...Destination ~ Destiny...

Monday, January 28, 2008

time to do entry le.

went to sch as usual.
1st lesson for intro to futures & options.
bring along the TB also.
so bag abit heavy.

after sch went to makan.
so many ppl.
wait so long..
after tat head to library to print notes n then to NUS w cyn.
went to find alan.
need to continue with jimmy's present.

reach NUS ard 2plus,
sat near the central library,
the breeze was cool..

then after tat their friend come along from JB - jun Jia..
funny guy.
so again all settle down to do the present & chat.

think im the onli singaporean ba..

after tat ard 6plus, left NUS to clementi mrt station.
then met up with jimmy.
chat on the train journey to CWP.
they goin seoul garden.
which i gav it a miss. cos not my cup of tea & throat not reali tat well.
after tat mi wish jimmy happen birthday.
reach adm,
mi met with my mum.
shop abit & hav dinner.
now watchin Coffee Prince.
goin to try to study abit later.

n good news tat the CNY trip think all settle le..
shd i hav a sense of achievement?
plannin n organisin a trip for 21 ppl..
liaise hotel, book tickets.
gettin all the finest detail...

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, January 27, 2008

so on friday,
wake up early to wait for call.
went adm to meet cyn for breakfast.
& as planned head to mac to do art.
pretty nice..
but with limited time, tat is wat we can do.
after tat head to harbour front.
went to cruise centre, bought the tickets.
after tat met up with rui ping.
hav lunch at yoshinoya.
chat abit then we part.

me n cyn head to sch.
but no mood for sch.
reach sch ard 2.20pm.

listen n tryin hard not to fall aslp.
finali class ended.
head home, rest.
barely can walk anymore.

watch TV series.
nice nice..

as for today.
head for work,
then my boss come down,
heng ah.. i did open sample.

after tat had lunch.
chat with JC auntie & the bakery friend.
chat quite alot.
they seem to be like passing information tat i shd take note in the future.

after tat waited for time's up.
head to AMK to meet my mum.
shop abit here n there.
waited for mei to arrive,
ate at S-11.

then shop around.
legs wanna give way.
then stop at AMKHub,
went to Top 20.
end up bought a black dress.
nice one.
dun noe when i will wear it... :P

finali reach home abt 1050pm.
so tired.
chat with xiao mei as to wat course she shd choose.
now think will go slp le..

sian ah.. for these 3 weeks didnt study at all.
so cham..
wanna cry le la....

sally to 'face the wall n think'...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, January 24, 2008

wow time reali past by ver fast.
was lookin @ my previous post,
it was done last sat.
n ver soon will be comin to tis sat.
y does time hav to past by so fast?

basically this week sch lect pretty interestin.
though interestin still i feel like slpy.
sad sia..

mon: after sch went to bukit timah market hav lunch w cyn.
then head to cwp to shop,
& then went to yishun to find mum.
end up i ard 9plus nearin 10 reach home.
reali ver tired.

then tues, met up with serene at AMKHub.
hav lunch, chat n walk abt.
then we part.
mi head home.
again feelin tired.

wed: after sch, went library borrow books.
bag so heavy,
head for home,
then around 5plus went to find mei n then head to Golden mile.
auntie they all wanna eat steamboat.

end up mi, mei n mum was on the bus for more than 1hr.
so tirin.
n they talk non-stop.
haha.. mi more like sight seeing.

ard 8-9plus head for home.
watch Coffee Prince.
n chat ahwile n slpt.

today (Thur):
class ended early.
went to bookshop, library,
& went to listen to talk abt Sub-Prime.
you ting mei you dong.

some more will hav to stand the whole talk.
which is abt 1 hr plus.
poor us.
the guys beside us still hav to take turns to sit.

after tat mi n cyn head to adm to hav lunch.
stomach singin concerts le...
n then shop bookshop,
n waited for mi to cut hair.
hav to trim off the bad ends.
now much much better le.

after tat head to my house.
was doin handicrafts w cyn.
do until 7plus.
walk cyn to the road.
n head back home for show.
nice one.. finale le..
everyone did their best.

then hav dinner, watch Coffee Prince,
now using compie.
wanna study but feel like slping..

tml will hav to meet cyn at 9am.
hav breakfast, touch up the art & then head to S'pore ferry centre.
i hav some admin stuff tat i hav to settle.
meetin rui ping for lunch,
n will head to sch..
hav afternoon lect.

so will be another long day tml...
study or slp?

sally to mia le....

