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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hiyo bloggy..
notice that i haven been blogging for the past 3 weeks coming to 4 weeks?

gosh.. reali is 有心无力...

noticed that this is my 780th post !!

so shall try to do summary :

26-07-10 (Mon)
- makan kaki inform that he likely to leave for good in dec. sad
- then work till ard 8+
- head to PS - G2000 w buddy to shop shop, since there is promotion.
after trying, bought 2 pants..
head home & chase after k-drama w mummy.
end up slp 1+ :P

27-07-10 (Tues)
- had section meeting till abt 6+ or 7
- then head to PS to meet up w Wenfu for dinner at foodcourt.
- the foodcourt red bean soup nice !!!
- then see ipad (sold out)
- & head to atrium wine fair to find frens before heading home...

28-07-10 (wed)
- work till 9+
- then head back home to relax my all meshed up brain.
- makan & chase after k-drama w sis.
- help my aunt to send particulars to MFA so end up slp ard 2...

29-07-10 (thur)
- ard 4 head to HQ w kelvin for NDOC meeting.
- seem tat ours is the most difficult segment among all others :P
- ard 5 reach back office, then do the minutes till 6pm
- then ard 7, head to somerset to find cyn cyn for dinner
- makan at the resturant at level 1 near the escalator area.
- then shop uniqlo & moi bought quite a no. of clothings :P

30-07-10 (fri)
- work till 6+, then head to somerset to meet up w my mum.
- makan at HK cafe (the wind there is reali big & cold)
- then shop at uniqlo again till it nearly close shop for the day.
- quite some stuff goin on promotion which is different from the thursday promotion...

31-07-10 (sat)
- lunch was at adm.
- head home to use lappy.
- then head to northpoint for dinner & head to library too..
- afterwhich head back home, manga mania till 1+

01-08-10 (sun)
- lunch was at adm
- share a big bowl of noodles w dad => & so filling
- then watch K drama, which i teared
- read 2 novels & play w ham ham (i mean i look at them playing)
- concuss ard 1+ ..

02-08-10 (mon)
- work & so busy w ndoc
- then rehearsal from 6+ to ard 8..
- then train w azhar
- slpt ard 11+ .. so tired..

03-08-10 (tues)
- almost the whole day not at my desk.
- too busy w NDOC : runnin all ard the office tryin to get things settled
- work till 7+ , then head to meet up w cyn n wenfu at PS
- makan at foodcourt, then shop ard carrefour.
- afterwhich cyn left & moi w wenfu head to watch Street Dance.
- nice & groovy..
- ard 11+ head for home & slpt ard 2..

04-08-10 (wed)
- morning, makan nasi lemak w honey at staff pantry
- had NDOC video session of our rehearsal
- Ghandian last day in office too.. shook his hand & the words he say almost made mi teared
'seeing sally seem like im leaving my daughter'
- had full NDOC rehearsal till abt 745pm.
- train to CWP & makan at foodcourt w peng, cyn n wenfu.
- shop at courts.. moi n cyn busy playing iphone game.. hee..
- got a new earphone from ah yi as mine has spoilt - retractable earphone..

05-08-10 (thur)
- reach office ard 8.15am
- clear abit of my emails & head to HQ for the event.
- thru'out was running ard to gather & relocate our members.
- actual program : had 3 major hiccups on my side => totally stressed out !!
- still it out on well w the improvisation of the members
- finali award presentation => we won as the 1st TEAM !!!!
- after which head out w the muslim colleagues to Lucky Plaza (think abt 11 muslim colleagues & moi onli chi)
- had ayam penyet & then we take bus back to work.
- suffered serious headache..
- still doin the miscellaneous stuff of NDOC...
- head for home ard 5+, then i concuss from 7+ to abt 11+
- & back to slp ard 12+ or 1 to the next morning..

06-08-10 (fri)
- headache is still present but less hurting.
- notice that other ppl also look ver tired...
- work till 7+
- left office w jenny as we are the remainin 2 (jenny shooo moi home)
- so tired w so much calls to entertain.

07-08-10 (sat)
- slpt till 1+
- makan at adm
- back home to more novels, animes & manga mania
- watch a interesting k-movie
- slpt ard 2+

08-08-10 (sun)
- woke up ard 9+
- use lappy, then head to somerset w bro to meet up w JR, fanny, Desmond, jason & serene to celebrate JR's birthday.
- met up w jr & fanny 1st, then head to cine to buy tix 1st (super long queue :S )
- makan at KFC to wait for all to gather.
- play pool for abt an hr, then to our movie - Tekkan (fight fight fight)
- afterwhich head to bugis to makan steamboat.
- makan slowly & weikian join us.
- sang the birthday song & abt time to disperse.
- train w rene, jason, sam & desmond.
- played the iphone brick game => quite addictive..

09-08-10 (mon)
- Happy 45th birthday Singapore => also a public holiday !!
- wake up 1+, makan at adm.
- watch NDP at padang (quite like this yr way of presentation, using songs to link all the segments)
- finish off my novel & slpt ard 12+

10-08-10 (tues)
- lunch w buddy at berlington foodcourt
- went to K-mart & head back to office.
- Mr Peh treat us all teabreak snacks as we have won the NDOC.
- work till 7+
- met up w Ris at adm, bought dinner & ran errands, she forget to bring her HP out.
- waited for Ris to see doc.
- slpt ard 12.

11-08-10 (wed)
- had lunch w francis
- suddenly heavy downpour & trap along w honey.
- so went to see bookfair w honey before we waited to share umbrella w others.
- purchased 3 books for $5 (hardcover some more.. cool !! different gerne from the usual tat im reading..)
- shared umbrella w james.
- ard 5.45pm, left office & head to northpoint to meet up w mum.
- while eating, saw rainee & her family (Korea trip tour mates)
- so we updated each other, & jio next time to go tour korea again..
- shop awhile & head home (w 3 library books in my bag :P )

12-08-10 (thur)
- lunch w honey at berlington foodcourt
- shop K-mart w honey
- work till 4+, had department meeting at HQ.
- ended ard 5+, saw lots of YOG representatives w volunteers.
- train to semb to meet up w mum.
- makan at the foodcourt at semb mrt station, had ayam penyet (delicious)
- got to know some news abt my family.. sad

13-08-10 (fri)
- work till abt 6+
- head to train to harbour front.
- met up w iling, jeff & his gf.
- surprising all wore red/pink...
- as usual makan at sushitei...
- chattin abt our next 1 day short trip which will be organised after i returned from bangkok...
- even in train, lots of ppl wearing pink/red..
- i think to avoid the 'friday, 13th thinggy' ??

