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Sunday, June 28, 2009

time for quickie entry..

breakfast was being treated by ppl who won the incentive..
had bee hoon & sardine pie kai tarts..

* david with the pie kai pie*

then lunch at smu..
n head back to office..
after which went out again..
cos fred need to withdraw..
then i dun wanna start work so soon..

then went to cold storage to walk walk..
saw gina ah yi & helen auntie..
so coincidence..

wanted to jio mi for teabreak..
but too late la..

after which head back to office...

then hav ms1 meetin at abt 4pm..
discuss n share case experience..
so n qiao..
one of the case officer ph come down..
dangerous lor..

knock off ard 7+
then head to roomful to find xinyi n michael..
then went to da bao n makan at SMU admin building staff lounge
tell u ah..
their staff lounge reali ver ver nice..
if tat is my staff lounge..
sure wun wanna work de..
ver ver nice lor..
so relaxin feel.. n good nite view too..
watch ah bu - variety show using projector lor..

after which head back to roomful.
listen to set 1 of the band.
not too bad..

n that had shirely temple (non-alcoholic).
after which abt 11+ head for train..
didnt wanna stay too late..

by the time i reach home,
already 12+..

almost miss work..

last fri went gentin so switch off the fri alarm
luckily heard doris mei's alarm
haha.. reali stun mi up..
how i wish it was a day where i dun hav to wake up early for work..
drag myself to work..

so day quite busy..
then ard 3+ had ms2 meetin..
this is an urgent meetin..
cos of external pressure.
our team all seem to show their team spirit.

work till abt 630pm,
then head to mrt station to meet up w daniel..
pass him some stuff of his..
then chat on the train journey home..

part at adm..
mi went to buy dinner n head for home..

slept till abt 2pm then wake up..
ver ver shiok lor..
its like finali my dream come true.. haha.

then slack at home,
n use compie..

nth much to do.
see my siblings play wii..

wake up ard 11+
then use lappie,
while waitin for my mum..
did some laundry too.

then ard 6+ we head out to northpoint for dinner.
onli like didnt visit northpoint,
it changes quite abit..

initially wanted to buy shoes..
end up didnt..

walk n shop abit..
ard 9+ reach home..

now usin lappie..
n update when i rmb..

watch a jap movie called 'shindo'
ver interestin story..

sally to mia// haiz...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

time to blog..
be prepared for another long entry...

mon (15/06)
work as per normal till 5+
then head for home.
played sudoku as well

then bought dinner home & play Wii~~~
did yoga
n my back start to ache..
seems like it is reali exercising the little notice area..

end up shower twice & slpt ard 3+..
dead tired..

happy birthday to hui ying..

hav lunch at muslim stall w the clique.
n the whole day system abit down..
so can slack abit n rest my eyes...

busy with internal emails,
end work ard 6+ & head to meet xuan to go for jog at yck..

walk 1 round, slow jog abt 7 rds
n then head for home..

use compie & chat w cyn then slp ard 1

went makan lunch at PS secret recipe
with fairoz, honey & daniel
sort of farewell lunch w daniel

then continue to work hard.

ard 6+ went to CWP to meet up w cyn n lui peng.
met up at the hello shop.
cyn wanted to get her iphone..

so the explanation n then signin..
finali all done..
the payment was long..
then wenfu come along to meet us for dinner.

head to foodcourt..
he was busy teachin cyn wat to look out for..
went home ard 11pm..
then watch TV & slpt ard 1.30am

daniel last day at work..
n treat us all curry puff.
nice nice..

lunch makan at kopitiam w fred n kenny..
then went baack chiong work.
went home ard 6

walk to train station w fairoz.
so we were there chattin..

reach adm,
reach home chat w my mum
n watch TV programs till abt 10+
pack my luaggage n watch my siblings play wii

slpt ard 11+..

woke up ard 5
n rush to prepare myself to meet cailing at the condo bus stop
n then pick up serene n head to golden mile to catch our coach - grassland.
bus no quite nice - 8668

then head to tuas link to go genting where the bus stop twice.
cailing for the 2nd stop went up the wrong bus, along with another couple..
cos same bus designs onli the interior is designed differently..
reach genting..
then waited to take our room key..
waitin time was abt 45 mins & 150 queue no before us

then we were given our room key - 8618..
unload our bag n head to makan lunch.
had kfc..
nth much a difference..

then bought some necessarities
n head back to room to rest abit..
laze ard n chat

ard 8,
head out for dinner.
n by chance saw wen rui..
quite a dramatic coincidence..

catch up w each other n exchange no.
invite him to join us if he dun mind..