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, January 19, 2008

time to blog.

went to sch as usual.
matthew n robin stun when they see my hair.
cos they were talkin abt it on wed.
they thought i got hit by something.
then xiang bu kai..

after sch, head to sch canteen to eat.
they renovate the canteen stalls.
not too bad.
after tat mi n cyn part.
she head for home,
while i head for chinatown (cow car water)

shop around,
mei n yi went to do hair treatment so long.
bought shoes,
had yam cha..
n waited there.
then come along xiao Jason, ah yi n Josie.
so chat n each head for their own destination.

after tat mi n mum walk around,
end up shop OG.
juz look at the branded shoes.
reali quality ver different.

after tat mei n ahyi(S) join in after their dinner.
n head for home.
reach home juz nice watch Coffee Prince.

stay home day..
restin my throat.
so cham..

a guy whom i suppose i do not know called mi. (no impression)
ask lot of strange stuff.
sound similar to a situation 2years back.
n say when to meet up?
i was like: HUH!!!???
this almost freak mi out..
almost sound like a prank to mi..
so didnt care about it..

Sat (today):
was told by my mum not to go work.
cos of throat.
so will be home for this weekend ba..
kinda a good time to rest.

goin to watch amine,
read novel,
n then try to study abit.

sally to stop here..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

dear diary, miss mi alrdY?

now i so sad.
cos throat reali in trouble.
these 4 days lazy to use compie.
want to use it but lazy to touch the keyboard.

the lecturer for International Trade ver solid.
teach w/o lookin at notes,
everything juz come out like a story.
basically he is reali doin all the talkin.
but sometimes cant take it.
cos hear le wanna slp..
so will be lookin for sweets..

then gav us late break.
my blabber almost burst ah..

today break time dun noe wat happen,
but kelly accidentally topple her drink,
so some of it come to my pants.
so clear it n then nvm ba.
luckily did clear it.

after sch, walk to atrium,
then saw robin n matthew.
chat awhile then part.

after tat i waited for bus 52.
the ride still ok la...
abt 40min from sch to bishan mrt station.
went to eat & head to the salon.
went to re-perm my hair.
more curls le..
waitin for time to come to wash it.
cos more natural tat way.

after the session,
didnt go home immediately,
was chattin with anne till abt 7.
after tat i head home.

tml will be goin to chinatown with mum.
mi will go after sch.
so think will loiter in sch b4 makin my way to chinatown ba...
will try to reach home b4 10pm, cos wanna watch Coffee Prince.
gettin to climax le..

now hav to part le..
rest throat, drink herbal tea,
mayb study abit n slp..

sally 'fighting' w her throat...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, January 13, 2008

back to dear diary.
basically rite now im not feelin rite.
cos of my throat.
hurts n also makin so much noise.

as usual, weekends working.
then JC auntie come back.
chat with her.
chat with bakery friends, jolly bean auntie, n meat section.
basically it is a walk about the fresh department.
chat here n there.
see them work,
ver interestin.
can imagine how long they took to master the skills
& perfect the art of the job.
ver impressive.. (all thumbs up :)

so decided to buy home baked ham & cheese,
tat will be my breakfast tml.

today lst min CK called mi to ask where i am.
cos these 2 days he off.
come back didnt noe it was him.
cos he is in home attire.
look much younger.
haha.... when i said tat he so happy....
then i laugh like nobody biz.
but stop ver fast cos of cough.

went off early today cos goin to adm see doc.
ver heaty, throat think so inflammation,
im gettin sick le...

ate dinner w mum at adm,
head home, now usin compie.
will try to finish the notes for IT.
so tml can print it.

i suppose by tml can settle the details for the ferry bookin.
n confirm w the hotel too..
tryin to get it over n done with.

so now go do notes le..

sally to mia to get more rest le...