14-08-10 (sat)
- stay home day
- had steamboat dinner..
- watch the opening of YOG ceremony.
- afterwhich, watch manga & off to bed...

15-08-10 (sun)
- wake up ard 1+
- head to yishun to hav brunch..
- head to adm to run errands
- went to develop my photos too
- & remaining of the day, stay home w books, manga & internet...

16-08-10 (mon)
- reach office early
- workload still not too bad. but considered it a slow day...
- work till ard 5.30 before heading for home...
- head to adm to buy dinner & collect the tix
- was using lappy, reading twilight series (the book that was leaked out the press)
its a inner story of Edward from the 1st book..
- read mange too..
- slpt ard 12

17-08-10 (tues)
- today.
- work as per normal.
- a slow day to say..
- lots of calls to make & discussion of cases.
- currently the weather is wet. & the thunder roared (which out of suddenly had frighten me as i dun noe its rainning)
- think will be heading off on the dot if possible, will be meeting cyn cyn soon....

beware of rumors/gossips
reali can turn from white to black & vice versa..
should u be clear of your conscious, prove it !!

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, July 25, 2010

yoz webby.
has been quite some time i last update :P

too busy w work ah..

so here goes :

wed 14 jul
morning busy w work
then lunch w alice n cyndiie.

wanted to work, but system down.
dotz, so end up cutting my nails.
then ard 5pm head for department meeting.

ard 6-30pm, head to dhoby to meet up w wenfu to go Semb shoppin center.
met up w cyn n lui peng,
then makan chi food.

tried ice milk tea w red bean for the 1st time (i mean ice milk tea).
ordered tat drink due to red bean . :P

after which we chatted till abt (+.
head back to semb mrt station.
lui peng head for home 1st.
then remainin 3 of us head to mac to continue watchin photo.
& the session ended when cyn laptop died on us..
afterwhich head for home..

thur 15 jul :
work til 9+
hav to thank wenfu for sending moi milk n bread.
if not will be hungry n cant work due to coldness.

fri 16 jul :
had meetin at HQ for NDOC event
then ard 6+
train back w elvin.
the train is damn packed.

return home, chiong animes..

sat, 17 jul :
slpt till 1
head to makan ard 3+
then chiong manga,
dad feelin bored,
drag moi go joggin.
as moi super long time no jog,
still it gentle
dun wanna strain myself.
then continue abit of exercise at the exercise corner before heading home.

dinner was at ave 5..
& went back home..

sun, 18 jul :
wake up ard 9+
continue manga mania.
head to makan at adm.
slack at home, watch TV - documentary w my bro
& updated the song list in my mp3.

mon, 19 jul :
work non-stop
then head to marina sq to meet up w wenfu before headin for k session.
had k dinner buffet.
waited for cyn to come in too.

the method of selection now changes.
not user friendly.
& the words are so hard to read as the font is rather small for me...
ended ard 10.
& we headed home..

wed, 21 jul :
head home ard 6 as work somehow able to pile up..

thur, 22 jul :
hav 2 NDOC meetin at 11am & 5pm.
work till 8,
then met up w xiao mei at PS.
walk ard abit, before heading to LJS to makan dinner.
then head for home.

previous nite had drop her bag & her wallet drop out,
since it dark, unable to see anything.

fri, 23 jul :
chiong my work thru, though had 2 meetings too.
finali by ard 7, cleared up my work
afterwhich walk to raffles city to meet up w ber wa wa & wendy jie.
then head to find food to eat.
then waited for pris jie to come.

makan at the asian kitchen.
ordered food & waited.
moi food delicious.. :)

then after eatin so full,
head to marina sq to watch movie.

the movie was great. everyone in the cinema sat from start till end.
then rush to catch the last train home.
so tired.

sat, 24 Jul :
Happy birthday, Mummy ^.^

morning wake up.
see parents n xiao mei head to RP for xiao mei 2nd yr awards.
got merit award for some module.

afterwhich ard 12+ or 1.
they come back,
then all head out to Alexandra to makan
xiao mei head back to work.
then parents n me head to chinatown.
collect the Aug trip tix.
& shop ard abit.
& then head back home..

which is ard 6.
then i head to rest abit cos not feeling too well.
then nite all head down to makan dinner.
& back home.
watch movies - karate kid n the last airbender.
dun noe where mei hav the source.

watch till 3+
before heading for bed.

sun, 25 jul :
wake up ard 10+
then finish my anime,
watch some novels (currently the 3rd one)
& watch documentarys on how the china young kids train for the olympics dreams
frankly its reali ver cruel.
the whole family hopes on the child's shoulder when they are less than 5 yrs old?
& away for their parents
reali see le ver heartbroken..
see how the young faces the torture of the demand of the sports that took
& how they face the pressures.
reali is unbearable when they end up not being able to make it..

sally now going for dinner..

:D ♥; sally

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

yoz bloggy.

have been a wk plus since i last update..

tues, 6 jul
lunch was w azhar, jamaliah & alina.
went to search for our props
& makan at bugis - qi ji

at end of day,
head to marina sq to meet up w cyn n wenfu.
camp at HMV, citylink to wait.

then make our way to marina sq.
initially wanted to go listen to music along dinner.
but that ming ge resturant is playing chiong yao.
so we gav it a pass.

end up we went hunting for dinner.
after walking such a big round, yuan lai the resturant we are looking for is actuali juz beneath.

got a seat n seat to makan.
then servin of food is reali big
the bowl also ver de big....

ard 11
we head for home...

wed, 7 Jul :
after lunch,
rush back to office to go level 6
to go find colleague to bring me to CAD to record statement as requested by the officer.
quite a fast one.
then bus to office.

afterwhich, rush for crm but it stop juz infront of me.

so postpone.
nvm, afterwhich head to see the NDOC segment practice.
quite a interestin one.
so by the time i finali settle to do work is already after office hrs.
so end up i work till 8+ before makin way home..

thur, 8 Jul :
had ndoc meeting at 2pm w main characters.
then back to work after an hr.

ard 5
have another ndoc filming goin on
so by the time im done, is already 6+
then made my way to chinatown to meet up w my mum.
we wanted to book for bangkok trip in aug.
so after walkin round,
manage to find one.
so made our purchase on the spot.

