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Monday, February 22, 2010

hiyo diaryz..

time for updates..

17 Feb (wed) -
start work le..
had mac breakfast & makan noodles.
after which during lunch time,
didnt makan cos too full.

so pei honey go makan
& walk ard..

work as per normal.
home early & slack..

18 feb (thur)
lunch was at straits cafe at hotel rendazvous
lunch cny treat by our panel law firm..

tat was quite a hefy lunch.
but mi makan w limitation - or shd i say control
not to overeat.
eat abit abit.
then my table all makan durian stuff
all wanna get mi to eat.
think my reaction made all laugh.

after which head back to work.
felt so slpy.
cant reali concentrate at work..

then after work head to taka to find xinyi.
mi dun feel like going home (one of the ver rare occassion)
so walk at the atrium,
at mac as dinner
after which we head for home..

work was smooth in the morning.
n in the afternoon , work come in.
quite fierce actuali
but mayb cos i was also feelin slpy,
hardly hav the motivation
most emails are like disputin here n there..
make it more sian..

so left office abt 6,
head to take to meet up w xinyi
then ivan join later
shop here n there.
makan at lucky plaza - indonesian food (ayam ___?)

walk paragon.
then sean join up later.
head to national museum.
then to a drinkin pub at SMU.
ard 11+ or 12, head to stone at the makan place opp national library.
mi stone, xinyi n ivan drank, while sean makan.

afterwhich cab home..

20 Feb sat:
wake up ard 11+
then look at ham ham
chat chat
n prepare to head out to tampines to meet up w partial Onz group b4 going to wendy house.
n so qiao, mi n mei on the same bus.
& onli when we alight then noe.

so was chattin w her n jiali
head to tampines mall to meet up w ivan n sean.
then to tampines 1 to meet up w xinyi.

afterwhich part with mei n jiali
n head to take bus to wendy house.

so had our luo hei.
potluck there.
mi drank the wine i brought.
felt so warm.
always finding windy location.

then ard 7, head to our next location at raffles place.
till now dun noe the exact name - onli noe some pavilion thinggy at some ulu place.
ended ard 11+
interestin to say.

then head to lao pa sar to makan.
im hungry
ordered fried carrot cake & then makan.
chat till abt 12+
initially wanted to go sing overnite k
but places book. so go home.

cab home.
tired !!

wake up ard 3+ in the afternoon :P
then had abit of lunch
n stuck myself in my room
use lappy watch anime.
then occassionally play mahjjong & poker card games.

after which nite time,
had steam boat.
the steam boat went on for 4 rounds.
xiao mei frens - xinhui n jonathan also come along.
wawa (2nd rd) & wq (knock off late from work) ate the last round ..

then they were busy playin wii..
mi of cuz still stuck in room.

watch the hua che drove past.
slpt ard 1+ or 2.

(22/02/10) mon:
went to work as per normal
but system was down the whole morning till abt 3pm.
read my novel,
chat w my colleagues,
SE found some old articles for mi to read..

so now quickly update n head back to work.

sally to chiong for her work le..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

dear diary,

pls expect this to be a long long entry (heh w pix included)..

for the past week or so has been busy w house work
climbin up n down on ladder, chairs, tables..
accidentally did some shoppin also.

8/2/10 mon:
after work,
head to cwp to meet up w aunt n mum
saw shalene too..
chat w here while waiting for my mum..

then ate at foodcourt where most shop has began closing. :P
after which cab home - tired..

work rather late,
then shop at this fashion n bought 2 tops.
after which met up w xinyi dear n head to northpoint to have dinner
already 9

then went joy ride to seletar
eclair not available..

work till abt 7 to wait for xinyi to knock off
then head to northpoint foodcourt to makan.
dun reali noe wat to eat though hungry.
then walk abit & went for joy ride again
this time, eclair available for delivery
so w sean as driver,
mi n xinyi as passenger,
went to wendy house downstair to wait.

after which head back home.

had department meeting.
quite a happy meetin to say.