so mi, serene n cailing went to resort hotel
wanted to go for the k session,
njuz then wen rui called & ask if can join us along w his younger bro
of cuz welcome..
after all the more the merrier..

walk to the k area
but fully booked
so end up head back to 1st world to find dinner.
settle for shanghai food.
did quite alot of catchin up..

then cailing suggested to play poker card
so all head to our room to play dai di..
mi hav to learn from scratch again..
mi super poor memory..

so all try to refresh my memory..
so serene end up drawing..
nice nice

n we played till abt 130am
n the guys head back to their room..

n our turn to rest.
but before that hav a tough fight with the moth in the toilet.
goodness lor..
so end up make peace w them..

n slpt..
so tired..

wake up ard 7
took some shots of the view from our window.
quite nice..
after which head back to slp

then ard 8..
wake up n prepare ourself to go makan breakfast..

after which head back to room to rest while waitin for wen rui n xing long
plannin to go theme park to play..

meet up ard 12 at the indoor theme park
makan light lunch

& i check my height..
scared got games i cant play.
wahah.. after all im not tall la..
haha.. its a known fact... wohoo..

tried the space shot..
haha.. ver scary yet exciting.
freak mi out when its coming down.
hate that feelin to core.
tat y lift wise, if they got such feeling, i will be ver afraid..

next is go kart..
mi damn scared de lor..
with the experience at batam.
dun reali wanna play.

but i was the onli one whose height was being checked..
of cuz still took up the challenge la..
then took the shower cap..
so lots of 'jelly fish'

then finali our turn to play..
mi go by my own speed, but my kart seem to be a ver powerful one..
mi onli accelerate a little, but brake alot alot..

then finali the game end..
expectation wise quite ok.
cos the bends are wide so its not tat scary..

after which toilet break..
wanted to play roller coaster,
but simply too many ppl..
walk around the theme park..
then went to play 'superman'

but we were being tricked..
RM 2 for the locker to keep our belongings.
but end up we were informed that the game has to be paid separately..
so there goes my dream game..

head back into the theme park..
played pirate ship.

not reali tat scarily,
but made a lot of sounds to lift up the mood.

after which head back into the indoor theme park.
refresh ourselves
& head to resort hotel to 'book' the room for our k session.

since we hav time,
went back to 1st world to play pool
my skills all gone..
so terrible.. but the facitilites reali bad la.
table not balance & the white ball can get stuck somewhere de..

abt 45 min,
head to resort hotel for our k session..

not too bad onli for 2 hrs,
not shiok..
hav dinner at the same time - nasi lemak..

after the dinner head back to hotel
due to some reasons,
the day ended early.

so mood was affected by i noe i need my slp.
so slpt ard 1145pm..

wake up ard 10 n prepare ourselves for check out.
talk the problem out too.

have bruch..
& saw wen rui n xing long
after which bid good bye to the guys.
as for us gers,

we head to starbucks to chill out & wait for time to depart..
went to the bus terminal.
waited for our bus - 9199.

finali board the bus,
its as if we are in the bullet train..
super fast lor..

tried their mini pan cake at the stop over location
quite delicious..
n after which reach the customs.
long wait ah..

finali reach boon lay shoppin center (but dun look like shoppin center at all)
then took bus to jurong point to makan dinner
jason met up w us later

hav dinner at fei xiong
n trained home..

by the time i reach home alrdy 11+
shower n unpack my luaggage + pack my work stuff alrdy 12+ 1

almost cant wake up

whole day busy clearing email,
handling calls ..

makan at kopitiam w fred & head to cold storage
saw ah yi n helen auntie..
chat a while n head back to work..

manage to maintain club 0 at abt 8pm..
then use lappie to upload n edit the photo

chat w friends n got to know more abt myself.

air con was repaired n that is shiok lor..

discussed w cyn n lui peng abt our k session..
haha.. set on jul 4 at marine sq along w wenfu..

again makan at kopitiam with the click
as usual work non-stop
with small breaks to do facebook quizes

but manage to leave office by 6.05pm
reach home ard 7+ n change to joggin wear
head to my fav spot to jog.
intiali wanted to do 2 rounds.
end up got 4-5 rds ba
quite satisfying..
1 round abt 1.6km..

then 8+ reach home
played wii fit
till abt 10 then go shower

my leg dun feel like my leg..
upload the genting pic onto facebook
n slp ard 12+

wed (today):
work as per normal
but thighs are in pain
haha think ytd exercise abit too much ba

makan malay food for lunch w fred
n head to PS cos still got quite some time to spend
shop at PS top level for toys n games..
cool.. even got cosplay customes.

after which went daiso

the whole day raining..
mi feelin super cold in theoffice..

