted to rush off,
then choon kee say clementi shuttle bus is 10 min later than usual.
so now i understand.
mi went out 1st cos need to pay for the breezers.
n saw choon kee after tat.
he alight, n mi continue to sit all the way to clementi bus interchange.

went to mrt station to find cailing.
n together go to west coast.
was reading the map i brought n also the bus guide.
n mi lead the way.
hav some jokes on the way.
reach le, then 迷迷糊糊 find the pit,
cailing still ver li hai cos she followin where i am goin.

reach there, say hello,
then mi ask caling if she wanna go walk walk.
so we walk until i feel my legs wanna break.
haha. cos i hav been standing while i was workin.
walk n switch on music on my hp.
went back n eat abit.
reali abit, cos i ver seldom eat bbq food.
sorry abt tat.

chat around,
went to playground awhile,
drink awhile,
n time to go home.
alrdy 9plus,
time actuali flew past pretty fast.
serene, jason , cailing n i left for home.
chat w cailing along the way.

alight n bought bread.
hungry la.
w mi eatin nth much. haiz.
then walk home.
reali a warm yet cloudy day.

chat with my mum,
charge my phone,
now usin compie.
chattin w joe n bonnie.
long time didnt hear from boonie le :)
think soon gonna hand compie over to my bro le.

tml another day of work. Jia You, Jia You, Jia You!!!!

sally mia le....

:D ♥; sally

Friday, June 22, 2007

wake up early.
need to meet zhen to take back disc.
so did my stuff slowly,
on the bus, saw siling.
the both of us were busy chattin till we alight from bus.
took train from opposite directions.

for one stop mi alight.
took the disc, did mini update,
then went to work.

reach workplace, did faceout.
then went to find choon kee.
the guys are reali funny.
choon kee kept sayin those stange strange stuff.
say until he cant tahan. n my goose pimples all come out.

after tat went to serve customer.
the customer actuali study bio chem with relates to alcohol ie. beer, wine.
so he was actuali explainin it to mi.
ver interestin.
n he brew wine for himself too. rice wine (sweet de).
now i noe, the sweetness is due to fermentation period n yeast variation.

after tat went for brunch.
sat there n read my novel.
went back to work.
with nth much to do.
i wrote down all the SKU of the wine.
cos gonna do the tickets for july.
so was busy with it.
ver easy time flew by.

choon kee come to stack wine,
then chat with mi.
again teasin mi.
he say my face suddenly red red de.
i was like huh?
then he say ok dun tease mi le.
for mi i think cos the wine section quite warm.
whenever i think of it, mi will still laugh.

went back home,
da bao dinner.
come into house, see some changes.
computer table height decrease, therefore mi now actuali sit on the floor to use the computer.
then my mum was rearrangin my room.
chat with my mum.
went to refresh myself.

then was doin map reading.
read until i blur.

waiting for cailing to call back.
so shd stone for a while.
quickly do my entry.
if not wanna multitask will be abit hard.

tml goin to work,
after work will hav to go bbq session.
still hav some minor stuff i hav to settle.
wanna watch 200 pounds beauty.
wanna re-watch mai hime.

sally disappearin le.

:D ♥; sally

handicraft done at work!! haha..

* doesnt this look familiar? it is actuali wrappin for ferror rocher (wrong spelling?) hehe. done imprompto, so if ask mi to do it again, think will hav problem le. can onli be done once. :) *

* this is pic of paper crane i did, one big one n one small one.
think hav too much practice when i was helpin my sis finish her CIP, hehe*

* this is pic of form used to wrap orange/ pears etc.
kinda of nice. recycle to become bangle. hehe *

enough of pics,
today woke up usual,
prepare myself for work,
then reach workplace,
guai guai do stocks, did slowly, but still time pass even slower.
so walk around, chat here n there.
stand here n there.
so end up manage to push 14 bottles at one shot.
lucky for mi.
normali no sales de.