& durin 4+ receive a good news from the hotel we will be stayin over the cny
free upgrade to indra maya villa..

after which head to adm.
but timin still early for facial.
so was there wanderin.. quite sian.
then went to meet up w sis & waited for mum.
then finali time for facial.
process rather relaxin.
mayb cos tired.
almost slept thru it.

after which head back home..

surprisin that i reach office one min b4 official start wk time :P
work full day as per normal.
lunch had nasi lemak (end of work gathering for my section)
after which head back to office to work.
end my wk ard 530+
head home..

then was busy doin last min spring clearin
n then head to bed..

woke up n prepare to go to tanah merah ferry terminal.
goin for cny - bintan trip @ nirwana gardens

ris, wq, ivy n wawa cab to TMFT 1st to do the check in
after which bro, dad, mum n me reach later..

then when we were in,
the personnel inform that the ferry was delayed.
so we waited
when they finali announced that our ferry is ready to board,
the emerald class ppl were the 1st to board
almost all rushed like siao to get into the boat
its so 不雅观...
felt tat it is reali like typical singaporean. haiz..
my mei was sayin that we shd record it down to let others see.

then our turn to board
frankly the ferry is ver spacious & comfortable to seat in
we occupied 2 rows.
able to slp abit on the journey
watch abit of TV - bindi show on the wild..

then waited to hav our passport stamp at the custom.
n went to find our transport.
reach the reception ard by the mayang sari resort
then check in & was brought to our villa in 2 batches w the buggee.

lucky i requested for the map
cos we rely on it quite alot for the 1st 1.5 days..

the villa is nice..
reali like a a storey style of landed property
w lush greenery ard & able to see the sea..
pool also rather big..

then we put our luggage into the respective room
& head out to find food.
wawa is the 'official' driver of the buggee.

all wanted to hav a try of the buggee.
park our buggee
& head to the nirwana resort hotel (originally our supposed hotel rooms)

check out food area
& head to the beach.
walk pass the swimming pool - quite big & nice..
& to the beach to look look..
quite nice..

after which we head back & saw the mama shop
end up bought alot of maggi mee total S$86
freak the hell out of my dad
damn ex lor..

then the stall personnel told my dad abt a place called pasar oleh oleh.
lower px & good food.

so dad made the arrange w the counter & we drove back to put the barang barangs
after which, off we head to the our reunion dinner location.

7-9 course chi dinner & had live group of ppl singin..
quite an array of ppl - koreans, china, & singaporeans.

the food wise not too bad.. quite nice actually.
then head for massage session.
not too bad.
but mi had blocked nose while lying flat on the front. haiz
if not would hv been a better feel ba..

then we inform them that we wan to go back.
the 7 seater kia car ver cool.
ver spacious to accomodate the 8 of us w the driver.
the road at nite is scary..
dark & not lighted (which we took it granted)

then we drove buggee back to villa
& all except my mum head straight for the swimmin pool.
shiok to swim at nite, with the stars twinkling above our head.
no clouds & the stars shone brightly & beautifully.

so mi also learn how to swim (barely) with head out of water
haha.. tiring..
but fun with the family...
think has been quite some time we all gather together including my dad..

afterwhich we took turn to shower
n then play poker cards.
mi can barely remember but still join in the fun.
even manage to a royal spade big flash.
haha. stun wawa & wq.

mi also abit to see firewks but dun noe from where.
after turn we turn in.

sun - CNY Day 1 also Valentine day :
wake up ard 8+
then prepare ourselves to head out for breakfast at the resort hotel.
food wise frankly onli so so

then head to the beach.
played kite - which was later caught in the tree
the wind is like so strong.
then we played sand castles too.
didnt play them when we were young.

then we notice a funny thing.
there is another family w small kid,
but they played w big sand castle buildin equipment,
while on our side is all consider to be BIG children playin w small sand castle equipment.

so we were sayin next time muz go buy bigger equipment. :P

after tat took buggee & travel to the water sports area..
sis(s) & their respective bf played jet ski & banana boat.
mi no play but instead become the photographer
& mi also played w sand - drawing w my right toe :P

after which explore the mini zoo.
took some pix
& we head back to the villa.

