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Monday, February 27, 2006

Resting Well

in this wee hours of the morning.. i shd b slping.. but somehow im still here.. haha..

fri mi had to go back to sch cos of the sudden pop up of situation which was later solved.. wasted my time in sch.. then nvm.. after tat i went to watch the movie which i wanted to 'I not Stupid Too'.. mi went to causeway point to catch the 450pm show.. n i watch the movie myself.. the feelin of watchin it myself actuali feels comfortable.. hehe.. i think can go more often by myself le.. hehe.. during the show mi cry like hell.. eyes n nose like broken.. cant seem to stop the flow.. so after the show mi went straight to the toilet n notice tat my eyes hav turn super super red..i think nvr in my life i cried so thorough before.. the movie reali apture my hearts..

'FAMILY = Father And Mother I Love You' i think this will depicts the things tat we children hopes n want to do.. of course we would oso want the opposite too..

after tat mi went to sunplaza to return n a the same time borrow some books home.. library is another of my favourite hideout.. hehe.. after tat bought food home for siblings to eat.. reach home my computer gav mi problem.. so ended up mi did a system recovery.. all pics, songs, information n watever u can think of is lost.. sob sob sob.. n mi re-dL msn, did everything tat is required to get to internet.. save the website which are impt to me tat are lost durin the system recovery..

sat supposed to have worked.. but my mum requested my auntie to let mi off for 2 days to allow mi to rest.. cos mi cough hav been goin on for abt a month le.. luckily now much better le.. so good.. i think hav been 2 months i didnt wake up late le.. woke up at abt 12noon.. hehe.. in the afternoon mi quarrelled with my bro n then i kept myself in the room until abt 845pm.. i ask my sis to buy food for him.. n she called to say she wun buy,.. of cuz this one i dun noe.. onli when i open my room door then i ask then i noe.. scolded bro for not tellin mi.. then brought him to SP to eat.. went to NTUC to buy some stuff n went home.. still didnt manage to use compie all sisters all usin it.. sian..

sun (today).. afternoon when adm to da bao food for siblings.. reach home ate the food n watch VCD 'Honey'.. super nice show.. i can say im addicted to it le.. dance dance dance.. hehe.. mi decided to cook dinner.. ask my auntie for the recpies n steps.. if u noe me well.. im a person who dun reali noe how to cook.. though my father is a great cook.. mayb i inherit his cooking genes.. i manage to make out 3 food.. a soup, chix wing(ready made.. nth much to do), n a mixture of meatball, fishball n hotdog in tomato sauce.. slowly tryin to learn to cook.. hehe.. hope not too late.. haha.. vaccum the floor after the dinner n took a shower to cool myself down..

haiz.. while im resting i called up auntie connie on fri.. n she told mi tat today(sun) is her last day.. so we no yuan to meet at the end.. **sob sob** less one company to hav when im workin le.. can imagine my life to be ver sian le..

tis few days an old friend called up to chat.. haha.. good to hav chat with friends.. these 2 days mi accomplished much.. finish tutorial 8 of MCS, financial planning - retirement planning, cpf n estate planning qns, n read up on commercial law.. think goin to touch my chi novels.. miss it too much.. mon no sch.. hehe.. so can wake up late.. k le mi gonna slp le.. nites..

*need to remind chester gor to lend mi the CD to install. if not mi cant do any work le.. ***rmb***rmb*** -q-

Signin off at 27 Feb,

:D ♥; sally

Friday, February 24, 2006

A Messy Day!!

Yoz.. today mi got commercial law test.. felt cheated cos the test abit too different from wat we expect.. 15 marks paper.. n we learn like hell.. as though we are takin the final examination.. but nvm.. treat it as a study experience.. next time round dun need to study too much..

later after the test my group gatheredto print out the report.. so happy tat the project can be submitted.. but we went to class late.. hehe.. when i reach my place.. i saw the commercial law paper on my desk.. AHHHHHHHHHHH.. the assignment finali come.. sad.. sad sad.. sad... tryin hard to follow wat the teacher is talkin.. then after tat went home.. slept on the bus journey.. then on the train journey.. ivy mei suddenly called mi to rush home to help her fax her stuff over to Shatec.. she went there for submission of application form.. dunnoe tat there is interview today.. mi alighted train n went to the chi physician to help mummy buy medicine.. then bought lunch.. walk home usin super fast speed.. tiring.. sent the stuff n then didi reach home.. he open 'la pi xiao xin ' to let mi watch n destress..

ate medicine n slept.. wake up abt 6 n then read my story book.. need to return tml.. then at abt 9 plus.. a old friend, WY called up my home.. he feels sian.. haha... then mi pei him chat until 1130 cos he goin to eat dinner with his friend.. then come to use compie.. was told tat the project we submitted earlier had PROBLEMS !! AHHH.. then no choice all members goin back to sch TML to check it out n resubmit.. sad.. mi day at home tml has vanished.. **SOB SOB**

help my dad do his invoice n some documents.. now i updating blog.. cough hav lessen le.. but still hav running nose n still feels slpy.. i think its the medication working its wonders..