went for lunch.
pamper myself finali.
sat there read my chi novel.
the chi novel make mi smile.
so was tryin hard not to 傻傻 smile/ laugh when im readin.

n went back in.
saw some suplliers, chat with them.

juz tryin to think of something for my brain to think abt.
but my brain blank.
even got the feeling of being having a kid's innocent? brain.
think shd giv it a rest ba.

then finali time up to go home.
bought angel hair nooodles. faster, n easier to cook.
plain lazy ba.

da bao dinner, bought bread, n walk home.
reach home, onli my mum at home.
so mi book the TV, watch Mai Hime.
reali lots of twist n turns,
make mi see until i blur n abit lost.
at certain point i even teared.
so sad.
but at least the ending is good.
reali not a bad one.

finali manage to chiong finish the amine.
hehe. though my bro did it much faster than mi.
im workin so no choice.

now bloggin.
will soon go slp le.
im tired.

sally to indulge in reminiscence...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

dun noe y today cant slp late.
around 9 plus 10 me wake up le.
then was thinkin wat to do with my so much free time.
so end up,
mi dig up my cross stitch.
did onli a little.
then watch amine with my bro - Mai Hime.
watch until disc 4, mi n mum went to sunplaza.
miss the bus, so we manuali walk to next bus stop.

waited there n bus finali come.
went to help my mum buy some stuff,
then i went to library to return books.
wanted to juz borrow some books,
end up too excited, borrows lots of books.
more than 10 books i think.
so happy yet so sad cos hav to manuali carry them home.
ate at food court,
walk around,
pei my mum go this fashion,
watson to look for comestic.
n time to go home.
now infront of compie.
goin off again.wanna watch amine.
dad n bro goin to makan.
cook the TV..

sally to disappear temporarily...

:D ♥; sally

blog time.
cant reali recall wat i did today.
*think hard*

went to eat with my dad n bro.
then went home,
chat with mum.
some things goin home at home w regards to biz.
kinda of messy i would say.

then went back to my room to finish up my novel.
so tml i can return all.
feels good to finish all the books before the dateline.

after tat use compie,
watch mai hime.
haha. reali addicted to it le.

help my mum with prayer stuff,
n went for dinner at adm.

went to TS to rent CD.
n tat my mum actuali rent for mi the amine 'mai hime'
so happy.
can watch w my bro le.

walk slowly,
n tried out some stuff at the exercise corner w mum n mei.
nice breeze, enjoyed it.
reach home, use compie again.
use until now.

think will slp soon if nth much happen.
tml gonna chiong amine if i can.
so excited :D

sally tryin to settle down her mood..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, June 18, 2007

You are The Devil

Materiality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession

The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition.

Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure and abandon, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This is a card about ambitions; it is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate or messy or wild - or ambitious. This, too, is a form of enslavement. As a person, the Devil can stand for a man of money or erotic power, aggressive, controlling, or just persuasive. This is not to say a bad man, but certainly a powerful man who is hard to resist. The important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only because you allow it.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

guess this tarot card pretty much explain my character ba.
find it quite real.
dun noe if good or bad.
juz takin it for fun.

as for today,
nothing much happening.
woke up, instead of freshin myself,
i was actuali doin up the room.
hav to change all the bedsheets again.
n mi alone again.

after tat watch abit of tv,
then pei mum go khatib.
wanted to see doc, but the doc we freq see is off.
so went to bank, n saw my relative.
so we stood there n chat.
my mum n her hav lots to catch up.
i juz there to listen.

then hop onto bus to yishun.
reali hav been goin down yishun for quite some time le.
walk around n hav lunch.
by the time we hav brunch is alrdy 4plus le.
no wonder hungry.

after tat went to change my bro pants at the pasar malam.
then mi make my way home w bro,
cos i need to fax things over to choon kee.
my mum still in yishun,
went for chi treatment, n to meet up with my grandparents later on.

mi reach home finish off 1 eng novel, n 1 chi novel.
gonna read the last library book i hav.
n soon the new trip to library is comin.

mi actuali teared for the chi novel.
think mayb cos i not feelin emotionally stable ba.
read n can tear, not the 1st time.
n that book i hav actuali read it before.
too emo le..
get hold of yaself sally!!!

now gonna watch amine ba.
n sleep.
if not a panda will be walkin around.

sally to disappear le.

