...Destination ~ Destiny...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

n after the upload of bintain pic w xinyi..
now time to update..

work as per normal.
hav interesting & funny lunch w fred n kenny..
after wk, meet xinyi at dhoby n train home together.,,

xinyi come for interview ard 6plus,
then we train home together..

mi reach home hav sushi dinner..
nice nice...
jeff didi come to my house to look see wat wrongs w my compie..
n mum was watchin a k-drama 'chi zhi zhi xin'
im so addicted to it..
will watch the drama when i hav the time..
slpt at 11 plus.. too tired le..

broke my personal record - work till 9pm..
did block settle for w/shop
then hav lesson & test..
not too bad actuali..
got to learn more durin the test.

manager gav me n other 2 colleagues additional 180 cases..
while on the way back,
back w serene on the phone..
long time didnt contact each other le..
hav maggi mee for dinner..

lunch at cathy basement w fred, kenny, pauline..
such a fillin lunch..

was then notice that i was selected for a course 'achievein superior svc'
after work,
walk to city hall to meet up my mum n sis..
walk ard raffles city, marina sq, n later to suntec for dinner.
after tat walk to esplanade to see the view..

reach home abt 12plus..
so so tired...

work as usual.
honey was transferrin cases to me cos need to attend to it urgently..

lunch w pauline, fred, kenny & brian,
head to park mall..
makan alrdy then walk to dhoby express..
actuali nth much to see there..

after tat resume work,
was chattin w my colleagues..

work till 8plus,
again walk to city hall.
this time round took some interestin pic.

* sam aka spore arts museum aka my bro's name in short,
cute isnt it? with the xmas hat on.. *

*gigantic ballon sculpture outside Spore art museum - it is reali a big one*

then a ger ask mi for direction n so i help her cos mi goin to the same direction..

went to meet xinyi,
head to thai express at the esplanade..
sat outside,
n enjoy the music by the bay..
some rock/ jazz/ and even sound japanese..

the food wise, took the less spicy curry still its ver spicy..
had my fav sour plum juice.. haha..
a drink the differentiate the guys from the gers..
as written on the menu.. interestin isnt it?

then walk to our usual hangout n stand there to continue our chats..
n head back home,,

did i mention tat i was inform that xinyi was selected?
haha... but whether she accept a not is another prob..

woke up ard 10plus,
prepare myself to go changi..
cos Teochew Kitchen official opening..

below are pics taken by mi..
mi also become a videographer..
but cos of my phone poor quality.. come out ver bad..
next time need to invest in one good camera w video recording le..
other than tat the flowers are wat that interest mi the most..

* bouquets of flowers 1 *

* bouquet of flowers 2 *

*teochew kitchen: full page advertisement *

they did 2 days full page advertising..
dun noe how much it cost.. but i noe shd be quite ex de..

the pic below is taken my me..
mi helpin ah gong to take pic.
it is birthday tml..
n he himself also unsure of it..

* help ah gong to take a pic *

then come the lion dance & dragon dance..
interestin interestin..

after tat head back to changi seafood..
talk to uncle lee..
n also another friend who is the boss of supplyin beverage to us..
i got to noe alot alot of things..
ver ver interestin..

got to know more abt their background n also they are also ver willing to share w me..
chat until i forget timin.
was alrdy 10 plus 11.
then hav maggi mee dinner..

after tat chat w JR.. he busy eatin 5 roti prate
- 2 original, 1 egg & 2 chocolate.
then he show mi his new watch.. snoopy..
so kawai.. he looks abit like snoopy too.

after tat head to teochew kitchen,
n play origami w my cousin sister.
taught her the fast n easier way to doin the crane..

n head back home..
slpt ard 4plus.

woke up 2plus..
watch the ending of Goong S..
then use the compie.. upload pic,
check emails..
now bloggin..

at the same time discussin serious matter with regards to the family biz.
fell so unjust yet becos afraid will break apart so like tat..
thought biz is biz,
shdnt put in links inside..
thinks started out wrong n will continue to be wrong when nth is done to correct it..

finali will be able to watch my dramas n amines..
im so longing for it..
*any way its the last day of november..
soon will be the 1st day of the last mth for the yr..
y time go so fast?

tml - mon:
in adv, happy birthday ah gong..
then will be at tampines point for 2 days for course..
wed nite will be meetin serene n cailing for dinner,
fri will be goin to sentosa after wk for wedding dinner..
hmmm. sounds busy isnt it?