Signin off @ 23 Feb,
Sally is Tired. -_- zZzZ

:D ♥; sally

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Day Out ~.~

today mon.. went to sch for project meeting.. coughin all the way.. ver sad.. after project went home to wait for parents to hav lunch together..

went to CWP.. ate at Food court n then did some shoppin.. bought a ver cheap waist pouch which i suppose i will use it for work n oso clothing.. mi oso add on to wat my mother buys.. in total for clothing my mom bought abt $212 n automatically we become the member of U2.. so cool.. after tat we went home.. tat abt abt 5 plus..

mi went back to my room to read a book 'The Last Juror' by John Grisham.. then abt 8 plus mi n mom took cab down to Khatib to see doc.. my dad busy watchin DVD.. mi cough still not ok.. so sad.. now still down with flu n phlgem.. Doc say if i still dun recovered by this medication which will ast abt 5 days from now.. i will have to get myself X-Ray le.. cos i hav been coughin for more or less a month le..

after tat went to eat dinner n saw my grandparents.. such concidence.. then eat n chat n we left.. grandparents say they shop abit before goin home.. so we left 1st.. now mi reach home.. showered n painfully (cos i dun noe how to swallow pills) struggled to swallow my medication.. updatin now bit by bit ba..

there is a website i chance upon.. mayb u can attempt to help mi to allow myself to understand more.. Thx..


Signing off @ 20th Feb,
Sally in a coughin madness ~q~

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Reali Reali A ver Busy Day !!

updates now..

fri (ytd) mi went to sunplaza to meet ying to study.. study commercial law.. test up next thursday.. sianz.. mi brought my compilation of notes i done the previous afternoon n midnite.. went to coffeebean n stayed there for about a few hours ba.. pretty studious to say.. haha.. then saw Jason n terence (sec sch)... wat a concidence.. feels good to see someone i noe.. haha.. then after that mi called my bro to sunplaza to eat.. mi lazy to da bao home.. ate dinner n went home.. slept 11 plus without eating my medication.. simply too tired to eat..

today (sat) mi reali had a hectic day.. went to work.. i got a shock of my life.. my pallet shifted le.. then i was like so so confused.. haiz.. then the giant stuff (acting store manager) ask mi to try to shift the wine to put more display.. so sick.. i was doin job that was totally out of my scope.. sad.. i hav been arranging the wine for one whole day.. didnt even open sample for sampling.. luckily today there not much of a crowd.. haha.. then finali with the help of connie auntie i finali clear the stocks some to the shelf some to the expensive room.. the staff oso ver 'pei fu' w.. cos i managed to squeeze the boxes of wine to the store.. the store is mountain high with many other stuff.. its high time they pack it le.. so inaccessible.. after tat mi n auntie connie rush out to catch our bus.. haha.. before tat we bought food to eat.. mouth ver itchin for food.. i bought apple pie while auntie bought nuggets.. we ate it on the bus.. ver luxurious.. then on the train i called my bro to adm... cos need bring him see doc.. he is coughin like mi oso.. then waited.. had to hav dinner 1st as doc oso need to makan.. sian.. mi bro brought mi to pump air to his bicycle n then we had dinner.. after tat we went down to the clinic..

at the consultation.. the doc was funny.. his 1st sentence was tat ' it's high time u shd go on diet' --> to mi bro of course.. haha.. then he check up on my bro.. n ask mi bro to weigh on the electronic weighing scale.. my bro weight is the same as the doc weight.. haha.. then the doc ask mi a qn.. 'Am I his MOTHER???' Do i look so old.. he assumed my age to be 24.. haha.. later my bro reveal the age.. then he noe.. doc was laughin all the way.. haha..