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, June 17, 2007

back from work.
i will say today i slack the most.
cos reali dun hav the energy to stand , need not say promote.
anyway not much customers for mi to promote.
again, the booth im havin is reali warm.
so giv mi an excuse to walk away.
if not i sure slp de.

aunite brought mi dumpling to eat.
still i dun feel full, so went out to eat some more.
nice wind outside.
slack here n there.
walk around, hug more pillows again.

finali time up to go home.
chat with the staff on the bus,
da bao on the way home.
juz finish eatin it.
so shiok.
gonna offline soon.
not in the mood to sit infront of compie.

here is an article i wanted to post since june 2nd. hehe*
Letter from Esther Ng
Title: Social Workers are professionals with the required qualifications.

'Being a former volunteer-turned-social worker, i cannot agree more with Jade Low-Lim's letter, "Social workers, volunteers not the same" (May 31st).

Social workers are required to possess the necessary skills and knowledge when working in the social service sector. It is not just about altruistic and compassionate attributes, but about equiping oneself with the right training in order to help and benefit our clients more effectively.

Many people often think of volunteers as social workers. Both help to make a difference in the lives of others and both are compassionate in bringing about change.

Hence, many perceive that both jobs obtain no monetary returns. Therein lies a misconception.

Volunteers are selfless people who sacrific their time and effort un helping the communtiy. They do not expect any returns, and their work acts are definitely commendable.

Social workers, however, spend three to four years getting at least a basic degree. They acquire proper qualifications and skills training.

thay are paid a salary because, just as far as any other profession, they achieve the necessary education before entering into the working field of their choice.'

after reading this article,
i totally agree with it.
so hope it can clears the air of misconception :)

sally doin her disappearin acts...

:D ♥; sally

time for quick update.
now chattin on phone with cailing.
so abit of multitaskin.
but if i write something that diesbt flow,
dun blame me, abit of messy brain plus tiredness.

went to work as usual,
but got miss the bus so waited for the next.
read the novel.

then to work,
feel hungry then auntie tell me she brought fried rice for mi.
so cool.
mi stand there n stone quite hard.
then finsli time up for break.
ate n read my novel.
then went back to work.
not much of a crowd.
then finali time up for home.
went to yishun to meet my mum.
hav dinner, n then shop around.
ate tom yam ramee.
haha. eat till my cheek rosy rosy de, lip red red de.

shop around, till my legs almost wanna giv way.
too tired le.
come back home, quickly finish up the novel.

check my email,
hav mail sent by my uncle.
so read n print it out for my mum to view.
mi not in the mood to read them.
though i ought to.
mayb will view it tml or whenever i hav the energy.

now me bloggin.
gonna slp soon le ba.
think i need my slp seriously.

sally in a state of daze...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, June 16, 2007

another day where i find it hard to wake up.
went to work as usual.
saw raymond now as a supplier,
fei fei auntie who come to send samples to her promoter,
n florence called mi up too.

chat on the phone for a while.
my ears cant take it.
seem to be cooked, can feel the pain for quite some time.

waited for time up.
sat at AMK mrt station for more than half an hour,
cos i was estimatin the time to meet my mum.
lucky my estimation was correct.
n today hav been 3 days straight i been to yishun.
mum went to see chi sensei.
mi bring bro to eat dinner.
saw desmond (cousin of same age as bro).
he was eatin with his friend.
after tat mi n bro went to shop n save, to walk around,
cos got air con.
then walk to the place where my mum is supposed to be.
sat there, enjoyin the wind,
use hp to play some music.
then finali mum is ready to leave.
da bao abit.