after which, we makan & went to shop for cheap deals
cab home..
listen & discuss music/songs w bro & sis before goin to slp.

sat, 10 Jul :
morning woke up n head to yishun w bro to buy bread n to meet up w our cousins.
goin pulau ubin for gatherin..

so makan n waited for all to gather before takin the bumper boat to ubin.
rented bikes
moi dun noe how to ride bike,
so ke lian my bro to share the double bike w moi.

then off we go..
road quite tough to travel.
also climb the tower n have makan there.
makan bread, enjoy the greenary..

then continue to walk to see the sea..

the overall feel is cool..

then upon seein the clouds,
we decide to return back to mainland.
so returned bike,
& boat back to singapore.
makan lunch/dinner at the market n bus home.

tiring day.
think i was usin the lappy halfway till i went to room to slp on my bro's place..

wake up ard in the afternoon.
then head to makan w dad at adm.
had a good chat w dad.

head home,
then rest awhile & head to northpoint to meet up w my mum.
head to library to kill time.
then went to shop for my dad's top.
then head to makan chix rice.
& back to northpoint to shop giordano & mum bought jewellery

went over to ntuc,
mum went to stock up while i stood outside to wait..

then we cab home.
so tired.

mon, 12 Jul :
morning busy clearing my stuff n my files.
then afternoon ard 3+ head to HQ to go for ndoc training.
moi stuck at the control room doing the ppt n music timing.

while the others do the 1st rehearsal.
so everything ended ard 6.
then during train journey,
was editin my script w more indepth details..

afterwhich, i head to cwp to find cyn n wenfu.
went to civic center to find them in the music studio.
then makan mac for dinner.
n head to starbucks.

thanks cyn for the hot chocolate.
the nite went pass rather slowly.

slp ard 12.

tues, 13 Jul :
which is today.

work non stop.
phone call also non stop ringing.

lunch was w ivy at dhoby Xhange - Just asia
the meal was very filling.

after which waited for my lawyer to come & then all managers to discuss my case.

the more i hear, the more i blur.
reali is of different league de.
then went ended,
head back to seat to digest the information.
n also went to find my boss to clarify.
quite a difficult position we are in..

then continue to work till ard near 7
then train 1 stop to somerset.
met up w wendy,
& went searchin for resturants for our ladies gathering.. hehe..

then finali we decided on one - the italian resturant at lvl 1.
so moi, xinyi, pris n wendy makan
n we chit chat there.
ver ver nice feelings.
ought to do it more regularly.

then happen to see wenfu too.

ard 10,
we head for home.
keep seeing ppl in batches rushin to the train station.
quite puzzling as to where they come from.. hehe..

so now seated in front of lappy,
doing updates.

will be workin, morning to go see bosses for my cases, & afternoon to have dpt meetings
then ard 6,
will pend for wenfu to call me,
n will make our way to SSC to find cyn n luipeng for dinner.
expecting it to be a another nice gathering..

sally to mia.

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, July 04, 2010

hiyo bloggy.

for these past 2 weeks
busy with work esp the 1st week.
even broke my personal records on workin till 10.35pm on friday
juz to clear my work..

m also involved in my company national day observance ceremony
team 4 to put up our performance to be in line with the national day theme.

the idea come out to be pretty cool..

then at the same time,
have been chasing k-drama -> he's beautiful & Pasta.
reali nice show :)

had also celebrated my bro b'day at northpoint on 30 jun.
had chi food.
but was onli so so onli.

have been a long & tiring week.
my colleagues thought i was chasin after the world cup.
juz inform them i watch none. :P

had also met up w my agent on fri (2nd jul) durin lunch at PS
had long john silver.
& lucky that i prepare myself in case of rain.
took bus back from PS to hotel rendavzous.

2nd week routinue is to clear work & then go home chase after drama.
so addictive..

met up w serene, jason n alvin for lunch at woodlands civic center - lerk thai.
n train home..

dad is also currently at home.
he will be more free given that he need not go down to changi anymore.
so more time to look at tv programs too. hehe..

had dinner w the family.
wat a great n simple affair it is.
n we reali do sound like a market.
but im liking it.. hehe..

sally now to return to her manga world..

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, June 26, 2010

now i have 2 weeks for entries to do.. fainting..
nvrtheless will do taiwan trip 1st..
so expect this to be a super long entries (pic already uploaded onto FB)..

Mon - 14 Jun 2010:
as i was preparing to head out to meet up w them,
a heavy downpour.
goodness & it is reali ver heavy.
so no choice, end up call cab.

finali met up & waited for our cab.
& off we head to Changi airport Terminal 1.
& we went to find counter & queue.

but wat we receive is our flight delayed !!!

from 1+ to 4+..
sian de lor..

w nth else that we can do,
so go makan.
skytrain to T3 - makan, shop supermarket & roam the aracade.
then head back to T1.
enter the departure hall.

& went to find place to rot.

found a nice cosy place.
the kids counter juz infront of Burger King.
rot there for quite some time..

& finali time to go board plane le..
journey to taiwan was ok (other than the person next row to us talking & laughin so loudly).

好不容易 finali reach taoyuan airport.
& went to find out youth pass
& off to find the Freego bus.
everything so rushed !!
tat time was abt 10.15pm le.

so when we check in into our hotel - Paradise hotel

is already 11+.
went to roam to find food.
& end up we keep walkin the same location for a few times. :P

so we chose a 24hr food stall to makan & got to know that it is actuali ver near to our hotel $%^&*&&^%&^&*)*&%$#$%^&*
so by the time we prepare for bed is already 2.40am.

Tues - 15 Jun.
wake up ard 8.15am.
head out to find breakfast at 9am.
then trained to zhongxiao dunhua metro station.
n started roamin.
as we were there too early.
onli walk the streets of closed shops.
from one end to the other end.
then walk back to find Ding Tai Feng.

finali we found it.
food was rather nice :)

then walk ard to digest our food before head to the Sweet Dynasty (a tian pin shop)

to try out the dessert.
its a resturant open by Jacky Wu.
not too bad..
looks like high tea of hong kong..

then we continue to roam.
this time round - underground.
shop their underground metro mall.
fm one station to another - super long !!

found some interesting stuff & good deals.
& we also walk 3 Sogo Department Stall.
all different style de.
high end, middle & maybe japanese style?

walk to their watson .
need to help buy something for my colleague.
then train to Jian Tan.
waited for shuttle bus to Miarmar Mall
aim: take the ferris wheel
(wanted by serene :D )
quite a nice experience.

then while we were in the ladies.
stun !!
reali like dressing room - got chairs n stuff de.. wow is the word.

then went to play aracade game.
& the end result : lose & also w super duper aching arms.
cant even lift it..

then took the shuttle bus back to Jian tan to continue shopping.
this time we tackle Shilin nite mkt.

need to find jason's cousin assignment.
& end up we walk one big round.
& yuan lai the stall is juz so near to the station.

manage to have some good deals & ate some good local food too :)
we shop till 2am in the mornin
& cab back to hotel to rest..
legs can hardly listen to me.