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

below are the long-awaited photos from the binta trip.. wahaha..
my face look so so er xin...

* sea turtle - i find it ver strange as to y they purchase the sea turtle & then later will wanna free it.. arent they actuali promotin the illegal trade? haiz*

* this pic has got its meaning de..
was talkin to xinyi of me lookin like a fishball..
n soup of the day tat come to me was actuali a fish ball soup..
so i suppose it made its point.. haha..*

* mi seriously hard at work w my food.. hehe..*

* the 'dry sea' with us on the sands & the kelong too*

*mi n xinyi w carlsberg & relaxing arm-chair*

* mi feelin so tired.. enjoying the relaxin moments*

* mi lookin out at the super low tide ( which i suppose shd be no tide at all)*

* the next morning sky..
xiyi alarm went off.. mi rush to draw the curtain n view the sea from the door..
the halo & the particular spot at sea*

* in such a nice ambience, wat more can i ask for?*

* the sea is finali back. different feeling rite? *

* mi in the nice hut w the chair & the sea *

* mi outstretchin & enjoyin standing on the edge *

* pic - RHS bright, LHS dark.. nice contrast isn it?

* to end this trip - mi standin under a short coconut tree - wanna try out the bollywood feel which made xinyi go crazy *

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 23, 2008

yoz.. there goes another wk..

this week a sickly week..
mi cough like no body biz..

the day after comin back from bintan w xinyi..
so sian..
my phone still in holiday mood lor..
even feel like slpin after lunch..

work as per normal..
cant reali recall.. haha.

hav lesson till abt 6plus,
tat was the last lesson..
that means next wed hav to be tested le..
hav yet to learn them..
then stayed back to clear some stuff till abt 7plus.

work till 8plus near 9..
tat is personal record.

wk till 8plus,
n head out to city hall mrt station to meet xinyi..
n half way to find our dinner,
stop by prudential agents.
chat awhile,
then the 2 of us head out to find food..
head to siam kitchen to hav dinner,
last fri also thai food,
next fri will i suppose be thai food..

then after food, stroll to esplande,
next to the floatin platform,
enjoy the wind, n company..
then head to take train,
reach station then we noe its the last train..
wow.. dun noe to say we are lucky or wat..

then saw terenece (sess)..
chat w him awhile,
exchange each other's no. too.
n i slowly walk home.
breeze was shiok..

woke up n prepare myself to meet my aunt at toa payoh.
hav breakfast at toa payoh, then bus ride to turf city.
end up go there still work..
help to pack stocks,
to do tickets,
n also taught a new promoter some basic stuff abt wine.

saw choon kee too..
he abit crazy ... actin dao the whole day..

after tat auntie helen gav us a ride to changi,
chit chat on the way,
n come the big rain.

quite a long one actuali..
the crowd i shd say for a rainy day is still consider pretty good.
head back ard 12plus..

woke up ard 1..
watch Gonng S..
so nice, the prince is gettin more mature each time..
then head out to find my father n bro to buy brunch..

now using compie.
whether dun reali look ver good.

will continue to watch my amines etc since i been missin all wk..
will need to do house wk,
will need to study..
where the hell i find time.. :(

sally to her stuff...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 16, 2008

work as per normal..
then hav lesson till 6plus,
then went out ard 7plus to meet up w ah yi n choon kee.
ah boy also went along..

was rainin..
bad wheather...
then end up the location for dinner was actuali juz opp my office.

went to eat hokkiado dinner.
something like steamboat style..
eat until ver ver full..

after tat head to a pub to chillout..
but i suppose they choose the wrong pub..
tat pub erm how shd i put it..
hav gers 'pei' de..
so i was there lookin abit strange,
cos all guys inside n gers are there to 'pei'
stick close to choon kee.
haha.. try not to look ard too much nor walk ard unnecessarily..

at abt 11plus,
head for home...
so tired...

work as per normal..
i cant reali recall..

work work work..
went for CRM discussion,
then hav lunch,
after lunch,
hav meetin with Yu & Co.
my collegues went in 1st,
mi was sort of representing Norman,
cos he on leave..
so onli at 1230pm, then i noe im helpin him..

work till abt 7plus,
last 2nd to leave the office.
took the same train as mr pek..

walk to city hall to meet xinyi..
n head to suntec..
hav veg dinner at Bali Thai..
not too bad actuali...

