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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Teachers' VisitnG !!

today is 31st august 2005.. which means tml is teachers' day.. so it happen that i didnt hav any sch today so last minute decide to find our teachers..

after updatin the entry in the blog.. mi went out with my mei to secondary sch.. i met up with serene n jason.. in all in that 1 hour.. we are considered lucky to have seen three teahers.. they are mrs goh, mrs chew n mdm phang.. mrs chus is on a half year course so cant get to see her.. mi need to meet up with ying at yishun so at abt 1030am i left secondary sch.. didnt managed to wait for their concert..

took train to yishun.. met up with ying n then make our way to YJC.. many students hav left sch.. the sch seem to be kinda of cold without the ppl.. reach sch at abt 11am.. couldnt find teacher.. heard that they are at the auditiorium havin some teacher stuff.. then saw them eatin so we too went to eat at the canteen.. when we return the place was cleared of teachers.. so i ask ying to sms mr tan to c where they are.. so we waited outside the library.. we saw some friends n chatted.. then at abt 1 plus.. mr tan n mr sim saw us n cum n chat with us for a while.. then the teachers were rushed to photo-taking session.. i went to the office n took some stuff my friend.. n leave the school.. mi n ying went to buy bubble tea outside sch.. haha.. then after that i took a bus home.. reach home felt ver tired n that instead of accompanyin my mum to eat i went to slp..

when i juz reach home.. i didnt even hav the time to put down my bag then i had to help my dad to register online for his new company.. he is now not in the biz of f&d.. now he is goin into the biz of refuse disposal n recycle services.. wat energy he has.. stop work for 3 days then now into another field of biz.. total difference..

mi now hav to buck up n study le.. alot alot of theory to rmb.. mi juz saw the file n i feel that eyes wanna closed le.. haiz.. need some other alternative to wake myself up.. now i goin to hav dinner n watch my cartoon for awhile.. afterall it is wed today.. hehe.. cya guys.. take care..
** Wan An **

:D ♥; sally


sch was interestin.. i kinda of like the teacher so far.. manage becos i understand wat they are talkin about.. the overseas lecture mayb due to the cultural differences between us sometimes the way they convey their message to us we could not understand..

after school my group stayed back for discussion.. as the discussion flows, we sidetrack to talk anout errie happening that they hav encountered, their life experience.. it was reali a good time for mi to noe them.. i was and i am still a child listenin to them talkin about their stories.. so good.. then went on home.. use the computer..

then i hav to type the minutes of the discussion we had to update two other fellow members about the progression of the meeting.. so i type n when i finish it.. i could hardly believe that that was wat i type.. it look kinda formal to mi.. so strange..

then jia qing was chattin with mi.. i can stil remember her opening was 'I'm your long lost fren...'
i like that starting to say... and wat she say was true.. we haven met each other since pri 3.. it is about 10 years from now.. haha.. chat abit of here n abit of there..

mi went to bed at abt 12.. kinda of early..

Today no sch.. but will be goin to secondary sch n JC to see teachers.. long time no see them le.. opps i runnin late le.. any more updates will soon be cuming.. Cya guys..

** Happy Teachers' Day **

:D ♥; sally

Monday, August 29, 2005

..Heart Of The Hunter..

today im goin to share with u a paragraph that i read from a novel.. i think it can reali be a good thing to ponder about..

An Extract from 'Heart of The Hunter' written by Deon Meyer:

" Do you know what is life? It is a process of disillusionment. It frees you from your illusions about people. You start out trusting everyone, you find your role models and strive to be like them and then you are disappointed by one after the other and it hurts, Van Heerden ( character in the story), it is a painful road to walk and i never understood why it must be so, but now i do. It is because every time the hope in you dies a little, with every disillusion, each disappointment in others becomes a disappointment in yourself. If others are weak, that weakness lies in you. It is like death, when you see others die you know it lies in wait for you. I am so tired of it, Van Heerden, i am so tired f being disillusioned, of seeing all these things on people and in myself, the weakness, the pain, the evil.