after the doc.. we went to the chi provision shop to buy some cooling drink for bro.. the lady saw my bro n ask him if im his mother again.. so sad.. twice a day wor.. some more is consecutive de... haha.. but if i think positively.. seldom ppl at my age will be tat close to their siblings ba.. after tat went home.. reach home.. had some little chat with xiao mei n i decided to do some housework.. which personally i find it physically exhausting.. Vacuumin n Moppin Floor.. n now the floor feels smooth n nice to walk on.. haha.. im enjoyin the fruit of my HARD labour.. haha.. later on at abt 10 plus my mei return home.. then she told mi tat she lose her HP.. aiyo.. so damn troublesome.. when she finali had someone to pick up her call.. we went straight out to 3M

walk one big big round to find still to no avail.. the person shut off the phone.. then went home n bath cold water.. feelin ver warm.. now sitting in front of the compie.. updatin blog n at the same time chattin with my friends (Edna n Jur).. think a cold war is goin to gather soon between my 2 sisters cos of the HP lost thingy.. haiz.. hope everything will turn out fine.. gonna check some project material..

Signin off @19 Feb,
Sally the Panda @.@ is coughin Like MAD!!

:D ♥; sally

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Work Comin Up!!

now actuali shd b doin project de.. but hor.. serene cum turtle mei ask mi go update.. haha.. so here i am.. gonna to a quick one..

on mon went back to sch for project meetin.. it a long long meeting from 11am to abt 4pm.. haha.. brain cells dying to say.. but at ard 12 plus 1.. we watch salsa.. so cool.. tat ger reali noe how to shake.. haha.. after tat we went for lunch n continued for sometime b4 proceeding home..

tues nth much happen.. stayed back in sch with team to seek advice on our project.. haiz.. many things to consider.. haha.. then after tat mi went to khatib to meet my mummy.. co s i need go see doc.. so sad.. b4 CNY, During CNY n After CNY still need see doc.. so sad.. wat a sickly year i have.. after tat shop ntuc for a while n went home.. reach home mayb cos of the medication i fell aslp.. from abt 5 plus to 10pm.. tat is a ver long nap.. then at dinner n medication again.. * digusting medicine.. YUCKS* n again slp.. haha.. pig pig mi le..

wed.. again stayed back in sch for project discussion.. n came out with something for the report.. so cool.. after tat went to CWP.. cailing say wan meet for dinner.. her birthday.. mi reach there 4 pm then they say change time.. mi feel ver ver tired so went to my sis workplace n stone.. luckily to nice songs to hear.. then struggle my way to KFC to find them n went food court to eat black carrot cake.. sweet de.. serene ver nice to mi.. she see mi cough untili like wan my life she went to take water for mi.. so sweet.. **touched touched** then after tat we shop shop here n shop shop there.. talk some funny stuff like to stay near each other when we grow up.. haha.. such kawaii thoughts.. haha.. went o woodlands library to find some research stuff.. then went on to sembawang lib to find the book i wan.. so sad.. dun hav.. haiz.. went to 3 place in 1 day.. achievement for mi sia.. haha.. then went home w cailing.. bath n use compie again for research n sendin of documents to team members..

today.. read finish my novel.. now goin to do project research.. mayb later will stone or go out. haha.. so mi signin off here..

Signin off @16 Feb,

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, February 11, 2006


so long didnt update le.. tat time attempt to but didnt manage to load it to webby so all come up to now.. 14 days of new year le.. a few hours from now goin to be 15th day of chi new year.. this new i got sick.. until now it seem tat im still coughin..

the 1st few days of new year nth much.. as per usual did house visitin.. then after a few days went to sch do projects n attended lectures.. started on local lectures le.. work and auntie connie gave mi an ang bao.. haha.. still i feel tired.. ver tired..

on wed (i think).. i met uo with serene n ai na.. ai na return from australia for holiday goin back next week le.. then on fri which is ytd.. 'O' level result has been released... ah biao cousin got 10.. congrats to him.. haha.. but bao yu mei - fiona. score quite bad.. haiz.. but ask her not to give up.. some other alternatives for her de.. jia you jia you wor..

currently mi doin my own expense calculation n seem that i did my exp are indeed quite high wor.. haiz.. on food n transportation are the majority %-age.. haiz..

today work.. Giant has requested for a lion dance performance.. n so it was deafening.. my ears goin deaf.. & some magic numbers come up to us.. i bought it n guess some no. n i guess it correct but i didnt hav it permutated.. if not i would have gotten some $$ le.. but nvrtheless.. will be mine will come to mi de.. hehe..

i think im signin off from now le.. goin to help fiona check some stuff..

Signin off @ 11 Feb (Sat),

:D ♥; sally


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