Wed - 16 Jun :
wake up ard 10+
& head out to makan.
now we noe that since they dun open the store so early,
we can rest more...

was approached by the sales personnel.
yuan lai they are entrepreuners
& the products they recommends are kinda interesting.
pounch & handphone accessories.
so mi, serene n jason made our purchase.

head to train to taipei cityhall metro station.
walk taipei 101 building, shop ard.

then head to New york new york.
found a good deal for a giordano jacket.
& shop their daiso too.

afterwhich we head to find Cheng Pin bookstore (which is juz infront of the station).

wow is the word.
bookstore i like.. haha

each had their own prize
i made my purchase ver de last min
as i was pondering if i shd or shd not buy.
still felt that since i there.
juz buy. hehe..
still felt that it was a good buy.
book 1 : FBI on the topic of behaviours
book 2 : on blood type (more pictures that is so kawaii)

after tat we trained to houshanpi metro station.
aim: to shop wufenpu.
before that saw a shop that sells the face mask that my colleague wanted
so all of us (i mean the ladies) bought the face masks.
i onli buy 2 for colleagues.

then we shop.
at the 1st stall i have already purchase.
2 tops - of which one i reali reali like :)

then we continue to shop & get lost within the area.
juz walk where the lanes take us to.
recommend them to try the ice cream wrapped by popiah skin.

then bought tops for godbros
purchase a bag too..
durable & simple lookin at not too ex..

then find our way out to the famous Famosa Chang - for dinner / supper

nice one...

initially wanted to go raohe nite mkt.
but understand from the local,
the bridge has be torn down.
& quite far from the location.
thus we decide to head back to ximending to walk abt before headin back to hotel.

then reach hotel watch channel V - showin K pop.
& slpt 3+

thur - 17 Jun
wake up ard 10+
prepare & usual to head out to makan at the Toilet Resturant.

while waitin for it open,
we went to shop at a shop.
end up bought 2 biscuits.

afterwhich, we head back to the resturant.
interesting setting.
& the menu - frankly if noe how to read its quite disgusting.
but the food is great..
simply delicious.
the ice cream is simply big !!

after tat meal, we head back to hotel to out our stuff before shoppin at ximengding
continue to buy gifts
cailing & rene continue to chiong for clothings & accessories
even manage to find a customised shop who help to print/design caps
nice.. decided to make one for my bro :)

with our barang barang,
we again head back to hotel to put our stuff
by that time is already 7+
so we head to shilin nite mkt again..
so makan as we walk ..
then cab back to ximenting
& went to hunt for more food..
end up instead of food.
i hunt for novels :P

fri - 18 Jun
we went to maid cafe for breakfast
but frankly tat maid cafe is such a disappointment.. haiz.
the 'maids' talk so softly till i have to reali hear ver carefully.
so soft.

they make mi feel like i a super rough ger.. @.@

shd hav gone to the others if we notice it earlier enough.

for the store - cosmed where cailing continue to make her purchase for the facemasks.

then went to collect the customised cap

beautiful is it?
glad that it come out the way i wan it to be..

& head back to hotel before going out to train to dan shui.

long train journey.
finali we reached dan shui.

walk the dan shui lao jie.

& then went buy local products to take back for colleagues
bought japanese mochi.. not bad..

then head to find the ferry terminal to go fisherman's wharf.
the boat journey was exciting.
the sea current was rough & bumpy.
reali like a roller coaster ride..

finali reach the place.
nice & windy.
saw the ming ge resturant too..
& the famous 情人桥

took photos to kill time & waited for our time to be drawn by the artist.
by the time its my turn, already dark le.

before tat.
also help serene n jason to take couple photos,
got the feelin tat they are preparing as if to take wedding photo
oops !! hehe..
but the result is nice.. i like those pic too..

after tat we boat back to dan shui.
& train back to ximenting for dinner.
had risotte..

then walk ard & found a Billard center
so ask abt the pricing
& head back to hotel to unload our barang barang
afterwhich went out again..

so went to play pool from abt 11+ to 2+ near 3am.

then we head back to hotel to rest & pack our luaggage.
so by the time we slpt is already 5 in the morning le..
so tired.

sat - 19 Jun
slpt till abt 10+
got the bag ready - think more than 20kg?
then head to find brunch.

had shabu shabu juz next to hotel.
the beef & pork meat reali thinly sliced & rather good quality de..

after that do the ver last min shopping.
so last min still manage to find 3 tops at a affordable px.

then slowly walk back to hotel after roaming.
stop by the convenience store.
& mi end up bought novels again. hehe.

then repack the bag place them in order & waited for the bus.
halfway stop to change bus.

after tat reach airport,
found our counter & guess wat - our flight delayed again.

think time ard think abt 4 hrs.
so head to find dinner in the mean time.

play card games too.
ard 10pm hav to change location as the shop was closing.
then was informed also that our flight was delayed the 2nd time by another hr.

so finali time to go to the boarding area
they even gav us BK burger & soft drink.
think to compensate us for the lateness?
stil have ice some more.

i believe i slpt for most of the time during the journey.
initially suppose to reach spore at 11.45pm.
now become 5am.

then call up dad & ask him wat liquror he wants
so w cailing's passport bought 2 bottles of spirits.
& then & head out.

dad pick moi up n drove moi home..

sun - 20 Jun
so by the time i reach home nearly 6am le
so was unpackin the bag
& packin the gifts & stuff.

then aunt wake up & moi show her my battle prizes.
lend her my book too.
below are the pics (not the complete set)

so by the time i finali slp is already 9am.

slpt till abt 3+ in the afternoon then wake up.

show mummy the clothings i purchases & started watchin the amines.
think pack work bag & clear up the luggage.
so by the time i slp is already 2+ le..

so this shd be end of the taiwan trip week..

sally to rest the mind for a while...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, June 14, 2010

time to blog before i walk off to prepare myself for the taiwan trip :)

mon, 07/06/10:
work as per normal.
was tryin to clear as much work as i can.
then 6+ trained to yishun.
& met up w hui ping.