I am what i am. i can deny it, i can suppress it... and hide it, but not for ever. Life does as it will, it throws you around. Yesterday there was a moment i realised i was living again. for the first time in... a long time. That i was doing something meaningful. With satisfaction. That I was vibrating inside and outside, in time,in rhythm. And do you know my first reaction? To feel guilty.... I have had time to think, Van Heerden. I understand it better. I was not what i am that is wrong. It was what i use it for. Or let it be used for. That was my mistake. I allowed other people to decide. But no more. No More. "

Personally i felt that this 2 paragraphs say alot about a person perspective of life comparing himself from his past to his present actions. It is full of overwhelming emotions about how he felt after going through so much stuff in just a few days that disrupted his peace that he had managed for a year.. he lost the love of his life n Felt very depressed for he feels that indirect he caused her death if he hasnt accepted this request which he says that is a Debt that he has to repay - a man's debt; a debt of honour.. Such a simple yet complicated principle of life to one's thinkings and belief...

isnt it interesting!! i think i will continue to read the next book at hand.. hope that it will too be a nice story.. if any one of u like short stories i hav a website to recommend.. there are lots of stories available of different gene.. like crime, romance, fiction and etc..

** http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/indexframe.html **


:D ♥; sally

-- Borin Day @ work --

wat a borin day today.. firstly there isnt much ppl who cum to my 'booth'.. alot of elderly ppl n young kids.. whenever i see the young kids i was so frighten that they will accidently crashed into the bottles of wine set up for sale.. most of the ppl (inclusive of elderly n kids) are curious as to wat product im sellin.. so to say im sellin wine..

today's samples are ' Abor Mist Melon (fruit wine from new york) & Hardys Vertical Range Cabarnet Sauv ( red wine from south eastern australia)' since the bottle too many times that i can remember..

mi waited for time to pass.. n that the sampling cups were runnin out.. so i pray that the last cup to be used at abt 545pm.. it abt that time i'll think abt closin the booth n return home.. n indeed this prayer was being answered.. strange to say that..

cum back home.. my butt seem to b stuck to the sofa.. i couldnt move my eyes away from the TV.. i watch some nice show.. n that one is Korean anothere is Japanese.. Korean show started at abt 9pm on channel u.. it is a story abt a child send to his grandmother house for a period of time while his mother were overseas to work.. it is showin the bondin btw grandma-grandson..

Otn the othere hand.. the Japanese show started at 11pm on channel 8.. its the last espiode of the series abt rebuildin Tokyo after the major earthquake.. it show us that we should never give up.. should presever n continue the hardwork.. all tis will be resulted as results of ya hard labour, effort n determination.. Wat a touchin show..

juz finish checkin my mail n soon to go offline.. tml hav sch.. but it is onli startin from 2pm endin at 5.. will meet yingn xuan 1245pm at adm.. so if i got the time.. i try cum n updates.. i need to start studyin le.. so many stuff to remember..
[[[ .. StuDenT OnCe MoRe .. ]]]

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Work Happenings!!

today is saturday n so tis means that i hav to go work.. while waitin for the train ( though rushin for time).. i was busy readin my novel that i loan from the library.. i was late but no one was there to control mi.. so good.. reachin there i was busy thinkin which samples i wan to open..
a variety for mi to choose..

when there is customer the time seem to pass by fast.. i think i would hav to thank the customers as i think their presence help mi to kill my time.. haha.. n today i meet a customer who i think is ver friendly... he seems to be like any uncle around but when he talk to mi.. i could feel his enthusiam (correctly spelt?)

so he was workin for Great Eastern.. haha.. i think he overestimated my age.. haha.. he took mi to hav a career as a Financial Advisor.. i was like u noe.. its the course that im studyin now.. haha.. then he gav mi his namecard n requested for my number.. he wanted to invited mi to go for a seminar that they will organised every month.. i was tempted to but hav studies so he oso feel that i shdnt go.. Its was FOC to say.. he cum to talk to mi for 2 times.. then when i was havin a break he called my handphone.. haha.. so i can say he is ver endto.. hehe..

today work end at abt 630pm.. time somehow when nearin knockoff time seem ver long.. haiz.. mi waited for the shuttle bus for quite sometime.. reach adm @ abt 730pm.. bought dinner for my family n went home..

reach home - watch tv n waited for mi sis to use the com finish.. so when i finali get to use it.. it was 120am le.. haha.. so now updatin.. tml or should i say today i will hav to work again.. haha.. so tml will start sch..