:D ♥; sally

Friday, January 11, 2008

wed went to sch as usual.
then after sch, head to library with cyn.
the gers there printin their notes, think hundreds over pages.
then guys there scoldin.
is indeed wastin lots of time.
if wanna print, print it at the approiate timin.

after tat we head to sunplaza,
met up with rei ping.
had lunch at food court,
then head to this fashion.
wanted to shop till the end,
but i left halfway.
cos too tired.
then go to NTUC buy some food stuff.
n head back home.

reach home, slack, n relax,
then my aunt come to our house.
she is goin to geting with my mum on thur.

after tat hav dinner, n studied abit.
then slp.

thur, again to sch,
as usual nth much happen,
except for the sch assignment.
formed our groups, n book the company tat we wanna do.

after tat head to bukit timah market with cyn.
hav a ver full n delicious lunch over there.
the sight of more food almost made mi vomit.
bus my way to CWP.
need to go civic centre to check out wat wrongs with my bankbook.
so had a new one.
pretty a nice one...
walk abit at CWP n home.

use compie to do my notes,
watch SCV, wait for dad to come back, n slpt.

so now i hav awaken.
but my throat reali hurts,
the voice all change le..
cham le...

goin to watch some amine,
then do the notes,
dry some laundry,
n head back to books.

sally to wan to heal her throat...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

so tired now.
went to sch as usual.
but this time with different hairstyle.
was tryin to get used to it.
dun reali noe how to handle it.

wake up tryin to pin my hair up.
but to no avail.
end up my aunt wake up n she help mi pin it.

then head for sch, saw cyn n kelly.
today lesson not too bad la.
seem to have studied them b4.
basics but now ver much cheemer le..

think will hav to hunt for the textbook to understand.
after sch,
mi n xuan took bus 74 to dover.
she heading orchard while i head for sommerset.
so we chat abt hair.
she also thinkin abt dyin n permin her hair.
so gav her abit of advice lor.

then wait for serene to turn up.
n she brought mi to cineleisure.
ate at the hong kong something something stall.
the food not bad.
delicious. thanks for recommending.

then we shop around.
hunting for clips for my hair.
then shop lookin at clothing.

there was time tat was drizzlin,
so the both of us use my 'blanket' to hide from rain.
not too bad.

shop at hereen pretty fast.
much shops disappearin le...
shop at Far east for quite some time.
walk until my leg almost gav way.

then head to wisma.
walk around,
head for taka basement to buy the french fries sausage.
quite sinful one..
haha.. but occasional indulgence :P (finding excuses)

then we head for train station.
chat alot durin the train ride.
think it set myself n serene thinkin.
pretty a impt time for her ba..

serene n jason Jia you ok :)

slowly walk home, enjoy the breeze, the sky so red.
after tat reach home watch SCV.

now usin compie,
gonna do some stuff abt the salary.
n slp le..

sally to chiong for rest..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, January 07, 2008

blog time.
sunday work.
kinda boring.
1st half was chattin with choon kee.
then hav my lunch,
2nd hav went to find uncle leong.
long time didnt see him le.
he has temporarily change department.
so stood there, seem to hav good biz,
still we continue to chat.
mi too bored le.

ppl there workin,
i there chattin.
think next week muz guai abit.
stand there sell wine.

after tat head for home n watch TV.

today is monday.
& is the 1st day of sch.
ying suggest 9am but instead she come late.
head to sch.
teacher kinda rocks.
play music nice one...
enjoy it.

he has a dark skin tone,
n speak pretty slang.
had a hard time tryin to understand wat he says.
end up read lect notes even better to know wat he talkin abt.
as usual, ying, n kelly n mi felt hungry.
think the regular hours of eatin durin work made it like tat.
in class sat back the usual location.
n tat can glance across,
the notes tat we have are different in appearance.
ie. 3, 4, 6 slides, landscape or horizontal.
pretty interesting..

after class took 74 to amk.
ying n charlene alight halfway.
they decide to walk to bishan.

mi went to amk to meet mum n head to bishan.
so while we were walkin,
saw ying n charlene who hav filled their hungry stomach.
then saw lilian auntie also.
went to eat lunch,
pretty a delicious one....

after tat head to salon.
hav to seat there 4.5 hours.
perm, highlight then dye.
not too bad.
onli tat i hav to get used to it.
ie. texture, cant reali use comb.

end up 8 then leave the salon.
head to J8 to makan, shop abit.
the train so packed dun noe y...
reach home alrdy 1030pm le.
tired sia...

now rest abit.
mayb will watch amine awhile.
n slp.

tml is another day of sch.
thinkin of how to handle my hair.
n wil meet serene after sch tml in town.
so here i mia le..

sally is disappearing...