& went to Xin Wang to makan & rot.
frankly i dun reali have the feeling tat we have not seen each other for 10yrs.
its the feeling like we onli saw it other past 1-2 wks ago.
strange but interesting feeling.

then also saw alvin, xinyi , penguin & ivan.
but i think onli alvin saw moi.

me n ping chatted till abt 9+ before heading home.
had quite a good chat...

tues, 08/06/10:
lunch was w fairoz, honey & rashid.
it was a lunch treat by honey to us for her promotion.
as it was raining heavily,
head to Mad Jack.

the conversation thru'out was sort of spoken in malay.
i dun understand.
so occassionally they will speak a few words of english.

but havin talked abt the topic b4,
so still ok.
can sort of tracked the conversation..
was talkin to fairoz after tat,
& both of us laugh out loud becos of that..

then email comin in like nobody biz.
basically flooding moi mailbox.
work to clear.

left ard 7+
then head to yishun & took shuttle bus to Semb shoppin center to meet up w rene, jason & didis.
makan at aston till 9+ or 10
chit chat there.
delicious meal.

then moi n bro took shuttle bus back to semb n change bus back home..
tiring day.

wed , 09/06/10 :
work wise, still busy clearing .
makan lunch w honey & chee wei.
he is leavin our company on the 23rd for better opportunities.
all the best to u :)

rene ger suddenly called up during my lunch hours.
so have arranged to meet up w her during dinner time - to talk.
then was havin headache from 3+ to abt 6+
painful. so hard to work.

then after work,
head to meet up w rene at sunplaza.
change $$
& makan at foodcourt & rotted there.

she was de-stressing herself w the even that was consistently bothering her ..
so chat & then also ask her to chill & to talk to jason abt it in a calm manner.

ard 9+
i left for home.
n then jason called up.
so talk to him too for abt 1/2 hr..
explainin y serene may behave in such a manner.
allow him to understand ger's point of view of such matter.

so i believe eventually everything will work out de.. :)
which it did :)
so glad for them...

thur , 10/06/10 :
lunch w honey & my da mei somewhere near PS - the JK Prata shop.
makan chix briyani & paper prata.
met mei up w moi as she had juz gone for her interview.

then moi continue to work til abt 9pm.
influx of emails from the workshops.
overloaded ah..

was speakin to serene too.
she was feeling so much better after trashin out w jason.

then train to adm.
went to collect the dvd on my mum's behalf from ella.
& i shun bian wait & pei her to knock off.
then went to da bao food home for dinner (10+)

fri, 11/06/10:
lunch was w david, corinne & kenny.
kenny last day at work.
the same person who come into the organisation the same day as moi.
went to makan at the 7th storey.
so chat here n there.

mayb cos of the heavy workload during the other work days,
it felt relatively better on friday.

cleared my work,
hand over the cases tat needs to be followed up to my buddy.
n manage to look at some outstanding cases.

then ard 6+
left the office & head to train to clarke quay to meet up w Onz.
event: advanced ber wawa 29th b'day celebration.
went liang court - one italian resturant.
so all 8 (full strength) present.
had quite a interesting time catchin up.
then enjoyed the walk (but rather a warm one) to esplanada to digest our food.

afterwhich trained home.

sat, 12/6/10:
lunch @ adm.
then slackin the whole day at home.
chasin moi animes, manga.

then ard 6+,
head to northpoint w mum.
she has massage appt at 7pm.
so i waited for her at the library.
end up stayed there for abt 2hrs?
nice time reading there..

finali mum was done,
so head to makan at Yoshinoya.
then shop watson awhile
& by the time we reach home ard 10+ le.
& goodness i have yet to pack bag.
rather my eyes were sort of stuck to the dvd that my mum was watching.
tian shi de you huo (reali nice one
- the plot changes ver fast & unexpectedly..

slpt ard 3+

sun, 13/6/10:
wake up ard 11+
then watch abit of tV before starting to park my barang barang.
slowly pack, & took nearly the whole day to pack.
see DVD awhile, went out to adm to makan & buy shoes.
then walk ard .

so by the time i finish packin is ard 8+
so use lappie
to charge & update my mp3.
shun bian wait to charge moi camera batt.
both also half used.
strange ...

after which,
was lookin out for manga to read.
favourite the sites.
& shut down lappie.

move to the living room to stone.
chat w bro,
he was transferrin songs to my mp3.
so we were there discussin,
& moi makan dinner/supper.

i reali gainin all those weights back again.

continue to watch the DVD till abt 3+
no mood to slp ah.

still shake shake go slp.
think by the time i slp ard 4+

mon, 14/6/10 :
automatic wake up ard 7+
saw my mei go work,
then moi slpt till 8+ near 9 then wake up.

now bloggin nearly an hr (w interruptions such as listening to songs)
have to go freshen up le..

will need to head out to meet up w rene, jason & cailing - 11am at woodlands mrt station before all sharing cab to changi airport.
im still feeling that it quite surreal.
dun hav the feeling that i goin on holiday yet..

to expect a long long post next week..
more pix to be coming my way after i come back from taiwan..

sally to fly off le...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, June 06, 2010

updates updates..

thurs, 3/6/10:
another day at work.
lunch was w fairoz & honey.
this lunch quite interesting.
fairoz n honey busy imparting the words of wisdom to me.
fairoz's grandfather past down that knowledge to him.

ie. 3 ways if want to advance in career
- bootlicking, beatin ard the bush & 3rdly being clever.