saw ying along with her sis n mum.
went to walk pasar malam for awhile.
n time to go home.
finali i finish up the novel im reading.
rest awhile,

then watch the amine - Ginban Kaleidoscope.
finish it le.
it is abt a skater, i will say it is intersting,
n the ending, dun noe to say happy or sad.
happy that they hav achieved their dreams to be together spiritually,
but physically they hav to be apart.
still quite a nice amine.
like it...

receive, i would say consider to be bad news?.
the tender tat we are anticipated is not successful.
the crab deal im not sure if still on.
reali kinda sick of it.
dun noe how my father will feel rite now.

was tellin myself tat i wanted to slp early.
but still didnt.
hav to go slp le.
one plus in the mornin le.

guess tml i will be visitin yishun again.

sally to relax herself emotionally...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, June 15, 2007

anyway back to bloggin.
woke up super unwilling.
hha. not enough slp.
too catch up with my amines.

then went to work.
did my stackin.
quite alot.
slowly do take abt 2hrs ba.
then i slack there.
went for break,
come back stone.
find ppl to talk.
saw suppliers, n mi take tiger crate as mobile chair.
they move where, i follow where.
eyes wanna close,
legs wanna rest.

after tat went to yishun to meet mei.
goin over to nearby biao n yuan house.
they are doin throwin some dinner for the ritual.
saw my cousins.
had some fun, interestin time when all meets up.
food so so onli.
not too nice to taste.
then finali got chance to carry zane le. (shown on pic above)
play wih her for awhile,
then she wans her mama.

the pic is my baby cousin n i.
haha. gap between us is 20 years.
my aunt say, u can be her mum le.
i was like.. huh? so fast ah..
that will onli happen in the olden days ba.
my mum had mi when she was 21 years old.

after the dinner,
all sat my dad's lorry.
lady in dress n baby top priority.
then the rest sit at the rear.
had some laughin time.

reach home.
rest awhile.
watch my amine while waitin for the toilet.
need to quene de.

so watch until 1am.
watch online amine.
now need to rest le.
think tml will be slackin at work again.

sally shall start to slp le..

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, June 14, 2007

woke up stone abit.
use the compie, chat with cyn.
long time didnt chat with her.
then read my novel.
tryin to finish it.
pei my parents to eat.
n come home slack.

meet joe for dinner at northpoint.
come home, watc abit of tv.
thanks for the escort friend,

now watchin my amine.
mayb will slp soon.
tml will hav a long day ahead.

sally disappearing le.

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

tirini day.
woke up feelin there is something i shd do.
then i rmb tat my mum needs to go tts for checkup.
so pei my mum go.

i got the feelin tat she noe my secret.
the one i hav been tryin to hide.
think it out le ba.

then went to square 2 to shop.
reali a ver messy concept for the shops.
shop until blur.
then shop at novena square.

saw mummy's sentosa friend.
didnt reali noe who she is.
then went to find my godmum.
after tat mi n mum went shoppin.
end up bought another skirt.
when the hell can i wear it?
im more of a pants person wor.
hav to slowly change my style of dressin le.
try to reduce t-shirt/jeans walk the world.

after tat waited for mei to come.
not in the mood dun come ma.
make ppl wait there for u.
so frustrating to hear ya rants everytime at the wrong timin.

took train, mumn mei alight 1st.
mi went to CWP waited more than 40 mins for cailing.
argh.. alrdy tirin stand there abit nerd,
think face pretty black ba.

went to eat KFC.
then chat there awhile,
went over to civic centre n back home.

refresh myself,
watch amines,
now bloggin.

turn my mood around.
wanna hav a happy one.
i shd hav one.
money problem, damn sick of it.