ard 5+
hav break - hot milo w biscuit.
so comforting..
to cure my hungryness + coldness + workload..

work till abt 8+
n head back home..

reach home ard 9+
n makan dinner.

use lappie n surf facebook
did the blog entry b4 i forget..

the pic will be uploaded tml or the day after..
if didnt, can view from facebook..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, June 14, 2009

time to blog b4 i 4get..

as per normal..
head to work..
feelin so dragful..

ended work abt 6+..
then went to meet up w xuan for our joggin session..
not too bad..
walk 1 rd, slow slow jog 4 rds, then walk 1 rd & slow slow jog another 2 rounds.

after which head for home..
so tired after tat..

went to work as per normal..

had our own section lunch w my current team..
daniel is leavin..
so did this farewell lunch to gather together..
onli pity thing is hanyang is on mc..
thus cant make it for the lunch..

chats abt our work,
daniel gave his statement,
our boss gave his stand
n thus our lunch has ended..
took group photos too..

work till abt 8+..
tryin ver hard to clear up my stuff..
so tat i hit my 0..


work as per normal..
had our department meetin at 5pm..
ended ard 5+ 6pm..
after which went to clear abit of work & head for home..

went to work.
manage to clear my flagged claims to )..
finali attain it.
fred even mention - welcome to Club Zero..

then try to review on my current old cases
can close will try to close,
cant close juz keep on pending..

so left work place abt 6+..

work work work..
since manage to clear my load,
so decide to head off hm at ard 5+ near 6.
tat is like dun noe 1st time in how many mths le..
reali cant manage to leave tat early.
wanted to go joggin after i reach home
but mayb cos too tired so end up was chattin in my mum's room.
chat for abt 2hrs ?
quite some time didnt chat le..

then prepare my stuff n slept...

auto wake up abt 8 hrs later..
then walk my animes & movie 'nite at museum 2'
after which ask my dad to drive mi to semb..
met up w serene n cailing for lunch,
jason join us later,
after which head to kallang mrt station,
to wait for shuttle bus..
but waited for quite some time,
so decide to take bus 11 to kallang leisure park.

chit chat here n there..
then met up w alvin at the mall.
went to our destination - ice skating rink..

quite fun..
mi n alvin took turns to guide serene,
mi still tryin to rmb how to skate..

but there are some ppl scary de..
wan to go against the flow but not tat skilful.
almost collided on several occassions..

then serene finali learn how to skate le.. whoo..
took some photos, which i feel i look ver ugly in..

then skate a few more rounds n head off to makan..
again decide to take bus 11 & alighted.
makan 'tian ji porridge'
mi was so tired tat i actually eat ver slowly..

the show was havin some problems w the lightnins also..
after dinner,
head for home..
train ride to raffles,
sit to marina bay & re-bounce back ..
wanted to slp thru the whole journey.
so tired n cold.

alight at adm n walk home..
refresh myself n slept abt 11+..

wake up abt 8am..
then continue to go back to slp till abt 1pm?

that is shiok..
then went to 888 plaza to makan,
n bought wii..
cheaper than i expected..
but a few hundreds some more..

so dad drove mi n bro home
n we prepare to setup..
reali play till perspire..

had bowling, tennis, yoga..

then ris n wq come..
so all played together..

then ard 8+ 9..
went to buy dinner..
n makan it..

chat w serene on the photo for awhile,
n now bloggin..
im tired..

now i cant wait for fri to come..
hav to start to pack my bag for this weekend holiday..

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, June 07, 2009

time to blog for my past 2 weeks
frankly.. i have forgotten most of it..

last week things cant reali rmb..
onli noe work till quite late..

sat went to makan toast box w mum..
n head back home..

last last sunday,
dad gave himself a day off.
so makan brunch..

then mi notice my aircon even when it is switched off still drippin water
so inform my dad.
end up wash aircon.

thought the aircon will be cool.
end up its totall opposite..
cant take it..
wake up ard mon mornin 6+ n slpt at the livin room floor.

reali is sunshine tat shine on mi that made me wake up..
then head to work in a groggy state of mind..
begin all day work again...

nth much to say..

suppose to hav joggin session after work,
but end up didnt go..
cos xuan unable to make it..
so we email while doin OT.
end up she head off earlier than mi,
me when home ard 8+

work till abt 7+ then head for home..
mentally drained..

after work,
went to vivo to meet up w jeffrey & ailing for mthly dinner at sushi tei..
catch on on alot of things.
then head to best denki to shop abit..

watch abit of chipmucks
n then see the games for Wee (spelling?)

cos was talkin abt it over dinner & i noe my bro's is interested in it.
then see see & head to candy empire..