-- Good Nite --

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Lat3 Day !1

today is consider to be a day where i reach home late.. its the 2nd time.. the ver 1st time was the 1st day of sch.. haha.. today my group stayed back to discuss abt the qn in our assignment.. tough to say.. shifu has taught mi a diff way so initially there was confusion.. but later on.. the air of confusion was cleared.. haha.. " A= L+P " so we sat there for abt 4hrs plus talkin abt Qn 2.. cos i didnt noe how to start i ask esther to help mi.. she sort of becum te teacher to mi, benson n chester.. haha.. she is a gd teacher but im a poor student.. dun noe y i cant take in wat she was talkin.. slowly i try to understand it.. but mayb cos mi exhausted my brain cells so cant work it out..

cum home at abt 7 immediately went to eat dinner.. didnt reali hav breakfast nor lunch so my stomach was like sing songs to mi.. haha.. watch a bit of tv then i settle down to do qn 2 all over again.. this time usin my own method.. i hope i can work it out.. gonna consult shifu to double check my ans.. n clarify my doubt.. hehe.. now chattin with Jur Jie n some or my SIM frenz.. haha.. i think im goin to sign off soon n return to my books..
** so Gd Nitez Fren **

:D ♥; sally

shoppin spree !!!

wow.. yesterday was a busy day.. in total took 8 rides on both bus n trains.. haha.. sch knock off at abt 1pm then i hav a little meet up with my group n then rush to canteen to find my other group of friends.. haha.. then went on to the next destination at beauty world to do some printin.. went orchard by bus followed by train to raffles mrt station.. reach there meet up with chris shifu.. haha.. went BK n at abt 345pm i went to fetch serene at the mrt station.. then all move to the place we are supposed to be interviewed.. sat there fir a while interviewed and off we went.. it was onli for less than an hour.. after that we went home le.. mi went out again with my mum n siblings at abt 7 plus to yishun.. ate at the coffee shop then went to northpoint to shop.. less than an hour the 5 of us bought abt $300 of clothing.. then at abt 10 reach home le.. so tiring..

then today.. all of us ssem kinda of tired so all 3 of us meet late.. haha.. then finish sch.. today sian sian de.. no textbook so cant reali do anything.. need to wait until tml to get it.. so wheni finali reach adm.. it was pourin.. but lucky enough my dad was oso in adm .. so i my dad to fetch mi home before goin to work.. haha.. mi reach home abt 2pm plus.. ate n went to slp// no wonder im gainin weigh so fast.. haha.. slept at abt 330pm wake up onli at abt 7.. piggy mi.. watch tv n ate.. haha.. now updatin blog w many many interruptions.. haha.. cos was watchin a mahjong show.. haha.. reali ver funny.. that person can reali sing affectionate songs to call back the tiles.. haha.. they say need hav passion n love for the tiles.. haha.. reali cute.. now alrdy 1am.. need go slp slp le.. haha.. so nitez..

~ WaN An ~

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Recent HappenInGs !!

hi there.. i think it has been abt 2 weeks since i last put an entry in here.. mi busy with studies.. tryin to catch up n that stay focus in it.. this 2 wks many stuff have happened to mi.. good or bad.. im not too sure..

i cant really remember the events that happen.. i am reali losin my memory le.. haiz.. so i shall slowly recall.. events listed may not b in chronlogical order.. hehe..

on the monday.. mi mum n dad bought mi a mp3.. i was so surprised.. cos intially i onli wanted a recorder so that i can record wat ever is needed in the lectures.. it can hard tryin to follow lecture where u dun even noe wat he is talkin abt.. haiz.. then on one saturday.. i went changi.. wanted to eat my dad's cookin but end up helpin out at the stall.. cos that day was totally insufficient labour.. i was asked to help out.. remember that on one fri nearin the national day.. mi, ying n xuan went to sing kbox.. we even sang oldies.. haha.. it broke our record of havin to stay in the kbox for abt 6hr.. 1/4 of the day stuck there.. haha..