sally signin off...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, June 11, 2007

a day for mi to wake up late.

was doin my own accounts,
see le ver sad.
then heard from another friend.
so i will say it is a good news. :)

read abit of novel.
then went to eat my fav duck rice.
reach home slack.
then prepare myself to go hav family gatherin for father's day dinner.
the place we went is somewat quite ulu.
hav a ver full dinner,
much better as compared to mother's day dinner.
as usual, the adults one table.
then cousins all squeeze another table.
so the table we hav 14 ppl altogether.

n on the 14 of june,
we will be meetin up again.
cos of another occassion that we hav to attend.

now juz reach home.
quickly use the compie.

sally disappearin le...

:D ♥; sally

again a warm day.
went to work as usual.
n mi so guai, 4 days in a roll didnt late fore work.

but i wasnt at my booth most of the time.
cos i was chattin w choon kee n others.
helpin them out, n shun bian find aircon.
n of cuz my fan mania has spread.
another promoter has also followed my style.
but her fan is the traditional one.
kinda cool.

received a call tat make my day not too good.
but after sms chat with serene i felt much better.
thanks ger :)

reach home, read a chi novel.
then refresh myself n made lots of phone call.
cos wanna settle a date celebrate.
didnt noe so hard de.
but at least we hav settle the date.
now hav to settle the time.
think up to mi to choose le.

now watchin tv.
wanna update some stuff.
but i cant seem to rmb.

heard fm my mum tat there will be a family gatherin tml.
to celebrate father's day in advance.
i anything, since im not workin tml.

ok. hav to disappear le.
take care friends :)

sally to doze off le..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, June 09, 2007

so warm today.
cant tahan.
even my precious fan break down on mi ytd,
lucky tat i fix it.

went to work as usual.
sales considered not bad.
had my lunch then read my novel.
think gonna reach the climax.

then return back to work.
pack beer, n pei choon kee pack rice.
reali not easy esp with air con not on.
then walk around with my handy fan.
finali time to go home,
but so cham, the bus miss mi.
so waited for another half an hour.
lucky mi not in the rush for time.
if not sure ver cham de.

da bao dinner for mother.
then come home,
watch amine.
this amine even hav NG shots.
haha. reali funny.

juz chat with cailing.
gonna turn in soon.
if not will read my novel.
im so tired. (dun noe is mentally or physically)

tml is sunday.
gonna work as usual.
juz watch how i spend.
though i reali dun spend much.

sally signin off.

:D ♥; sally

Friday, June 08, 2007

such a warm day.
somemore the area i work air con not on.
lucky i brought my fan along.

reach workplace,
saw fei fei auntie.
chat with her,
n mi, her n choon kee went to hav s short break.
n then part, mi return to work.

help here n there,
stand here n there.
find windy location here n there.

do tickets,
made some sales.
initiali wasnt my own company sales.
was sales for other companies.
after tat got sell at least 7-9 bottles.
tat was cool for a friday.

went home instead of meetin my mum.
too tired.
she n my bro went to see doc.
quite expensive but can get better that is good.
onli tat $$ is the problem.
cos of my sch fees.

reach home, watch amine.
then cook dinner for mi n mei (fusili)
then read abit of novel.
think will go back to novel.
bro wanna use.

tml still hav work.
my life is a dread now..
june quickly passed by.
reali wish for it.
at least after tat will not feel so stress,
when cash comes in.

sally disappearin....