& another topic: 5 ways to be happy w work & to protect urself
- dun work OT (if not will end up getting sick & tired of the work)
- dun juz work, also listen & look ard, but need to keep mouth shut.
- but not to be too quiet, know when to speak up
- if dun noe, juz ask.
- last one, fairoz cant rmb...

have been working quite fierce & hard
& end up w headache.

then ard 7,
i head to chinatown to trim my hair & at the same time have treatment.
so by the time im done,
had my dinner is already 10+
then train home w my aunt & mum (who were also in chinatown area).

alight at semb
met up w mei,
chat awhile & head for home.

at home,
finish up eng novel & refresh
slpt ard 1+

fri, 4/6/10:
work as per normal.
head in for discussion w managers for my difficult cases.
after which had early lunch.
my SE is treating me, my buddy, n his own buddy on his promotion.
so kind of him.
head to dhoby Xchange,
had Just Asia,
moi ate simply but felt so full...

then we head back to office to continue working..

ard 6+,
i left the office after clearing work,
rush to vivo to meet up w jeff & iling.
gathering at a german resturant - brotezit.
had pork knuckles.
ver big serving, can share w 2-3 ppl depending on ur appetite for meat.
chit chat there.
then walk abt.

had dessert at b2 - yogurt.

then train home w jeff.
at orchard saw my sec sch fren - weikian.
think onli ard amk then we manage to talk.
so was discussing abt the jetstar issue that he had.
sounds reali ver bad.
hope it wil not happen to us.

then alighted at adm,
& dabao food home for mum n bro.
watch 2 animes
& slpt soon after..

sat, 5/6/10:
stay home day.
see animes, continue w manga hunting.
n head to adm ard 7
makan dinner w mum,
walk ard
then head to hair saloon.
mum say since we got nth to do,
so go hair saloon let them wash our hair.
get the head massage.
not a bad feeling.
rather comfortable.

so chit chat abit,
n head home...

sun, 6/6/10:
wake up ard 12+
then read eng novel which i finish it within 4hrs of reading :P
continue manga reading..
afterwhich ard 7
head to yishun w my mum n aunt.
makan chix rice near the bus stop & tried the pineapple juice.
not too bad.

then walk abt in northpoint.
bought 2 cute belts.
rather interesting looking,
then head to bring my mum to the massage shop.
me n aunt head to library.
moi so so tempted to borrow books
haiz.. had to get hold of myself.

then head down to lvl 1.
aunt bought avatar & the spy next door.
& head to take bus.
which took too long,
so end up we took cab.

so now finish my manga reading & shun bian update blog b4 i forget.

* moi seem to have prob purchasin the travel ins online.
to try it tml in office.
tml after work, to meet up w long long time no see pri fren - hui ping..

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

time for updates..

tues, 1st Jun 2010 :
so fast jun le..
& the days to my taiwan trip is also approaching.
didnt pack nor change currency yet :P

work was as usual busy.
finali clear the part of work that i have been dragging for abt 1-2 weeks?
clear le somehow felt better also.. haha..

work till ard 7,
then head to northpoint.
went to return book which i tried reading, but think the plot didnt capture my attention
then collect my sis's work stuff.
n bought dinner home.

then read manga again - Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
its about a guy whose left eye can see spirits.
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, aka psychic detective yakumo, tells a story about a college student, Saitou Yakumo who is born with different eye colors. His red left eye gives him a special ability to see ghosts and spirits. He believes ghosts and spirits are bound to earth because of a certain 'cause' and simply eliminating that 'cause' will those spirits rest in peace. Being asked for help by Ozawa Haruka, they begin the investigation together.

quite a nice story.. :)

then play with desktop gadget.
but now i check - gone.

the gadgets i DL in office desktop seem rather ok.
sudoku, notepad, weather forecast, mini calendar & clock.
all location on the left side of the screen..

slpt ard 12.
not feelin too well which i dun noe y..

wed, 2nd jun :
reali a day of food.
morning was the farewell breakfast treat given by colleagues who are leaving.
mac - sausage muffin & milk
then david gav moi soya bean drink.
then 11+
head to meet up w CCA FB.
boss boss giving treat to us & the retreat committee.
took train from bras basah.
frankly will get lost de.
so big..

then walk one big round to suntec via miliemun building.
n guess wat, its the 1st time i walk there.
moi got the tourist face.

after which reach suntec - swensen.
order our food - total 16 ppl.
& i think the kitchen forget my order.
so every one has theirs,
& by the time my food arrive,
my colleagues suddenly sang birthday song.
haha.. & its not even my b'day.

so i slowly enjoy the food.
& time for desert
all share ice cream (a few were ordered).

then the ice cream infront of me is special.
hav candle & the person lit up the candle.
i think they reali thought its my birthday lor.

end up my colleague sang abit of b'day song
& ask mi to make a wish & blow the candle.
which i did so. strange de feeling.

after which we train back to bras basah & walk back to office.
so full..

continue to work,
then head to go for discussion w managers on my cases.

& ard 4,
the teabreak food come along.
sponsored by the colleagues who have promoted.
1 curry puff from old chang kee, & 1 double chocolate from donut empire.
i put these 2 one side.
if not i will vomit juz the sight of it.

continue to work hard.
then ard 530pm,
then makan the curry puff.
bought home the donut & shared w my bro.
not too bad. quite delicious.

bought dinner,
but i think my tummy no space to include them.
so end up didnt eat.

hav juz finish another manga series - Brilliant Magic
Mitsuki's a high school freshman worried about her looks--or, at least, her "baby face". Until, that is, she enlists a little help from classmate Atsuki and her makeup kit. When Atsuki's finished, the transformation is complete--and breathtaking. It's also when the romantic adventures begin..

a simple 3 sided love triangle w the ger who is made to choose btw 2 guys.
innocent innocent.

now bloggin.
thinkin of wat to do.
mayb continue to surf for manga...

finish reading another manga - Psycho Staff
but it doesnt seem like it finish.

think i will have to find manga that is of long long series de..

sally to mia le...

:D ♥; sally

Monday, May 31, 2010

mini update:

monm 31 may:
last day of may for 2010.
time reali flies doesnt it.

reach office, basically start work & non-stop.
then my boss gav mi a call & ask mi to go to lvl 6 to meet her
somemore is a hush hush thing.
so i thought my cases got problem,
so quickly rush down.

then boss end up chit chat w mi & gave mi good news.
my efforts reali is being recognised.
so happy..

wanted to share it w my parents,
but as it confidential so cant disclose - Ren ~~~

then lunch w honey n fairoz at haja.
chit chat then head back to office to continue workin.
reali brain draining..
& ard 5+ think w all the work,
headache come & find mi.
so tired..

still continue to work.
no choice given that i wan to clear my work
& that my buddy will be on leave tml,
so better not play play,
if not ke lian de will be moi..

left office ard 8+.
then xiao mei gave mi a call.
askin if i can help her run errand,
so i did since on the way home.

alight at yishun.
then went to buy food for bro & moi,
then buy the stuff that my sis needed for her work.
& then shun bian return a library book.

so while walking,
saw ah sheng (cousin),
then got to know that his workin area is ard my work area.
so qiao..