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, January 05, 2008

time to blogeeee..
think last post was at 3rd Jan.

then ytd went to pay sch fees by myself..
so many ppl.
dun noe y..
then went to library to print sch notes,
head to bookshop to shop.
after tat made my way to civic centre.
went to update bankbook,
after tat went to library,
settle down at the cafe.
have a cool drink, potato chunks, & also my novel.

wat a enjoyment.
ought to do it more freq.
then head to CWP to find mei.
she wokin,
then went to meet Cailing.
walk around lookin here n there.
then think of where to makan..
end up ate at Breeks.
not too bad..
my drink - Blue Dolphin (taste like Jelly nice...)
cailing's drink - Ocean (taste like vanilla)
after dinner was so full that i took train n walk home.
enjoyin the wind at the same time.

reach home watch Coffee Prince (JIT for it)
then watch SCV amine & variety show.
da mei watch until she slp.
n dad who come home from work also watch it.
though he didnt like to watch them.
cos i wanna watch, he no choice.
slept at 3am.

this mornin, my alarm (shi jie wei yi de ni)
gently wake mi up.
nice nice..

went to work at turf city.
CNY feel.
n ppl there ver friendly.
haha.. feel so happy to see them.
so was doin ticketin the whole day.
didnt even do my stocks.

n the printer tat i often used was down.
so with permission,
head to the main office of cuz with Choon kee supervision.
if not he hav to do it himself.
no choice his boss is over there.
hav to act abit...

then watch them move the pallets,
while waiting to for my turn.
so end up until he finish, n he printed it for mi.
mi miss my bus le.
walk around,
slack around n finali for home...

nice weather.. so cooling...
with my mp3 walk down the lane..
reach home, finish off my novel,
chat with my mum,
hav dinner (yummy :D)

watch Bleach Ep 154 with bro.
n now bloggin..

wanna visit the salon this comin mon as fri the hairstylist was on leave.
got the feelin that i will perm my hair.
wanna try it out...
dun noe how i look like.
cant imagine.
will hair get more messy????
opinions any one?

sally to slack le...

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, January 03, 2008

wat a cool day..
make mi wanna slp again...

so frankly nth much to say...
was Bleach on crunchyroll till the last ep they have.
ep 153 & also the movie.
want to watch Movie 2 too..
muz find it..

ytd was busy on the phone cos i was coordinating the CNY holiday
for dun noe how many family.
until now no. of families confirmed at 4.
unsure of the 5th family as my ershen juz sms mi.

so now i become one man show.
liaise with hotel, bookin of ferry ticket.
initially onli 2 family.
now haiz so many family.
hope it will not turn out the opp..

this mornin.
was awaken by my ershen sms.
then chat with my xiao mei by the bed.

then her WQ come to fetch her.
they returnin to Sec sch for CCA open house.
one throat not feelin good, another sneezin its way..

then now chattin w my mum.
she shooin us away..
ask us to get married quickly.
why like tat...
still say go back home durin weekday not week end..
dun need like tat ba..

now i hav to sign off le..
goin makan with dad...

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY 2008 to all..

as usual last day of 2007,
wat did i do?
SLACK my way through.

n here wanna wish Wei Ye a happy 21st birthday (last day of the year)
& then turn 22 on the 1st day of a new year.
hehe.. :P

was watchin Bleach with my bro till abt 4pm.
n then was msn chattin with xinyi dear for the early half of the morning.
n my bro sch uniform supplier siao de.
last min ask us to chiong down to sch to collect his pants.
tellin us tat the sch is closing for the day.
i was like wat the..
where can ppl like tat de.
so i went down cos im the onli one awake at that point in time
& then made my point to the salesperson.
she kept apologises.
then all voice down to the boss.
think the boss reali need to think thru man...

reach home continue with Bleach.
then read novel.
watch SCV.
watch Ch 5 countdown.
actuali its quite boring.
not much of a new year feel.
think im gettin so old le...

after they countdown,
mi switch off TV.
head back to room to read new novel.

so the 1st thing i done in 2008.
is read a chi novel tat i hav read b4.
interestingly i still manage to cry cos of the novel.
n heart is somemore aching.
y is tat so???

n then slp.......
now wake up - check mails, blog & Bleach catchin..
hha.. finai watch till ep 140 le...
so shiok...

sally to her amines le.....

:D ♥; sally


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