& straight we head to the swimmin pool.
haha. to wash away the sand/salt from the sea.

mi n mei there end up think tannin abit.
but i think for mi the effect come out abit too much le

shower using coolin water if not in pain :P
can observe that 6/8 ppl are all in redness.. haha..
we are all sunburnt le.

afterwhich rest awhile,
n head out to makan..
we drove ard to see wat food available - ie. kelong etc
head back to the beach club to makan late lunch
then i suggested to go the resort center to see wat is available there.
walkin past the food court,
saw archery & air rifle.
the guys tried out the air rifle

while we ladies tried out the archery..

then the guys finish their air rifle , come over to play archery.
think we are the last customer.

even took a group photo there w the help of a staff.
after tat we head back in
dad check out the pub, mum check out the massage
so end up mum went for mum for 1.5hrs,
then the rest follow dad to pub - got a private room
sang & drank 2 glasses of beer,
played pool which i find im sort of losin my skill already.. haha.

then by the time we are done,
we walk to the foodcourt to makan.
as again, ppl are aleady preparin to close le :P
& we head back to the resort center
dad wanted to check out the pub.
but end up cos all ver tired so went back to villa to rest
play abit of cards
n slp le..

mon -
wake up ard 9
prepare & park our luggage,
b4 headin out for breakfast,
mi tried driving the buggee for the 1st time w wawa help.
after which change driver..
n head to spice resturant at mayang sari, but see the selection little,
so end up go back to resort hotel.
mayb cos we come later,
most of the food were abt to finish de.
we slowly makan, n see many ppl streamin in..

after which we drove buggee back to villa to slack..
mi played cards w the boys while meis resting,
dad watchin tv, mum packin the bag..
then all come out to take family pix at ard 11+

was watchin kungfu panda too..
mi , mei n mum was takin pix for each other for the last min..

took 2 rounds - to drive some to the reception area + baggage..
then my sis say to ask mi to drive for the last time to the reception area for check out.
so i drove w little skill.

then we check out officially.
walk to the beach area to chill

wind n wave big big.
took some pix..

n waited for transport to come fetch us to the ferry terminal...

by the time we reach ferry terminal,
juz nice to check in..
then start of the ferry ride is rough.
reali like roller coaster.
the kids all also wooo here n there (w adults too)
but it is ver dangerous.
after which mi slpt
& wake up when reach spore.
bought liquror on sis behalf.
then head to find food..
went to woodlands mart to makan.

mi cant carry bag as shoulder due to sunburnt in pain :(
reach home already 6,
use lappie & upload the pix
after which help w laundry
slpt ard 2 or 3

wake up ard 1.
prepare myself n waited to go house visiting at sengkang.
reach abt 3, makan there n played w my little cousins.
let xiao xuan play camera.
she so excited.
then ard 6 left for home.
onli mi n mum went home..

so use lappie,
upload pix, n doing entry (since juz now till now)
then now makanin dinner (or shd be supper) haiz.. :(

finish off 1 novel too.

shd go rest soon i think..
tml will start work le..

sally to mia le..

:D ♥; sally

Monday, February 08, 2010

hiyo bloggie.

has been quite some time since i last blog.
& currently im have internet connection prob.
thus unable to go msn or surf webby for the past 1/2 hr?

dun noe y like tat.
moi norton also expired. cham...

now mi juz update wat i can remember.
* finding HP - calendar an essential thing to me :)

fri (29 jan 2010)
work as per normal.
clear as much as i can.
after which head to marina sq to meet up w xinyi they all.
makan at Hans,
n in search for ladies.

end up visit esplanade.
n enjoy the walk to clarke quay?

chill out at Forbidden City
the sofas cool.
make mi reali wanna slp esp after all day work..

drank lime dairuiqui..
then pris n her busband come along to meet up w us.
n while makin out way to the Arena,
met up w xinyi's fren - Bill
heard for his name quite a no of times,
& onli then saw him.

after which made our way in.
feel tat arena is actuali quite small.
& they also hav a live singing group..
sometimes do noe sometimes dun noe wat they are singing.
juz move.haha..
so 8 ppl in total goin crazy..

xinyi head hm 1st cos not feelin well.
think drink too fast & too fierce le..