afterwhich went for train..
me n jeffrey alighted at dhoby while ailing continued to train home.
during the journey jeffrey was sharin his experience of the japan trip w me..

reach home abt 11.
so tired lor..

with nth much to do..
end up work till 930pm..
& im the last person so i switch off the lights of my area
once i switch off its so damn dark..
cant even see my fingers lor..
tat is abit scary lor.
then quickly take lift to lvl 1 n use the toilet..

after which chat w xinyi on the phone for awhile n head back home..
im totally exhausted..
anyway i broke my latest record.. haha..
n manage to see the cases up to my expectation..

wake up ard 8 to prepare to meet serene..
goin to nie hq w her n her aunt..
to be her surety..

so ulu..
but the main entrance of the place face quite a scenic view..
haha.. let my imagination run wild for awhile..

after which went to do the necessary stuff
n sat there waiting for serene's turn to be called out to verify the doc.
n finali we are all done..
n our stomach are doin rock concert (i mean tat is for me la)

in train..
didnt concentrate.
so end up alight at bugis instead of raffles place..
so we makan at toast box.
recommend the curry chix to serene..
enjoyed it..

cos too full.
so we walk ard..
shop here abit shop there abit..
end up i bought a facial pdt highly recommended by serene..

after which we head for somerset..
n again.. almost miss the stop ..

then went to centerpoint..
got promoters giving out pink roses..
attach w dkny perfume sample paper..

then went to LJS at cine to meet up w cailing n jason..
so they makan & we head to K Pool..
initially not much ppl.

so as usual play & laugh all the way..
then jason's friend - jian xin came along..

so intro abit & continue to with the game.
frankly.. mi lost the feel as compared to the previous week..

my 'chix wing' seem to go missin..

play gender competition n lookin how the guys keep their eyes closed is ver de haiz..
after all, in the female team (serene, cailing n mi)
2 are super beginners..
lots of laughter to say ...
play tat combine for a few rounds.
then serene came up w something funny for the 3 of us..
serene - bubbles
me - blossom
cailing - buttercup
so we are the 'powerpuff gers'.
which personally i think i cant stand it la..

after which came the strange combine..
2 vs 2..
mi wanted to be on the bench to see them play,
but after the talkin n guessin thru means end up become
jason & serene vs mi n jian xin..
cailing face all black..

then cailing had abit of emotional ride..
but end up the strong emotion within her actuali makes her stronger..
n ver much stronger..
scarily effect..
mayb shd try tat tactic..

so continue for a few more rounds before we call it a day at abt 6+ 7.
head to xinwang to makan dinner

ordered noodles as i wasnt reali hungry..
tried very hard to finish it..

feel tat i dun look like myself.. abit strange strange de..
but quite nice.. wahaha..

after which we chat & conversation went a strange way..
abit hard to explain.. but nvrtheless..
still manage to turn it back.. thus quite ok la.. :)

then jason & jian xin head off 1st..
the 3 of us head to Far East to shop this fashion..
cailing wanted to buy cardign..

n luckily manage to find a nice one & some tops..
serene also bought a top too.
onli tat the staffs service is ver terrible..
shd improve abit..

n also they keep playin the same song over n over again...

n we head to mrt station,
by chance saw ronald..
he is waitin for yong xin..
n notice that the link to wisma has been opened..
dun hav to walk one big round le..

so we chat n finali yong xin came,
n we did some follow up..
n then ronald n yong xin head to makan..

while serene n mi head to watson to find cailing..
then head of to next destination..

durin train journey..
did alot of discussion abt our new friend...

as agreed.
feels that he is a guy with maturity of his age (rightfully shd behalf but many are not displayin them)..
& friendly :)

n also cailing update us of her job thinggy..
of cuz all of us are dead tired..
reach semb..
went to mac cos no starbucks..
so once seated cant get up..
mi legs cramp ah..

n the 3 of us chatted from 10+ to 2+..
no wonder so tired.

then the rose tat i mentioned earlier was sacrifice for a mission not to be explained in depth....

after which head for home..
super super tired..

wake up ard 10+
n use lappy to catch on naruto & another animes which im hav been chasing..
then continue to search for more animes
online chat w serene the whole day.
n end up the 2 of us decide to go makan at semb shoppin centre - ashton..
so full..
n went to shop popular where i bought chi novels n a book of sudoku..
cos my memory is reali terrible.
need to train it..
even b4 comin out of home, was attemptin sudoku online (ver very easy one)

then head to daiso..
n went to serene's house to check out on the details of our gers' tour..
change idea to alot of places end up go genting..
cos more convenient..

after which abt 10+ head for home..
so now quickly blog..
if not i will definitely forget de..

hav to go slp le..


:D ♥; sally


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