then went to Carrefour..
saw xinyi's friend..
then after tat head back home...
while xinyi alight at orchard to meet her friend.

mi reach home,
begin to pack my bag for sat trip w xinyi..

woke up 6plus n prepare to head out to meet xinyi..
trained to bedok..
took the bus n head to tanah merah ferry terminal..
head to the waiting area.
hav breakfast..

finali our turn to board the ferry..
wheather not ver good..
glommy de..

slept on the ferry journey..
2 hrs plus no joke..

reach bintan jetty n head to board the shuttle bus...
45min ride.. damn long..
finali reach the Agro Beach hotel..
check in the hotel,
n the staff use the rickshaw to send us to our room..
nice view..
hut beside it tat is for massage..
then in front shd be the sea..

but the sea was gone..
n i reali mean gone.. cos low tide..

put down our bags n head to hav lunch..
cheap but fulfiling one..
then slowly walk back..
since no sea..
so walk the sand..
saw crabs.. hermit crabs..
walk the bridge..
chill out outside our room w a beer in hand. haha..
sittin by the beach chair, relaxing.. lazyin, cam-whoring..
n also enjoyin the scenaries..

then book appt for our spa (1st time)
went to kelong resturant to have a drink
then head for our appt..
quite a interestin spa memory w xinyi..
being scrub with chocolate..
cool... n sweet..
then wrap w think layer of cement..

after tat went for our dinner.
n went to the bridge to chill out..
n head back to room to slp..
too tired le.. tat was singapore time 11plus near 12..

woke up singapore time 7am..
prepare ourself for breakfast..
n shun bian pack our bags..
hav a heavy breakfast,
n head back to outside room to 'get warmth'
the tide is back,
ppl playin water sports.

after tat me n xinyi decided to go for facial..
so comfortable tat the both of us fell aslp..
after tat went back to room to slack..
n continue to take a litte more pic..
after tat head to reception lobby to check out..
waited for our shuttle bus n to the ferry terminal..
waited in the warm terminal for abt an hr..
i saw a guy also from singapore and stayin the same resort..
so ask him is wanted to join us for coffee,
since he is alone..
n we are singaporeans ah..

still didnt come, nvm.. mi n xinyi went ahead.
lucky they hav fan inside the shop..
feelin much better.

then head back out to see if our ferry has arrived..
n tat guy talk to us..
so got to noe a new friend.. Gio.
he look reali young but he isnt..

so board the ferry n we selected a ver comfortable area.
interestin.. something like singin party world feel..
then head out to the toilet n enjoyed the strong wind..
rest for awhile, n finali reach singapore.
Gio offered to giv us a ride to yishun..
cos he is goin to the airport in a few hrs time..

so chat during the journey..
alight at yishun,
n head back home by 969.
da bao dinner n then reach home n stone..
now using compie n watchin TV amine..
will hav to slp soon.. tired but relaxin..
but my cough still gettin worse.. :(
need to go drink my medication..

pics will be comin once i take it from xinyi..

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

end up last sun didnt go back to slp..
went to cwp to shop w my mum,
then hav dinner at Lerk Thai n head back home..
slp late cos watch drama.

work work work..
one stupid lawyer secretary there scolding mi.
doubtin my professionalism..
as though she ver power like tat..
no room for negotiation.. damn her lor..
mi so angry tat i almost teared lor..

after tat waited at adm for mum,
da bao dinner home,

finali finish the claims in my folder.
then request for new ones.
end up many writ to do.. siao..

n also happy birthday Frank,
i hav to start the ball rolling by singing the birthday song.

then finali time for home..
head to adm to meet up w mum..
she went for her facial.

n bought dinner.
end up i onli ate 2 papaya cos not reali hungry.
watch ch U 10pm show.. nice nice..
now will watch back lan qiu huo..

tml work work work..
abt 5plus hav department meeting...
after tat will meet ah yi n choon kee for dinner..

sally to mia for now. :)

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, November 09, 2008

work as per normal..
seem to hav quite a no. of difficult cases to do..
lunch went to KFC at ps..
then waited for the time for lesson at 5pm..
quite interestin when ghandian mention abt the lawyer part.
i seem to learn alot..
n noe wat to take care off when doin the cases..
its the time line tat is critical..
from wat i understand, our section productivity has increased tremendously..
our manager n senior exec scare tat we are closin one eyes to do the close..
the lesson end ard 7o5pm..
did some of my stuff n walk to cineleisure..
to meet up w choon kee.
head to level 6 to find florence.
now i noe y florence has free tickets.
cos the champagne tat james bond is drinkin..
is their company product..
frankly. the champagne taste nice..