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, June 07, 2007

today mood dun feel ver rite.
mayb cos of results,
but think there are other reasons to it.

mayb financially (to those who noe),
n also with regards to my possible future

frankly, i ought to hav thought of wat i wanna do in the future (which is comin to me pretty fast).
still i reali dun noe.
ppl ask,n mi ans is 'wat opportunity there is, i will take'
but will this reali happen to mi?
this come to me cos my mei come home
n mention that she has a new goal to pursue next year (poly).

then i look at my da mei,
she reali got her future mapped out.
in this aspect, i reali lose out to her.
for mi until now reali dun noe wat i wan.
say will start thinkin,
but think of wat? im so unsure. ;_;

with xiao mei, we hav chat with her.
with da mei help's,
for she know more than i do.
so hope she will follow thru wat she wans.
n jia you for it.
think tat will goes for myself too.

ask my bro abt it. cos in 2 years time,
it is his turn.
but currently his sch has allowed them to choose a elective.
he chose chef apprentice.

hope tat everything will work out fine for mi.
think i reali need to hav a goal le.
cant be a la-lang anymore.

sally in a daze...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

dun think abt results.
so after knowin it,
mi went to finish up my novel.
then helpmy mum prepare dinner.
interestin i will say.
enjoyed tat process.

then watch amine.
now online chattin n doin updatin.
happen to pass by mit blog,
so try it too.
will post slowly.

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You are a Brainy Girl!
Whether you're an official student or a casual learner, you enjoy hitting the books.You know a little bit about everything, and you're always dying to know more.For a guy to win your heart, he's got to share some of your intellectual interests.A awesome book collection of his own doesn't hurt either!

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for this think no la. hor.. haha.. kinda of funny to has receive this.

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now i look back.
i did so many.
hmm shd get goin le.
tml hav to start work le.
i rmb today is raymond last day at turf,
no chance of sayin goodbye to him.
second time in these 2-3 mths le.
so sad.
nvrtheless mi here wish them all the next in their next career :)

sally disappearin le.

:D ♥; sally

see le results not happy.
study hard, yet this result.
cannot next sems muz jia you jia you jia you!!!

dun wanna talk abt it.
i wanna go rot le..

sally retreatin to her shell le ... :(

:D ♥; sally

cos finish one amine series.
indeed i can actuali infront of the compie to watch it.
so muz take back my words. :O

this mornin or i shd say afternoon woke up.
read my novel.
mayb cos of weather,
felt ver uncomfortable.

brunch went to eat my fav duck rice,
but didnt eat much.
not much of an appetite.

nvm, after tat went to adm to buy some stuff
wanted to help mum prepare dinner,
but end up didnt,
cos mum too tired.
watch SCV amine, the amine changes it plot quite suddenly.
hav to adapt to it.

then load amines.

now alrdy 2 in the mornin.
hav to slp.
cant be slpin so late everyday.

n omg results gonna be release soon in the day.
wish mi luck!!!

sally slpin soon...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, June 04, 2007

my legs are crampin le.

this mornin mi slept n slept n slept.
wake up n continue to slp.
had reali ver ver funny dreams which i tink i cant rmb le.

help my father check the mail.
n read of bit of novel.
went out to eat at sunplaza.
bought a skirt.
but dun noe when i will hav the chance to wear it.

wait for mei to come.
then wait for mum,
n saw serene n jason.
poor serene, look so pale.
motion sickness.. quickly recover hor..

see this fashion until i sian.
bought over 200++. (mei office wear)
walk around ntuc - so many ppl at the cashier.
then took cab home.

finish watchin amine, n then read abit,
waiting for bro to finish usin the compie.
so now i hav to disappear le..

*deary leg pls get well. dun cramp le.. argh...

sally disappearin le...

:D ♥; sally

went to work.
so today i actuali stood for abt 10 hours or more (inclusive of transport)
so now leg abit of pain.

work time went by fast or slow?
i dun noe. sometimes fast, yet many times felt it move slowly.
sales today not too bad.
much better than last sun.
ahaha. mayb cos it is the last day of the italian festival.
afternoon break time had a ver full lunch.
after tat went back to stone.

chat with other staff (alfa romeo, lee hwa n also one or 2 from Tangs)
so time consider to move abit fast.
still cant chat long,
cos all workin.
so continue to stone pretty hard.

time up for home,
but stay for abt 1/2 hr to chat with the cashier.
he was alone,
so chat with him lor.

finali i reach home.
stone in front of tv.
then frefre n wawa come along.
both 'escort' my bro n sis (respectively :P)

now mi gonna watch TV.
seem interestin.
n to my friend, get well soon :)

sally into stonin state...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pic updating. hehe...