then mi sat there lookin at how the guys hook themselve w gers
n how the gers react..
eyes opening. haha..

then abt 2+ cab home.

wake up ard 4pm
though at 1+ colleague did call to ask abt work stuff.

then continue to do some housework & rot FT at home..

lunch was with bro n dad at my fav duck rice stall along thomson rd.
but there was no rice
so tried eating noodles w the duck meat
mi n dad cant get used to it.
simply find it strange.
agrees that rice w the duck meats is the best.

afterwhich head back home
n use lappie.
till abt 5+ shut down
n was watchin hai pai tian xin w bro n sis
funny show..
we chiong like tat for abt 6 episodes.
consider fierce ba..

then slpt ard 11+

mon 1st feb:
work till abt 6+ or 7 before heading for home..
slpt before 12..

xinyi dear on MC..
wasnt feelin well since mon..
wanted to stay up late till 1am to watch TV drama series
ie. csi (special disaster series) , csi miami & the women's murder club.
but end up onli manage to watch the 1st one n head to bed.
too tired..

work work work.
n then after work, head for joggin at yck.
stroll 1, slow jog 3, stroll 3/4, slow jog 2 & stroll another 1 rd

after which head back to adm to buy dinner for myself n bro
onli then reach home ard 9+ near 10 ba.

tink slpt nearly 1am..

meetin at 430pm at staff lounge
now to book room for meetin is super hard due to limitation
ie. under reno or being taken up by external parties.
ended ard 6 which is early.
then ard 7+ head to PS to meet up w cyn.
so was walkin ard & at the same time thinkin of wat to eat.
so after walkin,
end up makan at yoshinoya
moi tried the yakitori beef bento set
then went to atrium & saw the carrefour fair.
so was browsing & saw some god deals
so made a few purchases along w cyn
n afterwhich we head for home.
tired as time was already 10+ le..

reach home,
see ham hams (new member - bai bai)
n ard 1+ slp

finali its fri.
so work as per normal..
was clearin as much as i can.

then receive pris sms to ask if wanna go chiong anot.
haha.. almost laugh out loud.
do i look like one?
mayb occassionally its ok .
but not everytime
cos its an expensive expenditure juz for 1 nite..

then ard 6+ head to sunplaza.
cailing called mi up to say that she wanted to meet up
so ask her to join moi sis n mum for dinner before shoppin.
since i reach slightly early,
usual hideout is the library
n bu xiao xin borrowed books again.. wahhaa.. :P

then head to food fare foodcourt to makan dinner
had kimchi soup set.
not too bad..

then started 'shoppin'
cailing is the star..
then waited for bus to home.

sat 6 feb 2010:
wake up ard 10
n started to spring cleaning for the kitchen cabinets.
& at the same time listenin to Class 95 - Y2K weekend
the songs selection was great.
so was movin along w the music while cleanin.

then onli at 3.30pm, ate my lunch, read newspaper
then prepare to head out to meet up w cailing serene n jason
to celebrate cailing bday in adv.

head to amk.
walk ard. n cailing walkin reali fast ..
shop here n there.
makan at ichiban..
think they have change their menu.
after which continue shoppin outside of amk hub.
moi bought 2 black top :P

then all of us head to sunplaza mac to chill out.
talk abt our plan for trip to taiwan.
n also discuss abt the issue of luggage.

ard 11+ near 12,
head to take bus home.
use lappy til abt 3
n back to bed.

wake up ard 12+
then slack abit,
head out to makan for lunch
n ard 4+
started to clean again.
focus on the kitchen walls (along w bro)
n the room doors + cabinets.

then help my mum w the storeroom
threw alot of stuff.
reali is alot..
then saw alot of things that bought back some memories.
again class 95 - y2k weekend accompanied us till abt 8
when my sis bought dinner home for mi n mum.
watch priates of caribbean w wq.
then wash up myself.
feelin shiok n slpy le.

OMG its reachin 1am.
think need to slp le..

did i mentioned that recently feel tat my readin speed abit too fast?
manage to complete my eng novel like within 1 day.
dun noe read so fast for wat.


:D ♥; sally


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