then this week on wed i finalli get to noe who are my group members.. n on that wed we did an incredible stuff.. on wed its the 1st time we all meet up n that on that day we request our lecturer to judge our performance for the project.. it was like.. we all manage to clear thru.. on fri we had to do another one n mi was assigned the role of a boss by majority vote.. had a hard time figurin how to act it out.. it was reali a challenge to me.. the qns they posed was totally out of my expectation.. so i had to imprompto fond a solution to their ans.. tough tough tough.. the whole day session was kinda of strange.. there wasnt a need to hav lect but there was a need to cum to sch to do our ole play or presentation.. my is the 4th group.. had to wait for ying who is a few groups behind.. then while waitin.. the ppl around mi were lookin thru the assignement for financial statement a.. so sad for mi.. i reali didnt noe how to even began the qn proper.. then 2 friend of mine who usually sit in front of mi durin lectures taught mi how to think n do the qn.. it isnt easy.. but however i manage to understand n completed 1.. it was reali a sign of relief for mi.. reali had to thank him.. xie xie ni shifu.. hehe.. then cum home did some housework with my mum.. slept super early..

missed out something.. on thursday mi did met up with serene at causeway point.. i needed to pass her the map.. n she gav mi surprise.. she bought mi a bag.. that bag was meant to b a super early birthday present.. cos b4 the sch starts i was actuali bag-huntin.. but it end up that i didnt buy any.. too many variety so didnt noe which one to buy..

on saturday.. which is today i were to work.. it is at turf city.. my aunt brought mi to tour abit.. this was supposed to b sort of orientation.. haha.. so onli tourin awhile.. i started work almost asap.. i was like.. wow.. there isnt much for mi to do.. so the whole day i stood there n rot.. no chairs to sit.. when i return from break i almost lost my promoter tag.. lucky enough someone found it n pick it up.. so i think i was in luck.. then finali time to go.. pack my stuff n waited for the bus to cum.. i was goin to chalet at downtown east.. jason planned a chalet n i was invited to go.. but i didnt stay overnight.. so there i was.. sittin there.. n that i had to rush home cos of the late timin.. when bus no. 354 finali cum.. i reach pasir ris at abt 1119pm.. there wasnt anymore train.. then i panicked.. i ran to take a cab to tampines interchange.. the spot where i hired the cab is the same as when we took yin xin n took a cab home.. so lucky enough there was still last bus which i managed to catch it.. reach home i chat with my aunt n mum n sister.. now sitted in front of the com.. i preparin to close my entry.. so.. So Long n Farewell ppl.. i need my slp.. hav to work tml too..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Happy 40th Birthday SINGAPORE !!!

Yoz.. today is the 40th birthday of singapore.. haha.. same age as my mum..

yesterday.. mornin.. met up eith ying n serene to hav breakfast at mac in clementi.. yong xin actualli supposed to b there but she cant wake up.. nvm.. we ate our breakfast n stone there.. haha.. once the time reached we approached the mrt station.. mi n ying to meet up with xuan.. while serene need to meet up with yong xin n samuel's gerfriend.. haha..

when we reach sch.. its a new lect topic.. n that there is a need to pirchase the books.. so after sch all of us reach to the bookstore n so sad.. most of us cant get the books.. out of supply while the others had some ideas of getted it printed in a lower cost.. kinda good wor.. then when i was on my way to the library.. i met junjie gor.. haha.. small small world.. he was there to find his friends.. we chatted on our updates n that after that he saw some friends n off i went to catch up with my friends in the library.. in the library we made a decision to photocopy the notes after makin the confirmation.. so off we went to clementi to search for a photocopyin shop.. haha.. then we settle on one n off we went to hav lunch at mac.. this time i hav 9 piece nuggets - my fav.. reach home abt 4pm.. n as a normal routine.. i slept again.. this time 3 hrs long.. my parents cum home n gave mi a surprise.. they bought mi a mp3.. Rogers is the brand.. i actuali onli need a recorder.. but instead they bought a mp3.. haha.. they bought 2.. supposedly was for ivy but she didnt wan so my youngest sis gladly take it.. haha.. so we spent the night updatin the music to our mp3.. then finali i had time to read a book out of the few i borrowed.. so long no read le.. n time to slp again..