*me n the lady - reali like stone. so hard :P *

*cars from italy - lambogini (pardon mi for wrong spellin) & Alfa romeo*

*desginer furnitures - beautiful isnt it?*

*mascot with big head, didnt manage to capture another big head mascot*

*Guard of honor?*

*Star Virgo Cruise*

*Champagne of 2 sizes*

* red wine but of 2 differing sizes - 750ml & 1000ml*
after these pic, time for update.
nth much happen today.
at least manage to sell 11 bottles.
not easy for no ppl buying.
as usual stand there n stone.
then chat awhile, n continue to stone.
went for lunch with mani.
think there is a blessing in disguise for mani.
watch abit of fashion show,
serve of bit of customers.
n finali time up for home.
so now mi using compie after watchin 'Dirty Dancing'
so much of a feel for a dance.
wo whoooooo ^.^
think will slp le.. my eye rings are accumulating ver hard..
will try to finish my novel by tml.
thin knearin climax le :)
sally signin off le...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, June 02, 2007

blog time.
last nite b4 i went to slp,
i was chattin with dad.
didnt noe tat ppl de xin ji can be so heavy.
in front be good friends, behind use knife kill u.

ren xin shan er mei ren zhi.
so sad.
so i think i hav to reali open my eyes big big...
cant afford to continue to be gullible le.
haiz. grow up ba.

mornin woke up for work.
so tired.
n stone there.
no customer to serve, so was busyin chattin with promoters n staff.

hav lunch with staff n continue to stone.
took a break at 640, n went out to get some warm.
can feel my hands abit cold.

went back stand awhile,
waitin hard for time to pass by.
so finali time to go home.

on the train journey,
read the novel.
n still feel cold.
fingers i can say abit frozen.

mum called to inform mi tat di, ah yi n her will be goin changi.
xiao mei n da mei not home.
so went i reach home, no one will be at home.
nvm. alight train, walk home.
ate bread for dinner.
then watch amine.

now mi watchin online amine.
think reali ver addicting.
hav to slp soon.
too tired.

wanted to post pic.
but too lazy. wait till i hav the time. cya friends :)

sally sleepin soon...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, June 01, 2007

eyes are tired.

woke up around 11 plus cos i wanna slp late.
then start reading on a new novel.
interestin one.
man build a computer tat has emotion and survival instinct,
n when felt threaten compie actuali did something not too good (harm)
now gonna finish it up.

ok. afternoon me made lunch for mi n mum.

around 4 plus 5 went to CWP to meet cailing, rene, jason.
rene was meetin someone, so jason there stonin quite hard.
finali time to eat.
went kfc, mi n serene had i supposed quite a good chat.

after tat yeow xuan come along.
move to next venue.
civic centre mac.
haha. played chess.
i hav quite a impt role: to jia yan jia chu.
haha... for mi dun noe how to play.
for my role i will grade myself 8/10. haha. successful one.

interestin session i will say for 2 advisers n 2 players.
tension is there.
adviser worry for players for players not skilful enough.
mi onli outsider, there to interview them as to how they feel.
juz 2 round btw cailing n serene takes abt >1hr.
jason n yeow xuan see le stress.

around 9 plus, we part for home.
on bus saw ris friend,
chat with her till we alight.
muz jia you hor.. :)

then reach home, chiong my story book again,
n watch amine. hehe...

now dad juz arrived home.
mayb can watch a few amine on crunchyroll.
hav to slp, tml workin le.

sally disappearin le...

:D ♥; sally


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Birthday : 5 Sept 86

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