& head back home.
finish my dinner,
chat w my mum
finish up my manga - Power
a story about a ger who has to be dressed like a boy to join the men's basketball team to fulfil her father's dream.
all due to the father's action.

quite a nice one,
i even laughed out loud at some point in time. :P

ok la.. think wil have to go rest soon.

tml after work will need to go northpoint again to collect the thingy for my mei.

everyone oyasumi..

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, May 30, 2010

mini update.

sun, 30 may.
onli slpt like 3+ in the wee hours of the morning :P
anyway mornin woke up ard 12.
then w nth to do,
watch TV.
then ard 3 head to adm to meet up w ferlin.

we frankly had a nice chat there..
then she did a financial review w mi & on my family members.
now then i noe that we can choose our own beneficiary..

afterwhich, she drove moi home.

upon reachin home,
use lappy.
surf online for manga..
saw 'badminton girl'
i thought wil have more.
it feels like it shdnt stop there..

now 8.

will continue to read manga online :D

:D ♥; sally

Saturday, May 29, 2010

time for updates :)

mon 24 may:
lunch was w honey, fairoz n azhar at POMO
then work till 6+ & head for home..

a manga site pop out of no where.
n so i started lookin it at.
1st manga online - Beauty Pop

tues, 25 may
- morning:
lookin at cases to help buddy present to management for advice
then was informed that i need to visit cad w regards to one of my cases
- lunch at ah mei (mee siam)
then went to fortune to buy fruits.
then work non-stop till 6+
then i suddenly rmb that i hav bought fruits ^.6
so ate the fruits & continued to work till 8+
home ard 9.3-pm.
chat w mei n mum
makan porridge for dinner.
simple & deliciouss.

wed, 26 may:
work like nobody biz.
almost the whole day at my buddy's desk.
helpin to clear email.
after lunch ard 2.30pm,
went to lvl 6 to meet up w investigative unit n my manager
to discuss on my case
then back to work...
ard 5 head to level 5 for MS meeting.
then ard 7 head to bugis to meet up w onz - to celebrate sean's b'day.
makan at soup spoon (quite a large serving of soup, which made mi reali full).
then i saw my pri sch bestie (hui ping)
so chat up a little, & both agreed on a date to meet up
haha.. if not i think will be hard to meet up de.

after tat went to arab street to chill out near blue jazz.
nice area.
chat till abt 10+
before cab home ..
long wait for cab.
so tiring..

another day at work.
this time round, only able to clear my work which seem to be coming in at a rather fast speed.
so work till abt 8.30pm before heading home..

on the journey home, finish up my eng novel by linda fairstein 'cold hit'
slpt ard 12+
moi dun seem to feel well.

Vesak Day (a public holiday)
so slpt till 1+
didnt go out w serene n cailing.
too tired to do so.

makan brunch at adm.
then home finish up my manga - beauty pop of i think 30+ no.

after tat switch off lappy & proceed to room
to read novel - james patterson 'cat & mouse'
& unknowingly finish it reading within the same nite..

slpt ard 12+

wake up ard 11+
re-arranging the warbrobe.
n now updatin b4 heading to yishun for makan.
mayb later wil head to meet up w serene they all for pool session (mayb onli)

so end up i didnt join them for pool.
was shoppin w mum n xiao mei n wq at northpoint.
saw xinyi n her mum too :)

head to library to borrow book.
& by the time i reach home w all my mei's shoppin stuff already near 6 le.

so use lappy to see manga - Fairy Cube.
completed it within abt 2 hrs ba..

so now 8.
& im rottin le..

waitin for my mei to come home.
she asking me to help her w her work - MC script
tml : appt w ferlin.

sally to disappear for now...

:D ♥; sally

Sunday, May 23, 2010

hiyo bloggie..
doin an entry when i feel like it..

sun - 23rd may:
erm onli got to bed ard 4 in the morning ? :P
then woke up ard 2 in the afternoon.
as usual its a super warm day at home..
no fan will result in perspiration non-stop.
so im literally seated under a fan & tryin not to move away from it..

afterwhich watch CNA on the state funeral of Dr Goh Keng Swee
onli got to noe alot more abt him thru the words of MM, PM & the rest..

his grandson & grandniece gave eulogies with a sense of human touch.
i suppose this is the meaning of family bonding..
it ended ard 4pm.

after that i head back to room to use my lappy.
decided to watch twilight - new moon.
but mayb cos i chose the wrong site.
it streamed abit too long.
130 mins i took abt 4-5hrs to finish watchin it.
guess it is reali testing my patience..

it also gave mi to think y im not a gamer.
still i hav got no ans...

then decided to go online find manga to read
& OMG.. it so so addictive.
maybe w my reading speedin as well,
i read 15 books one shot in less than an hr.. :P
managa - kitchen princess (not yet completed, but dun noe when will upload new one)
& my mei say i so easily addictive to stuff & abit sort sort de.

ok la have to go slp le..
3 more mins to 12.
& xiao mei is shooin moi to slp..


:D ♥; sally

lookin at my diary now.
has been 20 days since i last made an entry (now juz nice after 12 midnite le)..

i can safely assume this will be erm.. quite a long one.. hehe..
so now my borin life for these past 3 weeks of may 2010 :P

1st week of may
- mon, 3th :
had the final presentation retreat rehearsal

- tues, 4th :
watch 'how to tame a dragon'
borrowed the dvd from my colleague (who took it from his son :P )

- wed, 5th :
had lunch at mac w manager n buddy.
went to cityhall after work,
met up w xinyi n ivan
had dinner at pizza hut at suntec. then walk ard
home ard 11pm.

- thur, 6th : before lunch time went to ICA w shara to collect passport.
waited for quite some time..
& thanks xinyi for collecting my taiwan goodiesbag at UIC building from Taiwan tourism board.
head to northpoint to do some shopping w xinyi for ivan's present.
& got stuck in the library borrowing books.. im so luving it.. <3

- fri, 7th : - Day of retreat to pulai springs resort
reach office ard 8, then got ready to coach to pulai springs.
the weather is so so damn hot !!
had the amazing trail which i cant stand the heat.
im literally raining..
then back to our apartment - nice one @.@
refresh & makan dinner (not too bad).
then last refresher rehearsal for the presentation the next day.
head back to see avatar for a while
then ard 9+ head back to room to rest.
chat with my colleagues (bunk mates have 6 inclusive myself)
& of which 2 are hearing impaired
but still i enjoyed communciating with them.
wrote & gesture to communicate.
reali nice & interesting..
slpt ard 12+..