then wait outside for our time to go in at abt 9pm..
found our seat n sat down..
actuali the movie on the whole - not ver nice..
the story line abit yucky..

the movie end ard 11pm,
head back by train..
choon kee insist on sendin mi home (so my 'objection' did not work)
walk mi to lift then he head back home..
so nice of him..

wore the top tat my mei bought for mi..
seem like abit too big..
on the shoulder blade can become goin to off the shoulder blade..

end work ard 7,
then head to back to adm to da bao dinner for bro.
he not feelin well..
tummy n fever..
end up late ard 10 plus 11,
he vomitted..
mi n xiao mei hav to do clean up...
after tat slept le..

woke up ard 1,
then head to adm to makan w family.
then brought my bro to doc.
the waitin time is terrible.. so long..
still a little bit feverish..
n tummy not to well..
after tat went to supermarket to buy coconut for my bro to drink.

then reach home, chat w my mum n watch Naruto..
then quickly head out to meet xinyi...
she wanna go bugis find bikini..
reach bugis,
met up w her buddy, steven..
have dinner at foodcourt..
then start the hunt..
she bought a nice one,
while i cant find a nice one..
my fig is the prob.. spoil the clothin..
i suppose will stick back to conversative wearin
unless i got confidence to wear them..

after tat head to some ulu street..
hav lime juice.
busy chatin w xinyi..
n made some stuns tat stun xinyi,

after tat her colleague gav her a call...
n so ask mi if im interested in join them..
i go along w her to holland V..
had a glass of choco milkshake till abt 1 plus 2..
then her colleague sent us home,
i busy huggin the " 2 hippos"..
while her colleague say it is a dog..
busy findin the way to send mi home,
luckily xinyi know the orientation of where we are..
if not gone case..

reach home abt 3 plus..
shower n head to bed..

now awhake. come n blog..
today seem like a rainy day..
suppose mayb later will go back to slp..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

last fri:
after work went to meet xinyi..
its hallowee.. but didnt celebrate..
went to chinatown n makan at the streets..
order 1 heineken to drink..
ver shiok feelin..

last sat:
went to northpoint to shop w mum.
undergoin major changes.
hav our dinner n walk ard..
bought tops for bro.. nice one..

last sun:
afternoon watch Goong S,
then went to meet xinyi to go lot1 to book 4 our travel..
then hav some light food (fries at kfc)
then we head back..
mi alight at wdl to meet my mum..
made some errands.
then went to hav dinner.
n watch High sch musical 3..
reali got the graduation feelin..
how i wish mine was like tat also.. haha..

then head back home..

work work ..
mood not ver good.. dun noe y..
met up w mei at lunch to go shop for bro jacket..
so bought 1 nice one at ip zone.
after tat i brought it back home..
ah yi called mi to book mi next wed to hav dinner w her n choon kee..
so next wed on le.

busy day..
mood wise pretty good.
mornin busy gettin mandate for cases...
then ard 12plus, met up w client..
hav a rush lunch..
n then 2plus w/shop ppl come..
so went in to settle cases..
then after tat receive call from wts to say our trip confirmed.
so waited for after wk,
met up w xinyi n head to lot 1 to collect.
walk abit have dinner at wang zhai..
n head back home..
on our way got some funny incident..

work work work..
busy calling clients to explain management decision,
busy calling lawyer to settle claims,
busy calling w/shop to settle claims..
n manage to settle my ver 1st Writ case.
kenny n brian sick n was surprised cos normali i step foot into office the 2 will be there de.. haha..
mi late comer la..

lunch w yvonne n huey huey at ps food court.
then went to carrefour for fruits n head back to work.
rain ver big..
n didnt bring umbrella so end up took bus ride back to office..

continue wkin on the cases..
then 6plus met up w cyn,
she went shoppin at This Fashion,
so we chat, we played ard n agreed on next week will hav our Fries Day.
cos since SIM time, we hav been havin the same cravin at abt the same timin for french fries.
n it happen juz now.. onli tat timin wise cant make it..
so trained back, da bao dinner

as i was walkin back home,
choon kee called to ask mi out for movie tml - james bond..
so i agreed.. meetin 730 at cine.. (free ticket y not)
n now here i am..
typin out my entry ..

sally to mia le....

:D ♥; sally


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