today is national day.. woke up at abt 11am.. then my father ferried the 4 of us to causeway point.. we had LJS.. then we shop around.. my sister bought her wanted mp3.. my 2 sisters try some clothes but dun reali fit them.. then i make my way to Hello shop to fix my phone which has problem.. cant send mms.. haha.. then finali fix.. i chose a pic n send.. it took sometime to settle it though.. the person tried sendin it to himself.. so when my phone finali settled.. he saw the pic i chose n he share it with his friend.. haha.. i send a pic of my hugger ( milkbottle pillow, doggy n tigger) hehe.. reach home i help her to settle the songs into her mp3.. n multitaskin b watchin the ndp parade.. now 9 plus.. when i finish eatin my dinner.. i will hav to do the ironin of clothing.. reali a high mountain.. haha.. signin off now.. cya..

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

study madness !!

yesterday was a hectic day.. real hectic.. morning wake up.. mayb still not ver used to wakin up early i had to struggle.. esp that slept at abt 1 plus to write notes.. now reali hav the need to rewrite notes n find out wat i dun understand.. So went to sch as usual for the 2nd day.. met up with ying n xuan.. try my best to stay wake on the journey.. then lecture was goin on fine.. had buns for refreshment.. FOC somemore.. haha.. cool.. then on the journey home.. met up with serene n my bro at sunplaza.. to hav lunch.. i was so so tired that i hardly hav any appetite.. finally at abt 4pm i reach home n fall aslp almost immediately..wake up abt 6.30pm n continue to do housework.. 1st vaccum the floor.. 2nd mop the floor.. when everything is done.. the time is abt 805pm.. went to shower to wash away the stickyness n tiredness im feelin.. so at abt 830pm i brought my bro for dinner.. went to popular to purchase some items for schooling.. then ate n waited for my sis to join us who was just let off from work.. reach home at 10pm..managedto catch my fav tv show.. at the same time had to mulit- task.. ironin of clothes n teachin my bro his maths.. so 3 items at the same time.. then finally finsih all this chores.. i now hav my own time.. guessed wat.. its 1am in the morninle.. nevertheless i continue with the process of notes- reviving exercise.. at abt 3am..my parents reached home.. haha.. they were surpirsed that im still not aslp.. i finally completed my review at abt 3 plus nearin 4am.. then went to wash my face n chat with my mum for awhile.. n head for the bed.. zZzZzZ

n today.. wake up automatically at abt 8am.. which i found itsurprisin.. haha.. then again the same routine.. went to sch.. n then at abt 2 plus reach home.. ate my lunch n now sitting in front of the computer updatin my entry.. downloadin some songs n will be makin some amendments to my webby in 'The Girl' column.. Cailing say she will cum to my house at abt 5pm.. so i think im gonna rest awhile n continue revivin my notes.. the lectures seem to be goin so fast like a bullet- train.. Cya friends..


:D ♥; sally

Monday, August 01, 2005

first day at school !!

wow.. today is the 1st day of sch at SIM.. finalli le.. haha.. we to take mrt with my mei who was on her way to work.. then waited for huiying n went up the train.. on our journey to sch.. we felt tired.. haha.. i think the alarm clock in our mind still not ver set for studies.. 8 months no study le.. haha.. we reach sch early so to prepare ourselves.. then i rmb wan hua mayb will b there.. cos she applied for SIM Bachelor ofAccountancy.. haha.. and indeed she was there.. then later on..mi n ying went to the lecture room that we were supposed to b in.. on the way..ying saw hui xuan.. haha.. another YJCian in the course.. hehe.. so at least the 3 of us hav companion.. haha.. the enrolment n welcum session was simple n fast.. at abt 12 plus... we were havin our refreshment n then at abt 1pm.. we had our tour ard the campus n the library.. the teacher kept remindin us to go back to class at 2pm.. u noe.. its kinda strange when we didnt reali hav orientation n that on the 1st day of sch we started our lesson.. reali a fast way sia.. haha.. hardly can imagine how i took it.. i oso got to noe a new friend.. her name is kelly.. she is olderthan us n but nevertheless age shouldnt b a problem.. hope that i can clear this smoothly.. gonna bath n do up my notes.. cya guys..


:D ♥; sally


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