- sat, 8th:
wake up early to go for breakfast.
time for presentation.
then head back to room to pack up & check out.
then off to our holding area for presentation.
quite a high standard presentation.
reali can see that different groups have reali put alot of thought to it...
ours though have abit of minor hiccup but still went on smooth..
then finali time for result.
& our team won for the 3rd theme..
wohoo.. our efforts all paid off le.. so happy..

after tat head for lunch & took coach to shopping.
went to jusco.
initally was wondering ard alone.
then david found me,
so shop together.
end up dun wan to shop so went to makan ice cream.

then off to find dinner.
its again the Grand Straits resturant.
frankly its reali not good food.
not nice for my standard (which is considered so low).
& finali to custom.
home sweet home ard 9+.
unpack stuff, freshen up & head to bed.
too tired le..

- sun, 9th : Mother's Day !!
makan fav duck rice at thomson
& stayed home.
raining the whole day.
ard 6+ head to semb to meet up w alan & cyn.
head to semb shoppin centre
wanted to go aston, but too long queue
so decided MOF
ordered our food (menu selection seem much better?)
then luipeng come along.
chat till abt 10+
then took shuttle bus to semb & we part for home..

2nd week of may
- mon, 10th:
went to work & receive bad news
honey's brother has past away & on compassionate leave the whole week..
after work, train w azhar
discuss abt work & the retreat thinggy
his group did quite a wonderful job on the video..

- wed, 12th:
workload in mornin still ok.
later after lunch, my heart almost stop.
so much uploaded..
but i tried my best, still cant finish.
head off ard 6
went to CWP to meet up w sis & mum.
shop & bought a wallet at metro (ver nice & colourful.. im so <3-ing it :D )
nite time manage to finish off a novel - James Patterson 'kiss the girls'

- thur, 13th:
work wise still tryin to clear my work
after work, head to cathay to meet up w cyn
wanted to makan aston, still unable due to long crowd :S
then head to POMO & makan Japanese foodcourt.
went to this fashion.
saw a nice long coat/jacket.
but didnt buy.
haha.. but reali like it..
head hm ard 10+
so tired..

- fri, 14th:
XY last day of work, ivan's birthday !
so after work went to bugis to meet up w Onz group.
tried a new route to walk there..
makan at MOF.
then ivan n xinyi went off for 2nd round.
pris ber sean n mi went to find drink.
sat at toast box & chat
seem like a venting time for majority.
haha.. quite a nice session.
& the iphone application that ber had is reali kawaii (carl something de.. hehe)
home ard 12

- sat, 15th:
morning was awaken by Uncle Peter's called
& my bro so li hai switch off the aircon,
so didnt return back to slp.
then in the afternoon, serene n jason come along.
serene n mi busy doing the taiwan itineary..
then ard 7+,
uncle peter n auntie come along to chat.
i felt abit paiseh cos i no time to entertain them.
mum was entertaining them while i continue to do the itineary.
so brain draining process when finding the details
heng serene did the planning of the location while researchin..

- sun:
continue to do the itineary
catch up on my animes..

3rd week of may:
- mon, 17th:
manage to go off quite on time.
even got to see the primary sch gettin out of the sch (afternoon session)
quite an experience (long time didnt go home this early ?_? )
research abit on HK hotels - planning to go hK (still a plan only)

- tues, 18th:
work till 6 unknowingly.
then train to cwp.
head to civic center to meet up w luipeng & cyn
makan fast at lerkthai.
then head up to partyworld.
after which wenfu come along.
haha.. nice k-session though my voice dun noe y missing - throat not well ah..
head home ard 11+
im so so tired.
slpt ard 2+

- wed, 19th:
lunch at haja, & topic was speculation abt who is leaving & who is taking over shara's position.
then end up become political chats
haha. talkin abt history.. interestin session..
office is so damn, & due to lack of sufficient slp,
felt so restless..
work till 6+
help my mum to prepare 1 dish for dinner.. (put my mind off the tiredness for a while)

- thur, 20th:
lunch time, help ahyi to pay her tax,
usual, office ver cold.
work till 6
& bump into jamaliah & sharifah on the way home.
all 3 to the same destination - adm.
so chat on the journey...
at dhoby surprising saw ber too. hehe..

then reach home,
started to help mei to prepare some stuff.
get the table set, etc etc
chef : ivy, maid like : sally
guest: serene, jason, cailing, wawa, ah wei, JR, JW
makan together at the table.
then busy clearing up the table.
im felt so tired & almost wan to concuss.
by the time serene they all leave,
shower & my aunt help mi wash the dishes, i tried to clear the place to it original state
& slept ard 11+

- fri, 21st:
work as per normal,
xinyi finali email moi le.. ahah
after lunch, head for discussion
get confirmation on my view but i wil need to take a different approach in the future.
then after that rush to staff pantry.
Retreat Team treat..
good food & alot..
so makan together & chat also..
i reali enjoyed the time slpt.
so by the time we disperse already after official work hours le..

head back to work till abt 6+ - 7
manage to clear my work..
then chit chat w manager n colleagues before heading home.
the train was so so stuffy & warm.
i almost felt suffocated..
hate it..

& frankly i dun felt too well the whole day..
by the time i reach home,
finish up my novel
n slpt ard 11+
but it was not reali a good slp.
didnt feel good when i abt to slp..

- sat, 22nd:
woke up ard 9+
then read newspaper to cool myself before heading back to bed at abt 10
slpt till 1+ in the afternoon.
pei my dad to adm to makan brunch..
run some errands & head home
catch up on my anime..
ard 6+
head to semb to meet up w xiao mei n wq.
went to semb shoppin center
as again, wanted to makan aston - still too many ppl
so change venue to the resturant next to it.
not too bad.

after tat head to giant to shop shop.
shop till abt 10+ i think.
cab home.
so now i hav sort of finish blogging for the past 3 weeks.
within the hour which is considered fast for no interruption - cool..

next week will be a 4days work week (fri is vesak day.. wohoo..)
& 3wks + 2 day counting down to taiwan - taipei trip :D

sally to disappear again..

:D ♥; sally


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Birthday : 5 Sept 86

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